Saturday, November 22, 2014

Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving approaching quickly, I wanted to give thanks.
We all have so much to be thankful for.  I am very thankful for my loving dear husband, who has stood by my side through thick and thin.
I am so thankful my health is good.  I have fought the  big "C" three times and I am determined to beat it away for good!  I am thankful for my family, friends and fur babies.
The list goes on and on for giving thanks.  It's not all about the turkey and trimmings.

It's easy to get caught up in the frenzy of the holidays, so take some time and express your thanks.
I thank all of you Bloggers who take the time to comment and visit. I am very grateful.

It's time to share a tablescape I recently created with golden pears. 

 We just love our dining room.  It has ample room and storage.

Tuscan Dining Room by LifeandLinda

Ding Room Storage by LifeandLinda
 Lots of storage for all of those dishes....

Gold Charter Club Dinnerware by LifeandLinda

 Trying out different filters with PicMonkey.

Tuscan Dining Tablescape by LifeandLinda

Blessings to all and a big grateful thank you.  Hugs.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Reviewing The Bouqs

When The Bouqs reached out to me to write a review for their flowers, I immediately was interested.
I have had bad experiences with many companies.  I am sure I am not alone.
We were promised something from a picture on other floral company's website and yet when the flowers were delivered, they didn't look like what we ordered.

Flowers play such a big important  part in our lives.  People send them for a new baby, weddings, birthdays, engagements and funeral, plus many more events or holidays.

They brighten our days and it is a joy to send and receive them.  I love setting a beautiful table with china, crystal and gorgeous flowers.

I love making my guests feel comfortable and special.
I selected the  BBQ'N bouquet  from The Bouqs to review.

I usually stay away from ordering roses, because in the past,  most of the roses I have received have a broken neck in a few days.  I am not sure what they call this condition, but they look like their necks just droop and never blossom.

I wasn't at home when my flowers arrived, so my husband signed for them.  They suggest signing for your flowers to make sure they are fresh and go to the proper party.
My husband opened the box and followed the instructions regarding cutting the stems and then placing them in water.

The flowers come in a very nice box with instructions.  They are secured in two bundles to make sure they aren't crushed and stay fresh.  Unfortunately my husband didn't take pictures when he unpackaged them.  Thank you honey for taking care of the flowers......

 My bouquet was a little different than the pictured bunch.  The Freesia in my bouquet wasn't as vibrant as the  pictured bouquet and my roses need to open a little more.
All and all, I am very pleased with these beautiful roses.  I am writing a true review sugar coating.  We all want what we order.
Day three, the roses are still gorgeous.  I set a pretty table by the fire.


Flowers from The Bouqs grown on a side of a volcano in South America and some California farms.
They offer free delivery if you register on the site prior to ordering.

This time of year is so warm and cozy by our fire.  We spend time in there, relaxing and watching tv.
The dishes are Parchment Red by Mikasa, followed by gold goblets and gold napkins.
The flowers look fabulous on our small cozy setting.  It looks like flowers galore with the two fall floral displays.

Go ahead and try them out for yourself.  I am impressed how well they were packaged, in addition to being beautiful.  It will interesting to see how long they last.  There's my opinion on The Bouqs.

I want to thank the many bloggers who commented, prayed and shared their knowledge for helping my son, John.  We all appreciate your kindness and prayers.
I went to visit him and the family recently.  He is on the mend......Hugs....

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Healing Thoughts for My Son

I wanted to share my son John's situation.  He really needs your  healing thoughts.
He is a vet, a former Marine.  He has been trying to get his VA medical benefits kicked in.
It's been a year now and still no progress.  They keep saying it's takes time.  They still cannot locate his records.  Now that he desperately needs his medical benefits, he  is suffering from Gouty Arthritis.

 He went to the ER last night and the doctor who saw him, also suffers from this ailment.
He recommended Lyrica, which he says is very expensive.
Correction - The drug is actually Uloric.  My son gave me the wrong name after coming home from the Er.
We have all probably seen the  commercial on tv about it and it's many side effects.

My son John is suffering from painful swollen legs and feet.  He has been off work for over a week now.
If anyone has any knowledge on how to get some action from the VA, please notify me.
He has no case number as of yet.  We have even looked into his state representative as of yesterday
to see if we can expedite things.

It's difficult to understand why our country is not treating our vets better. I know it's been in the news lately and a lot of heads are rolling.


Thanks for hearing  me vent and also your support.

I have been busy with a few blogs.... I set a table. so I will soon post it.
I will be visiting my family soon.  It will be great to see the little ones.

Both of my sons, daughter and grandchildren all live in the same area, so it will be great to visit with them all.
One of my granddaughters is expecting a little boy the day before Christmas.  They have already chosen Logan for his name.  He will have his big sister Lilly to play with.

Lilly is taking ballet classes and is quite the princess.

Jacob is our cute little redhead.  He is quite the boy!

I hope you are having a great weekend.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Things to Share

As I stated in an earlier post, we have been working on our laundry room.  When we remodeled our kitchen last year, we took those cream colored cabinets and installed them in the laundry room.
Our former cabinets were  drab grey German cabinets,
I can't believe we only have 1 picture of the laundry room before...Go figure!
Here's a peek!   We are pleased how it turned out.
I will be showing more of it when we do the backsplash.

 Here's the former kitchen cabinets.

 The new kitchen

The Fairy Blog Mother has been busy.....LOL
Liz, from Infuse With Liz wanted a new look for her blog, so I set out to make the changes.
She started with the leopard print and because of her Swedish ancestry, she decided to go with the lions shield.  It is totally different and rather regal looking.  Liz is recovering from Sciatica.
I hope she feels better soon.

I also tweaked Sami's blog, Pontifical Porch.  She wanted a  very simple look.

Kathe from the blog Kathe With an E invited me to join the Blogger's group - Bloggers on Blogger (Blogspot) on Facebook.  Thanks again Kathe.  I appreciate the invite and it has kept me busy....LOL

I set out to help a fellow blogger and spent  many hours tweaking her blog.

On another note, I won, or should I say our dog Lacy....came in runner-up in the FrankenPet contest by PicMonkey. I won a year of Royale PicMonkey and a $25.00 gift certificate from Petsmart.
 Lacy has won  many contests.  She won a $100.00 gift certificate from our vet, Animal medical Center.  They are on Facebook.  She didn't have all the blood and gore for that contest.  Lacy has also been featured in the newspaper.

Here's the link if you want to see the winners.

 Kind of creepy.  Looks like Lacy fits right in on the show Walking Dead.  LOL
I love Pic Monkey.  You can do so much with the program.

Lastly I am sharing this fabulous cake stand, made out of an old brass chandelier.
 I Heart Naptime.  Gotta love re-purposing.

Happy Sunday.



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