Feeling Stressed!

This a short post. I wanted to give an update  We have had a very stressful week.  Our oldest dog, Sasha is dying from kidney failure.  We have been giving her fluid therapy at home, trying to hydrate her and make her feel better.  We have been to the vet quite a bit. The last blood panel the vet ran, he said her numbers were very high and  the toxins are taking over. It's a matter of time.

Sasha is my husband's first dog.  She has been with us practically since we have been married.  She is such a loving dog!  Sasha has been with me through all of my surgeries...right by my side while I was at home recuperating.  Unconditional love.

We are left with a difficult decision.  To let her die at home, hopefully not with pain or make that dreaded decision to put her to sleep. Dogs cannot communicate to us, so we have no idea how they feel.  The other day, she met us at the door with Chloe and Dante.  She even wagged her tail. She sleeps all the time  and she is getting weaker.

Dante  became sick this week.  I didn't sleep all night recently, taking care of him. These fur babies are like our children.  He is starting to feel better now.  Lacy, our white Schnauzer has been keeping us busy as well, dealing with her dementia.

DMCA.com Protection Status

On top of all this. I have been busy trying to get this lowlife from daily arch design to quit stealing my posts. He is located in Turkey, but it seems the server is in France. I filed an abuse against his server.  It's pretty pitiful when  people steal someone's content trying to make money off them!  Shame on you, thief!

  Needless to say, I am feeling sad and stressed! The tears are flowing.....  I will get through this!  I hope you all have a great 4th of July.......Hugs...

Hi,I my name is Linda. I am author of this blog.I love blogging and I like to share things which I know.

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Paradise Beyond the New Gate!

We have been wanting a new gate for our entry for quite some time.  We had a lovely wrought iron gate with two copper Schnauzers a neighbor built for us, however we decided we wanted more privacy.  A wooden gate with a peek door.  Definitely Tuscan looking! We looked online off and on to see what there was. We finally saw some at Costco, however they were too narrow.  We called the company and asked about building a custom size.  They were very accommodating. The company is Pacific Gate Works, located in Oregon. My handy dandy husband stained and installed the gate.  Kudos to you honey! 


 If you need a gate that is up to 42", you can order from Costco. We were given many options to customize this  gate.  Choosing design, shape, adding clavos, latches, etc.
DMCA.com Protection Status

 Peek door with Speakeasy...makes it fun to pop open the door and see who's there...

 Clavos decorative gate accessory.

Below is is our wrought iron arched gate.  My husband moved it to the side  and replaced the plain gate that was there. That area is where we have our copper dining table.


We love this gate as well.  It was a special birthday gift for my husband. The Schnauzers looking at each other was my design in copper.

Gate moved to side

There you have a beautiful new gate with added privacy.  On another note below:


 I started watermarking my photos, due to some thief stealing some of my posts. Even if you watermark and add your own backlinks, he still is stealing posts.  I am not alone.  This person is stealing posts from all over, even BH&G.  I am taking steps to take this guy down. daily arch design  dot com is the site. Susan from Between Naps On  The Porch also fell victim to someone like this. I have sent complaints to Godaddy, his server and I tweeted to him, his managing company. It seems he has 16 domains registered with Godaddy.  He puts Google ads on there and basically he is snagging posts and sitting back, collecting money.  He even hired a SEO expert. I am adding  a DMCA badge to my site.

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Hi,I my name is Linda. I am author of this blog.I love blogging and I like to share things which I know.

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Newest Gadget - Amazon Echo

I want to share our  newest gadget.  It is called Amazon Echo. There are two options for the name, either call it Amazon,  which I think is dumb or Alexa. We choose to call it Alexa. My husband bought this new gadget.   To purchase it now, you have to request an invitation.  Prime members get a $50.00 savings. It's usually $199. This is their first version, so I am sure they will be updating it and you can also expect other companies to make their own version.

Amazon Echo is designed around your voice commands.  It's always on.  You plug it into an outlet.  Just ask Alexa for news flash, traffic, time, weather and  music, plus more.

Echo has been fine-tuned to deliver crisp vocals with dynamic bass response. Its dual downward-firing speakers produce 360° omni-directional audio to fill the room with immersive sound. Echo provides hands-free voice control for Amazon Music, Prime Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. Plus, Echo is Bluetooth-enabled so you can stream other popular music services like Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora from your phone or tablet.
It is 9.25 " tall x 3.27 ". 

In a previous  post, I wrote about wemo.  WeMo is a growing family of innovative, easy-to-use products that use mobile internet to control your home electronics, power, water, and Wi-Fi right from your smartphone or tablet.

Now, that we have Alexa, instead of using our desktop, phone or  ipad, we can simply say" Alexa, turn on hot water. "We have a tankless hot water heater, so it's great to turn  it off and on, instead of constantly circulating. We do the same  thing with our fountains.....simply say Alexa, turn on study fountain.

It can tell silly jokes......I mean silly! Ask Alexa a question, such as what is the current temperature.  It knows this after you set it up and add your zipcode.  You then say "Alexa" thank you.  It will say "my pleasure or you are welcome".

You can say Simon Says, then say something...... it will repeat it back. I tried it this morning....Simon Says.....Dante, quit barking and go lie down!  So very funny!

Ask Alexa -  (what does the Fox say?) 

 It will say parts of the song-Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!

You get a remote control with it too.  You can hear it from another room.  You can adjust the volume from 1-10.  You just say,  Alexa, volume 5. or Alexa, stop.  You can also interrupt it. If you are using the remote mic, there is NO need to say Alexa.

Set alarms or timers....such as Alexa, set alarm for 5:00 am.  If you are baking cookies, say, Alexa, set timer for 15 minutes or clear alarms. It is great for calculations.....Ask Alexa to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Set up todo list, shopping lists. Link your music library on Amazon, or play Pandora or iheart radio. You can also create your own custom news flash with the categories you are interested in. such as politics, finance, sports, etc.

We are still learning  how to use the Amazon Echo. Each person in your household can have a profile......meaning you can have your own music library, example: dinner music playlist.   Sync your Google calendar, plus more.

We are starting  to feel like the Jetson Family...Remember their show  (1962–1988) So futuristic....Can you imagine how the future will be?

Below is a video of someone  using Echo to have fun....LOL
This video is a must to watch!  So funny. 

Well, have fun with it, if you choose to purchase it. Have a great week ahead... In another post, I will show you how we set up the Phillip Hue lighting and using Echo to control lights.

Hi,I my name is Linda. I am author of this blog.I love blogging and I like to share things which I know.

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Key Ingredient - Recipe Tutorial


 I know some of us bloggers like to share recipes on our blogs.  There are not a lot of options for creating a recipe in a tidy little box with a picture and make it printable.  I have used Recipage and Printfriendly.

Key Ingredient lets you add your recipes to their site and then you can also embed them on your blog posts, plus they are shareable with social media.  It is free to sign up and use.  You can sign up with Facebook or create an account here.

 They also offer a Cookmark for your browser, so when you see a recipe you like, you can just click the Cookmark and save it.

After you sign up, to add a recipe, click Add Recipe.  There is a drop down menu and select  Type it in.

You will see the screen below:  You type the recipe title, description, ingredients and directions. On the right, you click select file to add a photo. After the photo is uploaded, click the box saying if you are the owner of the image. 

 Add your Source URL, Yields, Prep time, Keywords, language.  Next is your Recipe privacy.  Default is public.

Finally back on your left, click save.  You can also check the boxes for share this or pin this.


After you have saved the recipe, a screen will pop up with your  recipe in a tidy box.
To embed it on your blog post, click the purple  arrows.

You will see a window like this below: Uncheck the box where it says Hide the details.

You want to see the whole recipe. In the white box on the left, copy the complete code

and paste it in your  post on the HTML side, not COMPOSE.

There you have it!  A nice and professional looking recipe, ready to print, share, embed.

I am not receiving any compensation for this product.  I just happen to love how it adds your recipe in a nice looking box and I wanted to share it with my readers. Have fun with it.  Add your own recipes. Gather new ones or browse.

Hi,I my name is Linda. I am author of this blog.I love blogging and I like to share things which I know.

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Customized Tote Bags

When I decided to have the luncheon for the ladies down by the pool, I knew I wanted to make something special for each lady.  I always try to have party favors for each event with the theme's colors.

I found the woven tote bags  at Target in the Dollar bins.  They were $3.00 each.
I set out to customize each one with their names on them.  Using chalkboard fabric is great, since you can erase the writing and write what you want.  I found the chalkboard fabric at Jo-ann's for $4.99 a yard.  Perfect for school projects, aprons, posters, smocks, or wall-hangings 

I  traced this pattern onto the chalk fabric and cut it out with pinking shears.

I use a chalkboard marker to write the names....I found some at Michaels.  They were cheaper on Ebay.

I decided to hand sew them on each bag with a coordinating ribbon to give it a decorative look.  I used a curved chalkboard template for the design.  Use a hole punch to make the  holes for  stitching the ribbon through and a large needle.

 You can find the ribbon, flowers and some  colored burlap at the Dollar store  I layered the wide burlap with two other ribbons and tied a big bow on the handles with twine.

I decided to hang the tote bags on two shepherd hooks and a curtain rod.  I bought turquoise hangers at Ross and hung each bag. There are colorful leis on each side for the ladies.
When they arrived, I told them to find their bag and hang it on the back of the chair where they want to sit.
My mother loved the tote bags and wanted to make some for her group for the Red Hat Luncheon coming up. She came over today and we worked on them together.  We also made the cute  Nutter Butter flip flops in the red hat colors, red and purple.

Have a wonderful weekend.  It's getting hot...pool time.... 
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Hi,I my name is Linda. I am author of this blog.I love blogging and I like to share things which I know.

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