Master Bedroom Update


We recently bought new lamps for our bedroom.  I have always wanted a large crystal chandelier in our Master bedroom, however we love having a  ceiling fan.  Those hot flashes are killer.....

 The cabinet at the bottom of our bed is a pop up tv.  I love watching HGTV shows in bed at night.

Since we didn't want to lose our ceiling fan, I did the  next best thing...I bought two crystal lamps.
The before picture is below:

I still love these lamps, but I will use them in another room.

Another addition to our bedroom is a chaise lounge.

This is very comfy and I have found myself here a few times reading.

 Our balcony off the Master bedroom. My husband and I have a tradition of drinking champagne every Sunday.

 Night view....overlooking the pool and sand volleyball court.

 We are still working in the yard.  I was clearing the path to the built-in spa down by the pool today.
My aching back....I used to be able to work all day. This old age is for the birds....LOL

I will continue with the yard tour shortly.

I am also getting ready to host a luncheon for the Clogging ladies the first week of June.
It will be a tropical Pool party, down at the pool. My hubby will be the bartender.
Enjoy your week!  The weather is warming up.

Hi,I my name is Linda. I am author of this blog.I love blogging and I like to share things which I know.

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Our Yard 2015

We have been busy working in the yard, so I haven't had a chance to do any posts.  I am tired and my hands are sore...  The walkway to the garden took longer than expected, because my husband stained the pavers and then had to put them back into place with decomposed granite.
Starting from the right side of our house, from the redwood gate, here is a picture of a different walkway.  Flagstone pavers were used here. My husband built the redwood gate.

 The deck to the right is  where our study is located.

We have french doors leading to this deck, off our study.

The next picture is the view from our family room.  We added a waterfall on the hillside.
You see it from the flagstone  walkway, if you continue the tour.

Continue to walk around the corner, you will be at the patio off our dining room.

 Here is a night time shot I recently took of the waterfall.

We used to have three tiers of planters, however since we expanded our kitchen, we decided to enlarge the patio off the dining room.  This is how it looks today.
We managed to save a maple tree that was by the kitchen window and koi pond.  We had to move it, due to the expansion of the kitchen.  We are elated the tree survived.

I spray painted the large urns with rust  paint for some pops of color.  We added red mulch to the beds.

This is a shot of  the expanded kitchen and koi pond.  The tree used to be in that corner.

 The kitchen window is where the posts are and the arch on the left of the picture.
Every year, we have birds that  make their nest in the sun's mouth.  They are there now.

This is the walkway coming out of where the tiered walls are.  It leads to the screened in pavilion.
My husband is getting ready to stain these pavers to match the new path to the garden.
He is digging out the old DG first, then he will stain and add more decomposed granite.

This is the new garden path.  All nicely stained and put in place.

Our little veggie garden is looking great!  The newest addition is the copper lights on top of the arbor.
Of course, my handy dandy hubby put them in place.

Well, I will continue this tour in another post.  Happy Monday!
Mother's Day, my husband and I took my Mom out for brunch.
An update on Sasha, she has fully recovered.  She is back to usual self. 

Hi,I my name is Linda. I am author of this blog.I love blogging and I like to share things which I know.

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April Showers

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, we have been busy taking care of our oldest dog, Sasha.
She was drinking a lot of water and quit eating.  She is 15 1/2 years old.  We took her to the vet almost everyday.  They did several blood test and also Cushing's disease test.
Daily, we took her for fluid IV's.  She had a tooth infection, so she is on antibiotic.
She doesn't have Cushing's disease.  She is feeling better and started eating again, but not as she used to.
 We are keeping our fingers crossed Sasha will feel better.  At her age, one never knows how long they will live.

One of my favorite photos of Sasha.  She loves to be in the pool, when it's hot outside.  She doesn't feel comfortable swimming around, so I place her in a baby float.

April showers brings May flowers.  I set this table up below and that very same night, it rained.
We need the rain, so it was welcome.
This is a deck off our study.  We have french doors that open to this setting.  Our study is where my husband and myself have our computers.

We are so lucky to have many places to sit and enjoy nature. This week is warm and we can sit outside to eat.  We have been busy  working in our gardens

I started this table with a fushia tablecloth.  I love using our cabbage plates.  My Mother came over, so I could perm and style her hair.  I am a former hair stylist.
Girls Luncheon.
My Mother loved this tablescape and enjoyed the nice lunch I prepared. I made Banana pudding for dessert.  I forgot to take a photo again.

I dressed a pink polka dot umbrella with a rose garland from Michaels.  It sits in a tall glass vase with a toddler's pink lacy skirt.  I also added a  pink jeweled ribbon.

 Hot pink flower charger with the cabbage plate.  The pink floral salad plate is from Ross.  Gotta love that store!  Green flatware is from Horchow.

The cutest little pink and black rain boot favor.  The boot is actually a manicure set.
My Mother was surprised when I opened it for her.
A perfect Girl's get together...

My husband created a paved path to our garden.  He is staining it today.  I shall be posting this soon, along with our garden photos.  Have a great week.

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Hi,I my name is Linda. I am author of this blog.I love blogging and I like to share things which I know.

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WeMo - Automating Your Home

Study Fountain

So now you are sitting in your house looking out at your  fountain and you want to turn it on. Sure, you could go out and plug the pump in, but for around $55.00 you can install a wireless switch which you can control from your iPhone, iPad, Windows, or Android device. Belkin makes a wireless switch called “Belkin WeMo Insight Switch”.

 You will need to have a router in your home that supports WiFi. The App to control the switch is a free download and Windows, iOS (Apple) and Android devices can be used. You follow the simple instructions that come with the WeMo switch to have it link to your router. You then give the switch a name (wine fountain) or (study fountain) and then within the App you can see your device. And why stop at controlling one wine fountain? There are WeMo switches for turning on lights and ones that sense motion in the room and turn on lights. Within the App you can set up schedules to have your device turn on and off a particular times of the day. This is a growing trend in home automation, using WiFi as the controlling signal. One caveat here is that currently Belkin does not make a weather proof switch so you will need to protect the switch if it is outside.

WeMo that!

  • Turn electronics on or off — from anywhere
  • Monitor your electronics’ usage/cost and receive custom notifications • Put your electronic devices on a schedule or have them respond to Sunset and Sunrise
  • Works on multiple smart devices simultaneously
  • You’ve already got everything you need: WeMo works with your existing home Wi-Fi network and mobile Internet (3G/4G)
  • Modular system. You can add additional WeMo Insight Switches easily, any time
  • Intuitive, easy set up and easy to use
  • Works with the entire family of Belkin WeMo products
  • Works with IFTTT, connecting you to a whole world of Web apps
  • Free WeMo App for Android and iOS operating systems
  • One-year limited warranty

Here's a video about it.

The best thing about this, you can control it with your iPad, iPhone, Windows desktop or Android devices.
You can see our devices on this picture below under Domi.  We have a tankless hot water heater, so it makes sense to use a Belkin switch to turn on the hot water when we need it, instead of the water circulating constantly.

Download the free apps for your own devices.
This picture is from my desktop.  I am using the  Domi  Free app for Windows to control it.
I just click the little circle, if I want the Study fountain on.  While at my desk, I can control whatever I choose.

From my phone, I can turn things on and off.
If you want a cool  home automation gadget, check out wemo.
Stay tuned in July for Amazon  Echo, another cool techy device that will allow you to control your Wemo switches through voice  command.

I have another tablescape coming up shortly.

Hi,I my name is Linda. I am author of this blog.I love blogging and I like to share things which I know.

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DIY Wine Fountain


Building your wine fountain 

This fountain was installed outside of our guest bathroom.
Tweet: DIY Wine Fountain

I have had several people ask me, how it was created.

 It starts with you finding a wine rack that suites your taste and size. The larger the rack, the larger the catch basin will need to be. The same goes for the pump size. This rack is 6 feet tall and we used the 600 gallons per hour pump.

For cost, convenience and ease of use, I used common elements used in drip irrigation. Below is a picture of the pieces which will be available at most hardware stores and big box stores that sell irrigation supplies.

Figure 1


 1. Cable ties – These will be used to secure the half inch main line (#2) to the back frame of your wine rack.

2. Half inch drip hose –

This is the main feed line which is run around the back frame of the wine rack.
It is secured to the rack with the cable ties. It will serve as the main distribution system that will feed the individual ¼ lines that go to each bottle.

3. Half inch elbow –

 If you have a square wine rack, you use the half inch elbows to route the half inch line around the wine rack. If you have a curved wine rack, you may not need these. It is important not to get kinks in the main half inch line or you won't get good flow to the wine bottles. You may need several to get a good routing of your main line.

4. Half inch Tee –

 You will see this later when I discuss the pump, but I like to create a loop with the main half inch line. If you have a single line that dead ends, those wine bottles being fed near the end of the line may not get enough water. If you have a small fountain this may not be needed.

5. Hose coupling – This will vary depending on your pump and you may need help at the hardware store getting couplings to link the pump to the half inch main line. I will show how my pump was connected later.

6. Quarter inch tubing – This is sold in bundles of 50 feet or more and also comes in different colors. Black is standard and blends in well in most situations.

7. Barbs –

These are little connectors that are used to connect the quarter inch tubing into the half inch main line. You put one end of the barb in the quarter inch tubing and the other into a  small hole that is punched into the half inch main line.

 This is the small pointed tool that you will need to buy that creates the hole in the half inch line.

 You then push the barb into this hole until it snaps in place. You might want to buy some plugs, if you make a hole by mistake.

The other end of the quarter inch tubing will be pushed into the wine bottle hole that you will have drilled. (coming up). Use extra tubing as you will want to move the bottles around and the extra distance will need some slack. You can always cut the tubing down when the bottle has found its home.

8. Mini valve – This is optional. Since you will be tapping the main line at different points and different heights, the amount of water coming out of each bottle may vary. This little valve can be spliced into the quarter inch line and you can restrict the flow of a bottle that is getting too much water. You  can always add this at the end, so see how things go without these little flow control devices.

9.  Submersible water pump for fountains. 600 gallons per hour or more..... Depending on your fountain.

10. Catch basin...tub...Like I suggested, the size of the basin depends on the size of your wine rack rack.

So that is what you will need for the water system. Using drip allows for a very easy to use system that is very inexpensive. Attaching your half inch main line is next.

                                                                      Figure 2

 In figure 2 at the bottom, where the red arrow is pointing, you will see the half inch main line coming from the pump where I have used an elbow to make the turn up the back side of the wine rack.  The main line runs around the perimeter of the wine rack and the black cable ties are used to secure it.  You will also see the quarter inch bottle tubing coming from the main line to one of the bottles.  More on this later.

 Figure 3

 Figure 3 shows both ends (I did a loop) coming together at a Tee. From the bottom of the Tee I connect to my pump. I took my pump and a piece of half inch main line to the hardware store and found some connectors to make the connection. Since pumps come with different size outlets based on the pump you have chosen this will vary and you will need a trip to the hardware store for some help. Bring your pump and the half inch main line that represents what is coming out of the Tee to your local hardware store.

 Also in this picture you see the catch basin. The size of your catch basin will vary based on the size of your wine fountain. You will need one deep enough so that the pump will be submerged and large enough so the wine rack can be placed on the back edge and the water coming out of the front of the wine bottles will be over the catch basin. I placed my wine rack front about a third of the way across the catch basin. To support the front end of the wine rack, I put a 2x4 across the top and rested the front of the wine rack on it. I also put a mesh over the catch basin to keep the leaves out, however they still managed to get in. You could try a finer screen to keep mosquito out. I use some mosquito dunks to control them. See figure 2
Now your wine rack needs some bottles. How many bottles you want dripping out water is a matter of personal taste as well as how many bottles you want in your rack total. I didn't want a full rack of bottles nor did I want every bottle to be dripping water. You can always add more. I decided I would have about 12 bottles dripping and an equal number or greater just empty. You can play with the arrangement when you are placing the bottles. As I mentioned earlier, you leave the feeder lines long so you can move things around until you are happy with your creation.

 Figure 4
Drilling holes in the wine bottles

You will need a 1/4 diamond drill bit for cutting glass.

Find a small bucket somewhat shallow bucket for your wine bottle to rest in. I half filled my wine bottle with cold water to keep things cool while I drill. I used a towel to set the bottle an an angle with the water toward the bottom. You can see my diamond drill bit at the location I plan  to make the hole.

I have a spray bottle of water that I will use at the point of contact to keep things cool so the glass won't fracture and will be easier on the drill bit. Getting the hole started is the hardest part as the bit will want to walk around. Starting at the bottom of where the label is and not on bare glass, helped get it started. Wear gloves and safety glasses and don't be in a hurry. I drilled this hole in less than a minute with no problems. You may get one that fractures, hence the gloves and the bucket. If it does break it is not explosive, just annoying. There are several Youtube videos you can watch on drilling holes in wine bottles for extra help.

 Figure 5
Figure 5 is a finished bottle with the quarter inch tubing just as an illustration. Next comes the fun part of placing your bottles in the rack and running your tubing to them.

Figure 6

Place the wine bottles that you want dripping in the wine rack. Some high low and in the middle. Using your puncture tool, make a hole in the half inch main line. Put a barb on the end of a length of quarter inch tubing and push that into the half inch main line started hole. Place the other end of the quarter inch tubing into the bottom of the wind bottle hole you drilled. I would leave a lot of slack at this point since you will want to move the bottles around when you see how the water is flowing.

 My husband added a light and put the fountain on remote control.

 Here's a picture of the water flowing from some of the wine bottles.

 This is the first one, my husband made.  It was made with two curved wine racks...a lot smaller. It can be found at Overstock.

My son made this one below, complete with a wine barrel.

 Here are some wine racks  to consider:

Some are at Overstock or Wayfair.  
I hope you try this!  Our friends love this addition to our bathroom.  Lovely ambiance!  My husband actually made the wine fountain and put together a draft for me with the instructions. He is an engineer, so it might seems wordy....LOL. Get creative as you want!  Make it  small or large....

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Hi,I my name is Linda. I am author of this blog.I love blogging and I like to share things which I know.

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