Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fabulous Witch Shoe Party!

Calling all Witches....Bring your fabulous shoes to the party!
Just because there are witches, it  doesn't mean they are all evil.
We like the fun witches who love to party.

The centerpiece is a wonderful glittered shoe from Pier 1.  It is sitting on a witch shoe cake plate.
The witches love color, so  purple, orange and green are used.
I started with a purple tablecloth wit a spider web topper.

Witch shoe candle holders from Pier 1.  The purple salad plates I bought last year on clearance.
They look pink here, however they are purple.

Orange and purple napkins are slipped inside the black goblets by Zgallerie.
I followed this color theme with layering the orange chargers, black plates, purple and black salad plate., followed by the purple compotes . I am using green flatware.

Witch legs and shoes were added to the backs of the chairs, along with purple pillow cases.
 One cannot have enough shoes...cackle...cackle...cackle...

We cannot party without our Witch Brew!  It is tucked away in a fabulous shoe.

I found the high heels at Ross, so I thought they would make great name place holders.  I decorated them with purple and green glitter.  I also used purple flower picture holders to hold the place cards.

 Let the fun begin!

I am starting to feel better.  I thank those who offered their support and love.
My hubby and I are working on a Halloween cake plate stand.  I will be posting it soon, along with the Butternut Squash soup.
Happy weekend...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Decor from PW

Pardon my absence from blogging.  I have been trying to get over pneumonia.  Little by little, I am getting better. I thought I would share some Halloween decor from a fabulous store,  Pottery World.

Glittered Skulls

See No Evil Skeleton



Thanks for visiting.  Have a wonderful week.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Glam Skullduggery

My husband and I first saw these black with gold skull plates at Zgallerie.  They have been on sale for awhile, so I thought they would look great with the gold goblets we bought.
I love black and gold together.  I guess this table connects visually with Jacqueline's Purple Chocolat Pirate Poison table.
She  is using the black and silver skull plates with her design

The table starts with this beautiful tablecloth from My Chair Covers.
I layered it with our gold glitzy placemats.

Gold flatware from Horchow. The golden goblets are Zgallerie.  We bought them months ago when they were on sale.

I used black chargers with the golden plates I also found at Zgallerie on clearance.
Then I added a black plate, another gold plate from Home Goods and then topped it off with the gold skull plates.

The centerpiece is a cake plate from Home Goods, topped off with a large skull from Ross.
The skull lights up.

The little skeletons are from the dollar store.  I spray painted gold.

There you have it.  A creepy but elegant skull table with golden highlights.

I did this table earlier....Just trying to find some energy to post it.  I am recovering from pneumonia.
Stay healthy and have a fab weekend. The butternut squash soup will have to wait until next week.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Autumn Decor

Just sharing some decor for the season....Warm colors, leaves and pumpkins makes our home cozy.
I try to change things up a bit every year.

Before the new ottoman...A nice coffee table, however we like to put our feet up.

Here's our new ottoman.  It arrived today, so we can finally put up our feet and be comfortable.

I decorated the porch with mums and scare crows this year.  Of course the pumpkins are also added, along with our pumpkin topiaries we made about three years ago.

Stay tuned for my Glam Black and Gold Skull tablescape and Butternut Squash soup recipe.
Oh, I almost forgot, we are working on our laundry room.  The previous cabinets we had in our kitchen, are now in the laundry room.  Probably another month, and we will be showing off the new look....Enjoy your week ahead.



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