Some Updates

Just to let you know Chloe is feeling a lot better.  Thank you all for your well wishes.
It takes it's toll when a member of your family is sick, including our pets.
We are still giving her antibiotics.    We are elated our Chloe is back to feeling good!

I love how Chloe and her son, Dante play together.
They are like two peas in a pod. 

Dante and Chloe.  They often share the same bed, even though they each have their own.
Togetherness!  Little stinkers....

Lacy is still a lost doggie. She has such a pretty face.

I made a dessert to take to our friend's house for dessert.  I will be sharing this recipe soon.
It is very decadent and yummy.

On a personal note, I saw my Gynecologist/Oncologist for a check up. She noticed something and thought she should take a biopsy.  Well, I bled and bled and  she needed her assistant.  She had to put stiches in. She said it  probably wasn't anything and she would call me at the end of the week with results. I hope it is nothing.  I will feel relieved knowing that and so will my husband.
My doctor was funny when she said to me " My mother always told me, if you make a mess, clean it up".  She was referring to my biopsy site,  I felt like saying"  What is going on down there?"
I guess a little humor is always good!

Liz from Infuse With Liz,  sent me an email about a woman named Terri  who shared her journey with Ovarian cancer on Susan's site, Between Naps on the Porch.

It's important to get the word out about this silent killer. As most of you know, I suffered from this twice.

Where does the time go? It will be August before you know it.  We have another dinner party planned down at the pool.  Enjoy the upcoming weekend.


Hi,I my name is Linda. I am author of this blog.I love blogging and I like to share things which I know.

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Testing Our Limits

As you know we sadly lost our dear Sasha on July 5th. Lacy, our white Schnauzer has doggie dementia and now Chloe, one of our toy Schnauzers came down sick. We noticed in the last few days, we wasn't her usual self.  Sleeping a lot and not eager to eat.

We as dog owners notice when our pets aren't feeling well. I tried to look in her mouth to see what color her gums were.  She didn't like that. The gums should be Bubble Gum pink. We also noticed one eye was red. We called our vet and took her in.  

The vet looked her over and found she had an infected tooth.
He recommended she have her teeth cleaned the next  day.

When they clean your dog's teeth, they sedate for all parties.

We took her in yesterday and picked her up later in the day.
The vet said more teeth were infected!  How does this happen before our very eyes?

They pulled 7 teeth....YIKES!  Dogs have a total of 42 teeth.
 If you look in your dog’s mouth you will notice one tooth that is much larger than the rest of the teeth. It is on the upper jaw, about half way back. It is the fourth premolar, sometimes referred to as the carnassial tooth.

 See that swelling in the picture on the right, it was affecting her left eye......cauising it to be red and bulging.

Infections in these teeth show outward symptoms, such as the red eye...causing us  dog owners to think our dog has an eye infection.
As soon as we noticed Chloe's eye was red, we called the vet.

After the surgery, Chloe was put on pain meds and antibiotics.
She is resting at home, where she is the most comfortable.

It's interesting to think how dogs can get so many diseases like humans.

I hope things get  better regarding our fur children.  Thanks for reading. I hope you are not bored by sharing our trials with our doggies. They are a big part of our family.
Have a wonderful weekend.


Hi,I my name is Linda. I am author of this blog.I love blogging and I like to share things which I know.

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Oriental Tablescape

I thought it was time to share another tablescape. We have had these dishes for a long time.
I added different elements to the table to enhance the setting.  I found the awesome Buddha at Home Goods.
Each setting has it's very own Buddha silver candle holder. I bought them from Zgallerie.

The dishes are from World market.

This picture shows the green accent lighting my husband recently installed.  The bulbs are Phillips Hue. He also added the wemo switch and the app.  We can control the lighting from our ipads.

Isn't this the cutest?  It hides the wine bottle.

Two silver Buddhas from Ross. They were marked down for clearance.

I wanted to add the paper lanterns for some accent lighting.  World Market has some cool little battery lights you can hang inside.

I bought the two figures at Pottery World years ago.  They are fun and add some whimsy.
The large sculpture we bought at California Backyard.

Dramatic lighting for a dinner party.  We can add some oriental music with Alexa, our Amazon Echo.
The best part about having Phillip hue light bulbs  with wemo switches, we just tell Alexa to turn on Dining or fireplace lights, or any other lights we have connected.

We got a surprise visit from my son and his girlfriend. it was great see them and also hang out by the pool. We treated them to the Studio Movie Grill.  A whole different experience.  We saw Antman....

I hope you all have a great week ahead. 

I am joining the following parties:
Table It @ Rustic-Refined
Tuesdays At Our Home @ Maria Elena's Decor
Inspire Me Tuesday @ A Stroll Thru Life
Tweak It Tuesday @ Cozy Little House

Hi,I my name is Linda. I am author of this blog.I love blogging and I like to share things which I know.

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Grilled Watermelon Salad

Sorry for the absence.  I just needed some time away to grieve for our Sasha.
I have been trying to work on a few things on my blog.  Adding Mailchimp for my newletters - posts, instead of Google's Feedburner. Boy, that can be a chore!

I wanted to share my Patriotic salad I made for the 4th of July.  This salad is great!  Healthy and so easy to make. Grilling the watermelon adds a different texture.....and yes....I cut out stars.
You can use any cookie cutter and get creative.

For dessert, I made 3 berry  individual cobblers.  I baked them ahead of time, so I wouldn't be running around trying to get everything together.  I had to use the star cookie cutter again to go with the theme.

Naturally I served vanilla ice cream with the cobblers.

My husband and I grilled Brats,  hot dogs and chicken kabobs.

Better late than never.  I want to thank each and every one of you for your heartfelt messages, hugs and cards. Thanks for being a reader of Life and Linda.  We all have our ups and downs.
I hope I have  MailChimp set up properly.  Let me know if you have any issues.

Stay tuned for my Oriental Tablescape.


Hi,I my name is Linda. I am author of this blog.I love blogging and I like to share things which I know.

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