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Laundry Room Reveal

We finally have our laundry room finished!  It's almost a pleasure to do laundry now, plus the extra storage is a bonus.
I have to say my husband did most of the work.  From demolition, installation, and applying the grout to the backsplash.  He's a keeper!  He is very handy....
Moving our former kitchen cabinets in there is re-purposing, plus they look fabulous!

We had to order a few more cabinets to fill in.  Even the kitchen sink went in there.
I love having the tall pantry and drawers. We have several places for counter space.

One day, I will take some photography lessons. This kinda looks like a kitchen..  LOL

Ok, here is  before and after photos.  Like I said before, for some reason, we do not have any other pictures or they are misplaced....The cabinets were a light grey and they were from Germany.
What a difference!

Here's a picture of the former kitchen. You can see how we used these cabinets in our laundry room.

Just in case, you didn't see our kitchen after the remodel.  So on to more of the new laundry room look.

I love our red washer and dryer.  We did buy the pedestals for them, so it's easier to work.
Great storage as well.

Blingy light fixtures too!

Lots of drawers too.

My son came in and did the crown moulding.  It really makes a big difference.  The flutes are from our former kitchen.

The travertine floors are installed almost all downstairs.  We have to have a doggie door, so the little doggies can go in and out. We used to have a shower down by the door.  We took it out, due to we never used it.

Dante managed to get in the pictures.  LOL
I am looking for a few pictures so I can  hang one over that gray panel on the left.

We even used our kitchen sink and cabinet base from our former kitchen.
We added a new Moen faucet.

Two tall pantrys and drawers give us plenty of storage, plus the counter space if we need it

The backsplash is different.  It's a Travertine  basket weave  3D mosaic tile.  It comes in sheets.
It goes well with our granite and travertine floor.  We found the tile at Arizona tile.
There you have it!  a brand new look, fully functional as well.

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  1. What a fancy laundry room! It's wonderful you could do the whole room with the old kitchen cabinets and that's a lot of extra space! It looks really sharp with the granite and travertine flooring. The red washer and dryer look quite grand in there!

  2. Hi Linda,
    Wow your Kitchen and your laundry room look awesome. So nice to have all that storage
    space. Great that you could use your kitchen cabinets in your laundry room, love being
    able to move things from room to room......and make it look entirely different....
    Enjoy both rooms hon,
    Hope your New Year is going well.

    Blessings, Nellie

  3. Linda, from another Linda...absolutely wonderful job on both the kitchen and laundry room!

  4. Linda I Love the room, big, bright and great storage and the idea of the pedestals is fantastic really would help with the bending down all the time.

  5. How amazing! It's beautiful!
    Happy New Year to you, Linda!

  6. Now that is something I would almost kill for! It looks amazing, and all that storage! Love it....

  7. Ooh Linda, your laundry room is wonderful! How great that you could use your old kitchen cabinets and the sink. I love the red washer and dryer. The floor, the counter and the backsplash all blend so well. I'd love doing laundry in that great space.

  8. Oh this is great; I am actually right now, in the process of doing my laundry but my machines are in our dank, ugly and unfinished basement. This is such a chore for me. You should see the pile of laundry to fold, but if I had a space like this, it would be a delight. OH LINDA! What a brilliant way to repurpose those gorgeous former kitchen cabinets. HAVE FUN my friend! Anita

  9. Linda, you have a laundry room quite unlike no is to die for! What a great idea it was to re-use you old, beautiful cabinets, they look amazing!

  10. Linda, I would reconsider doing laundry if my laundry room was that beautiful! If the hubby would let me :-) How nice that your son was able to do the crown molding. Love it! Enjoy!

  11. That is some laundry room Linda!! Spending time in that room would make washing clothes less of a drag:) beautiful!

  12. Oh Honey...OH HONEY....I would come & do your laundry for free for you, just to be able to work in such a gorgeous space!! You thought of everything & I'm proud of you for recycling so much of what you already had. It looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    (I'm going to go close the door to my room right this minute...depressing compared to this)

  13. It is fantastic!!!! I have never seen such a wonderful Laundry Room!! xx

  14. Beautiful!!! Your 'old' kitchen was so pretty - but the new one is even MORE so!!!!
    You MUST have THE most elegant laundry room - EVER!!!!

  15. Wow, both rooms look wonderful! You have had a lot going on at your house.

    I am looking into changing some things in my kitchen but not a total redo and I am overwhelmed. How long did all your work take?

    1. Thank you Bonnie. The laundry room didn't take that long. my husband did the demolition and installed the cabinets himself. We had to wait a little bit for some other cabinets to match. We did use a tile guy, but my husband did the grouting.

  16. Hello from Spain: I like the red. Your house is gorgeous. Keep in touch

  17. Wow, Linda, I guess anyone wouldn't mind doing laundry in that room. Really turned out beautifully and love the red appliances. It is all so pretty and un-laundry like!!..Happy Weekend..Judy

  18. To say that I love this would be the understatement of the year. I love it when household fixtures can be so effectively repurposed. Just beautiful! We only have what amounts to a laundry closet and it's right off the kitchen so the cabinets all match. I would still like to add some fabulous touches like those sexy red machines!

  19. Gorgeous! What a beautiful laundry room and multipurpose room! Seriously, you can do and store all kinds of stuff in there. lol Those cabinets look perfect next to your red washer and dryer. Love the red!

    Oh, and of course I very much like your new blog header! ;)

  20. Hi Linda, your laundry is beautiful. You did an amazing job of updating and reusing cabinets. Love your red washer and dryer and the backsplash is really unique coming in those sheets to install. Looks so spacious too and lots of storage which is always a plus.
    Thanks for sharing. I know you are enjoying this great space.

  21. Just gorgeous, Linda! You have added everything a dream laundry could possibly hold!
    So many thoughtful touches it would be a pleasure to do the washing there. Fabulous!
    Hugs and happy new year,

  22. Your laundry room looks gorgeous, Linda! What a pleasure it must be to do laundry in there. I think it is great that you reused your kitchen cabinets there, too. The white really brightens the space up.

  23. It's beautiful. I love that basket-weave tile backsplash! well done!

  24. You have such a beautiful house! Mine is very plain in comparison.

  25. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous space! I love everything about it. Great job reusing the cabinets. They are perfect and you can never have too much storage.

  26. Wow, that is a beautiful laundry room, Linda! I love the red appliances, and how pretty your old kitchen cabinets look in their new home!

  27. Oh my!
    And they'll have to write Cinderella all over...
    This is inspiring and amazing at the same time.
    Well done thinking of it Linda. Good Job Luckiest Man in the World!!!
    Teresa (dropping dead envious ahahahah)

  28. Hi Linda,
    Yes, I'm on holiday and still posting and visiting, lol. No escaping it! But that's ok because I get to see your gorgeous laundry room and my sweet little Dante! Love the red appliances - fabulous. Love all your storage, too. Miss you, WW and will call when I get home :). Lots of love to you. xoxo

  29. Wow! Love your laundry room, it's huge and has so much storage! Your kitchen and laundry are amazing!
    So nice to have your share at AMAZE ME MONDAY Linda!

  30. Ok, obsessed! Beautiful cabinets & backsplash :-)


  31. Oh goodness pretty Linda; what an amazing laundry room and elegant too! It almost looks like another kitchen with the cabinets from your old kitchen. Awesome!
    Have a great week sweetie.

  32. Linda, your laundry room is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the fan favorites at the Sunday Showcase! Here is the link so you can check out your feature. Have a wonderful week! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  33. Linda, Your laundry room is beautiful and I love your new kitchen.

  34. Holy cow what a laundry room. Looks awesome. And the kitchen I like both of them but the new look is warm and inviting. Jealous

  35. Gorgeous! I love all the different textures on the tiles and the backsplash and of course, the beautiful clean and fresh white on the cabinets. Enjoy!!


  36. Hi Linda, your old and new kitchen are absolutely beautiful. I love how the laundry room turned out, that has got to be the most elegant laundry room I have seen.

    Would you by chance know the name of the 3D backsplash that you have in the laundry room?

  37. WOW!!! Just incredibly beautiful, Linda!! Laundry wouldn't be a chore in your laundry room! The kitchen is ever so lovely as well. Wonderful job on both.

  38. Oh, wow! You have such a stunning laundry room! I absolutely love it :) Dante makes a great model. Last year, we finally moved our washer and dryer from the basement up to our new laundry room. Like you said, it's almost a pleasure to do laundry now and it's so much easier than trudging up and down the stairs with a giant bucket of laundry. Hopefully one day I'll have a room as gorgeous as yours!


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