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My Cute Truck Themed Table

I set this fun truck tablescape off our study deck.  It is a peaceful place complete with a fountain.  The weather is cooler this week

The truck plates are from

This darling little truck box was a gift from a friend.  Little did she know I was gathering truck accessories for my table.

The flower market truck sign Jain and I found while shopping at Ross.

I filled the truck with pretty pink flowers.
This setting is so soothing and calm.  The fountain has a lovely  sound.

Our subzero refrigerator has been out of order for two weeks.  A part was ordered and last Friday a repairman came out and worked on it for 4 hours.
While he was moving the fridge back in place, he broke the wiring that cools the refrigerator. He was going out of town for 1 week and said someone else would be repairing it.

My husband called the company on Monday to schedule the appointment and they said it wouldn't be until July 20th. The phone was on speaker and I immediately said NO! I went round and round with the person. She kept saying the original repairman was in Montana for 1 week and he would be coming out to repair his mistake.  My husband has asked him while he was here if he was fixing it.  he said No.
My husband emailed the  owner of the company after wards.  I emailed the company and also emailed the owner. Waiting that long for his mistake.  I have my family coming and no fridge working is not acceptable.
They called yesterday and said the part is coming today at our home and if it did, they would come out today and fix it. Well, the part just arrived and we called to confirm the appointment today.  Sorry this is so long. I always say, " the squeaky wheel gets the grease." I am happily sharing at:

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  1. Your truck themed table is adorable, Linda! It's rare to see a decorative truck in light green. You hit the jackpot finding so many sweet accessories to match! Sorry to read about your problems with getting your sub-zero fridge repaired. It certainly took a forceful woman - namely you - to get results! Hope all goes well with the repair!

  2. Love your cute truck theme. That tablecloth is gorgeous. Glad you stood your ground on the repair to your sub zero. Hope the repair person they send knows what they are doing. Good Luck. xoxo Kris

  3. What are adorable table setting. you come up with the best. I hope your refrigerator is repaired by the time your company comes. Yes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease but we used to get the grease without having to squeak so much. I guess those days are over. Very annoying.Good luck with your repair

  4. That table is just truckin' great! And you're right about squeaky wheels!

  5. Your garden area with the fountain looks very cool and refreshing. Love old trucks like that and love that so many companies are coming out with truck designs in different colors other than red! The cool blues are just wonderful with the pretty tablecloth. Hope the fridge gets fixed in time. I agree.. the squeaky wheel definitely does get the grease (finally)... but sometimes it still takes awhile! Marilyn

  6. Love how all the colors of all the trucks go together! Great!

  7. Super cute plates and setting, Linda. I bet you'd like to take a truck and ram it right into that business's front doors! Definitely the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Glad you did, and hope it's fixed.

  8. Darling table theme! A flower truck is a good thing!
    Glad you are getting it repaired!!!. We have been without our subzero for over a week now. It went out 4th of July. They were supposed to come today, but called and said it would be tomorrow. Fortunately we have a small refrigerator that we bought for the new downstair remodel. Our contractor set it up in our sunporch until it is installed downstairs. Our sub zero is so old that they don't make it anymore. We need to replace it, but they don't make a 27". To put in a 30" means rebuilding all the cabinets. Not sure what we are going to do! Maybe at 24" and built a new frame around the smaller refrain.

  9. fridge oy..Good for you! Cutest table setting♥♥♥♥

  10. Linda, I am loving your darling truck theme table setting. I have a little red truck I've used to hold summer veggies, love it. A perfect spot for you to linger over your table and relax. I am so sorry to hear your refrigerator nightmare. The one appliance I seem to always have a problem with. Ours went out and had to be replaced and it had to be ordered so thankfully we had a second in the garage.

  11. This is adorable! Love the soft colors and you flower filled truck...I have been worried about you and all that heat, at least you have that beautiful pool...sorry about the refrigerator issues, fingers crossed it's fixed now...

  12. This is just the cutest tablescape Linda! I adore those old pickups with flowers in the bed! Hopefully your issues with the refrigerator have been resolved, that is just SO frustrating! I hope you are enjoying a special visit with your family! Blessings and hugs!

  13. Well done, Squeaky Wheel. You're right -- sometimes you just have to push it. Scary to have guests in the summer and no working fridge (or cold garage or snow bank, which you probably don't get anyway!) The table setting is just darling. So summery and happy!

  14. I absolutely love vintage trucks, so I think your table is AH-dorable. I want a vintage truck and I also want it parked outside of a cottage in a Hallmark town. Your posts always encourage my imagination, Linda! So cute!

  15. Your truck themed table is darling, Linda. I really love your table for two. The chairs look so comfy. How frustrating about your fridge! We can't functions when our appliances are down. I hope it's repaired by now.

  16. Love the theme Linda! I hope they have been there and fixed your fridge by now. xo

  17. You decorated such a pretty truck themed table Linda. I'm sorry to hear about the refrigerator problem and I hope you have it fixed by now.

  18. Linda, your little truck table is precious. Who would think that a simple little pick up could turn into a beautiful dining spot. Those repair people think we are here to serve them, I guess. Can you imagine doing a job for someone and messing it up so badly and not going back to fix it right away. Insane..Glad it has cooled down a bit..xxoJudy

  19. This is a great combination of the pretty blues in the tablecloth and the pinks. I just love these truck motifs, but combining them with pretty pinks really gets my interest!!

    Sorry to hear about the fridge. Our freezer has been broken for nearly a year, and there's no part to fix it :(
    Sears took our money then just sat on it. We finally had enough and complained, which resulted in the service charge an the part charge taken off our charge card.
    Which of course, only solves half the problem!


  20. Linda,
    This is so sweet!! Love the truck items in that color and those plates are so cute!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by and for letting me know that you did by your kind comment!!


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