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Hummingbirds Plus a Tablescape

I love watching our hummingbirds.  I have about 4 feeders.  Most of the time, they do share.  The feeders can accommodate up to 8 hummers. There are a few videos below. I decided to set a table in our Breakfast room centered around hummingbirds. The plate set features darling hummers in lavender and aqua.

A lavender tablecloth ties in nicely with these dishes.  The set also includes bowls and mugs. The flowers for some reason look burgundy.

Aqua napkins and aqua dessert compotes define a nice accent color to the dishes.

Our hummers.

The feeders I use are from Amazon.  I also ordered the Hummer's Galore Feeder Insect Guard.  It prevents ants from getting into your feeder.  You just hang them above your feeder and fill with water. The feeders I use are a set of two 32oz. plastic Hummingbird feeders

The Feeder Guards are a wonderful additions.
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Some feeders are hanging on sheperd's hooks by the Japanese Maple. The Koi pond is right there and you can hear the running water in the videos.

Our man made Koi pond

One up close. I have recued several hummers.  They have either hit the window or bumped into each other.  I watch them for awhile in a safe and secure box.  If they don't recover, I take them to our local Gold Country Wildlife Rescue.  They have a special woman who treats hummers.

I took in two different hummingbirds and they brought them back in a matter of 3 weeks, ready to join the others.

Off they flew, healthy once again.  Since then, I haven't found any other hurt hummers.

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  1. If I was a hummingbird, I would head straight for your house! It would be a perfect spot for a sweet bit of nectar, a beautiful view and a wonderful place to window peek! It's beautiful, Linda. Indoors and out.

  2. I just love this! Your hummers are so calm! Over here in the east, they're like kamikaze bombers, flying at each other, very territorial. They know an oasis when they spot it. Love that you rescue and get them rehabilitated too. I always used an ant guard too (different brand, same concept). Your table complements the bird theme beautifully.

  3. Great post, Linda. So nice that you rescued the sweet hummingbird and that there is a place they can be taken.
    Your variety of hummingbird is different from our part of the country. I love the pretty pink on throat and head. Our hummingbirds do not share. They fight.
    Your hummingbird tablescape is very pretty. Turquoise and purple look so good together. I love your plates.

  4. Hubby has several feeders out in our back and it's so much fun to watch them. Now, if I just had a table set as beautiful as yours for us to eat from as we watch them. :o)) Always lovely!

  5. AnonymousJuly 28, 2022

    Tablescape is beautiful. I love the colors. Happy that there have been no more incidents With the Hummers. I stopped feeding them because there are so many feeders around here I only got one or two once in a while. A lot of effort for a little reward. Love to see them though.

  6. You are truly a lover of hummingbirds! It's great that you can interact with them! I use to have one that would hover near our sliding glass door as if to thank me for the drink! I have a couple of hummingbird feeders - the hummers here are very territorial and often pick fights over drinking the nectar. I should look into getting a couple of feeder guards. I got a new feeder this year that claimed to guard against ants - but it doesn't. The ants always seem to find a way to get in the feeders.

  7. PS - I just clicked on your feeder guard link and ordered a set! Thanks!

  8. I love your pretty hummingbird tablescape, Linda. How sweet of you to rescue the little hummers. I have a feeder and still haven’t seen one hummingbird at it, both last year and this. I keep trying.

  9. I love that photo closeup of the gorgeous hummingbird in your hand! And you have your own koi pond? Awesome! I also like the colour palette you chose for your hummer tablescape -- beautiful!

  10. Linda, I've said it many times, but your property is a paradise. I can just imagine how serene it is for your and Paul. Your hummers must be happy in this environment and multiple feeders. We see one or two hummers on occasion visiting the garden, but I don't have feeders out. Thanks for sharing all this beauty.

  11. That is great news about the injured hummers. I am so happy you found a place that would help them. Love the tablescape. xoxo Kris

  12. I love your pretty hummingbird tablescape. We have a lot of hummingbirds that come daily to get some nectar from my flower garden. I planted a hummingbird garden two years ago, and it gives me pleasure to see them feeding on the blooms. There is a book I recently read that you would enjoy. "Fastest Things on Wings", it's about rescuring hummingbirds. Have a great weekend Linda.

  13. I share your love of hummingbirds Linda! So wonderful you have so many, thank you for sharing the videos! Our Ruby-throated hummers are very territorial as Rita mentioned and spend more time guarding and chasing others from their feeders than actually eating. Your laundry basket with your screening and dowels is so smart for rescuing and transporting your injured hummers. Love your pretty plates and tablescape too. ♥

  14. Linda, you decorated such a pretty table! The hummingbirds are so cute and it must be so nice and relaxing to look at the hummers. It's great you have a place to take your injured hummers to recover.

  15. Your table is beautiful Linda, the colors are stunning! How wonderful of you to save the injured humingbirds, that is so amazing that there is a place nearby that can care for them. Hummingbirds always remind me of my mother, she always had feeders and lots of activity. Your hummingbird transportation basket is brilliant!

  16. I can't get over how many hummingbirds you get! I have three feeders, and I've never seen more than one at a time! Your table is pretty!

  17. Wow, wow, wow!! This whole post is amazing, Linda. I've never seen a hummingbird in our yard, you have cultivated such a welcoming garden, it's no wonder they flock to you. How lovely that you are able to nurse them when necessary...and I am always impressed with your beautiful tables, but this one is truly outstanding. I just adore the colors! Off to peek at your photos again!

  18. Wow! I've never seen a hummingbird up close like that!!! They look way different than what I thought! How sweet of you to rescue and restore health to them! Great way to pay homage to nature's beauty and wonder!

    I love all the color in your tablescape, and the dishes are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!


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