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My Top 10 Posts 2014

I am sharing my top 10 posts from 2014.  It's interesting to see which posts are more popular.
I have noticed people are really interested in Blogger Tutorials, because they are up there in ratings.

I hope that  some of you that have missed reading these posts, it will give you some insight.











I hope you are enjoying this new year. Time to de-clutter and organize.
I will be posting the laundry room new look soon.  I am waiting on my husband to finish...ha ha.  I know he reads my blog. On another note, I have re-vamped my blog.
Different layout and colors.  Any opinions?

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  1. Great Posts...and I love the tutorials! I did 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 on my blog!! Thanks Linda!

  2. I totally agree that adding a search bar to your posts is an absolute must! I recently moved mine up to above the fold on my blog. I think it helps!

  3. The tablescapes are so pretty and fun!

  4. Linda, I'm going to back and read your tutorials and these other blogs as well, since I haven't been connecting with you for all of 2014. Thanks!

  5. Great recap! Your posts are always so helpful. Love the new header!!

  6. #1 got me buying one:)
    Thank you for everything you share.
    I think I need a search bar lol.

    1. I added it and thanks:) The only problem is says no results found when I type in something..would you have any idea why?Sorry to be a pest.

    2. Monique, I will give you a code for the search button. What color would you like?

  7. Oh wow, these Blogger tuts are great! Thank you for resharing! Definitely pinning to keep it handy!

  8. It's fun to look back and see what was the most viewed! Isn't it interesting how the tutorials were so highly viewed! Your new blog design looks great!

  9. So helpful since I'll be updating my blog design sometime next week. Thank you for sharing I'm definitely pinning.

  10. Where the heck was I last year??? I missed most of these wonderful posts & I am SOOO glad you've linked back to them. That bunny one is ADORABLE! I hope they have those chair covers again. My sweet Caroline would love them!
    Thanks for the wonderful review, Linda...stay well, Hon.


  11. I love the new look for your blog!! I also am going to save this post so hopefully I can go back to the posts about how to do things to better my blog. Anxious to see the new laundry room!!!

  12. Good morning Linda!

    I too loved your blogging tutorials, and even though I won't be posting anymore for a while, I am still very much interested in learning more about designing a blog page. But most of all, I love the visiting, and it's great to be here this morning.

    Declutter is the word! I am doing the same with my life, and it feels GREAT!
    Have a super day, Anita

  13. Good evening sweet friend, I so appreciate your coming by to say goodbye. I will still be visiting blogs and my blog will NOT be deleted. I am focusing on my personal writing, and it requires a lot of time, and of course, I work. But I'll never forget those specific moments, those nights I'd be composing my blog...and most of all, the friendships. SO wonderful.

    HAVE FUN!!!! Anita

  14. You do such wonderful tutorials, Linda. That is a real service to bloggers everywhere...especially those of us that are less than techy. God bless you for all you give. Just popping in to visit and trying to catch up a bit after being gone for so long. xo Diana

  15. Great posts! Thanks for linking up to Two For Tuesdays!


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