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Tales of the Traveling Tote #27

Hello friends, time for another Tales of The Traveling Tote adventure and Giveaway. Quarterly, a group of us tote gals share a connected post about the places we have been. We have made some wonderful friendships and some of us have met in person.  We hope you find our posts as fun as we do. You can find more about the Giveaway at the bottom of this post. To read how this group began, you can read HERE

In April, I  was reading about the The Traveling Tote post on Instagram and noticed twinner777, Donna had shared their outing with her twin sister, Dot at High Hand Nursery in Loomis, Ca.
I thought to myself, they must live close to me, so I started a chat with Donna.

Donna and Dot live a little over an hour from me. I was so excited to meet  other tote gals who love Mackenzie Childs. Donna had said they were going back to High Hand Nursery the following week and wanted to know if I wanted to meet them there.  Absolutely!

Miss Lola was quite happy to be among other tote friends.

Aren't they cute?  Dot and Donna. They are such lovely ladies whom I had the pleasure of meeting.  I hope yo meet up with them in the near future.

We had a fabulous lunch at High Hand Nursery's cafe.  We had  to have a tote photo together. We wandered the grounds after a fabulous lunch.

High Hand Nursery is a wonderful place to visit. Below is a video.


In May, I visited my new friend Jain from A Quiet Blog Life. After reading a comment from Jain on Judy's blog, Judy at Gold Country Cottage, I decided to send Jain an email.  Turns out, Jain lives about 20 minutes from me.  Who knew? Judy also lives close, about 1/2 hour from me. Jain had invited me over to see her fabulous rose garden and cut some roses to take home.  What an amazing garden Jain has.

Everywhere you look is just magical and beautiful.  About 500 rose bushes, arches, fountain and paved pathways.

Miss Lola made her right at home, sitting in different locations.

Jane had fun taking photos.  We were laughing up a storm as you can see in this silly photo. She surrounded me with roses.

Guess who?

Jain prepared a lovely Pavlova dessert with roses and iced tea with rose ice cubes.
Even the plates had roses! I cannot say enough about Jain's talents. Gardener extraordinaire, wonderful cook, sets amazing vignettes and more.

Rose Pavlova Jain made.  Delicious.

She has different areas in her rose garden to sit and enjoy the beautiful roses.

They have this amazing tunnel look with roses and Lady Bank roses. Her husband is very handy with welding skills.

Jain and her husband do everything themselves.  They are currently building a greenhouse.

There you have it.  So nice meeting new friends.  Jain and I have become good friends. We have gone shopping together, lunch and also pedicures and mani's. She is so fun. Be sure to check out her blog to see her fabulous gardens. I hope to meet up with Judy when she feels comfortable.

Ricki Jill is hosting our giveway this time, so be sure to visit her blog and leave a comment.

I hope you visit each blog to see where their totes took them.

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About Linda @ Life and Linda

Hello, welcome to LifeandLinda. I am from Northern California. I enjoy blogging, Designing Blogs, Decorating, cooking, entertaining, gardening and clogging. I hope you enjoy your visit.


  1. How fun to meet others that love the same things we love! Looks like you had a wonderful time with these two cuties. I've always been a fan of Mackenzie Childs. Her creations are so fun! Have a great week Linda! Blessings, Edie Marie

  2. What fun Linda! Loved seeing those cute twins and of course enjoying a virtual stroll in Jain's gorgeous garden. Jain is uber-talented and the energizer bunny! She's the reason I started blogging years ago. What a thrill it must have been to enjoy a tour surrounded by roses with dessert. Adorable photo of you! Happy June ♥

  3. Your traveling tote tale today is so neat. Dot and Donna are adorable and your visit sounds like so much fun. I was delighted to see Jain's roses and hear about your visit. I have just found Jain on Instagram and remember her from years ago. The picture of you in the garden is lovely. Great post.

  4. What a gift the world of blogging has given us with all the friendships begun and nurtured! Wow, Linda, Jain's garden is over-the-top fabulous, and YOU look fabulous among the flowers. That rose Pavlova - wow! ANd Dot and Donna are as cute as can be. I remember seeing them among Patti's barn sale photos a couple years back. What a great way to kick off spring and getting out again! Happy June!

  5. I love how blogging, and especially our totes, have brought so many of us together!! I have had the pleasure of also meeting Dot and Donna! Jain's rose garden is stunning and must smell lovely! What a gorgeous oasis she has! Happy Travels!

  6. You look fabulous Linda! And the twins are so lucky to have eac other.

  7. Isn't it fun to meet fellow bloggers in person, and especially find that they live close by! It was wonderful to see more of Jain's fabulous rose garden, such an amazing display, I can't imagine caring for all those roses! Dot and Donna are adorable, and so fun they have our totes! It is so wonderful to be out and about again and lunch and shop with friends! Happy June and Happy Summer Linda!

  8. How wonderful you researched and found so many MC collectors nearby. I have always loved meeting other bloggers with similar interest and you hit the jackpot. What a lovely visit and lunch with your new friends. Jain's rose garden is stunning! So many blooms and different varieties, that must have smelled heavenly. You look lovely Linda, great photos of you enjoying this beautiful spring. Happy June Linda.........

  9. How wonderful to meet new people because of your bags. The twins are so cute and looks like you had a fun time with them. Your other friend Jain has the most beautiful roses. I'm so glad you've had fun going out with her. Hope you have a happy June Linda.

  10. I love this post and you brought a smile to my face. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures and hearing of the story.

  11. Linda, you have been having a grand time with friends. Seeing you with the twins and each of you with a tote, reminded me of our NYC get together when I accidentally put my iPad mini into your tote instead of mine. Do you remember? You and Paul were so gracious to meet me that evening to hand it off to me. Hope you each kept your personal bag close to you. 😂😂😂It looks like you three had a great time. How fun to live so close to Dot, Donna, Judy, and Jain. Blogging has spawned many friendships.
    What a treat to visit Jain's gardens. I'm in awe of the work she has done to create these beautiful garden areas. Looks like you two had a delightful time. Happy Summer!

  12. What wonderful meetups! And PINK is the theme of this post -- the gorgeous hot pink of Dot and Donna's blouses, the many shades of pink roses in Jain's fabulous rose garden and the delicious pink petals on her pavlova!

  13. How fun you girls could meet up. Hot pink for Dot and Donna shows how much fun they are. Those gardens look so pretty and the smells must be fabulous. You girls and your totes get to go so many wonderful places. Happy June. xoxo Kris

  14. Jain's garden is absolutely stunning! I love roses.....I would love to live in her greenhouse when it's finished, LOL! Dot and Donna look like loads of fun. I enjoyed your post! I need lots of garden inspirations right about now.

  15. Isn't it wonderful to meet up with blog friends old and new? Oh, the twins are clearly of the identical kind, aren't they? And I just adore that photo with the roses! Such a lovely setting and more than that, a lovely time!

  16. Oh what fun, Linda, to meet Dot and Donna and spend time at that wonderful nursery. Wow, would I love to visit that place!! Jain’s garden is simply beyond amazing!! You must’ve been in Rose Heaven, and then that lovely dessert, too. Such fun times you’ve had!

  17. Fantásticos encuentros, con las encantadoras Dot y Donna y la rosaleda de Jain, ¡madre mía!, una maravilla, se te ve tan feliz entre las rosas, realmente ese jardín les debe dar muchísimo trabajo, pero merece la pena, imagino el aroma que se debe respirar allí, rfepito una maravilla. Un beso grande

  18. Such a fun post Linda! I am so glad you made some new blogger friends and that nursery looks absolutely amazing. Jain's gardens are just incredible too! Thanks for sharing with all of us. I look forward to these posts and they never disappoint!

  19. Hi Linda,
    such sweet stories of the travveling tote :O)
    Love and hugs, and a happy week, sweet friend,
    Claudia xoxo

  20. You look fabulous Linda! I love how our totes have brought us so many friendships and pleasure. It was my lucky day meeting Dot and Donna at MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, NY. I'm hoping to get to CA next year to visit family, and would love to make a side trip so we can visit you and Paul. I'm glad you made new blogger friends. More fun times ahead!

  21. Wow Jain's place is so unbelievable. That looks like a garden that you would have to pay to see all of the roses. She really has a green thumb!
    How fun to get together with the MC lovers that live around you. I love the bags posing together. Sounds like your spring has been wonderful, and I love seeing your IG photos of your pool and yard. Enjoy every moment.

  22. What a fun post, I am smiling ear to ear, I love that pic of you laughing, A perfect capture of you! It has been great fun meeting you MS Hollywood, I feel like a plow horse next to you, but I will plod on 😉 your twins day is adorable, I know you had a great time and all your smiles are radiant! So glad we meet and look forward to future fun 😁

  23. I bet that was so fun to meet up together in real life! Those gardens are amazing and I just love that photo of you; you look like you are having so much fun.

  24. I love how you reached out Donna, Dot, and Jain, and now you have 3 new friends! The rose gardens are magnificent! I’m so glad you took us to visit them on your outing. CherryKay


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