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A New Interface for Blogger

Blogger has been slowly adding updates to it's blog interface. Millions of people are using Blogger to express themselves, share stories, products, opinions, gardening, crafts, recipes, tablescapes plus so much more.

Blogger is trying to make the experience more up to date and intuitive. Slowly you may have noticed some new looks.  With the "Try the New Blogger" button some have tried it and are either loving it or hating it. Here is the link so you can read for yourself.

You can still revert back to the Classic Blogger., which they now call legacy.  You click the orange button. As of July, everyone will be on the new interface, no more reverting back.  You might want to give it a try now, so you can see how it works because once they put everyone on this new interface, you need to understand the changes.

Blogger is now Responsive, which makes mobile blogging easier.

Click continue.

You will then see your dashboard.  The left side is pretty much the same with Post, Stats, Comments. etc. If you click Posts, you will see the posts are small thumbnails.

There is so much to share, I cannot possibly add it all in 1 post.


This is new.  before we would click New Post up by our name.  Now it is located at the right bottom with a orange round button+ sign.

Labels and Published, Permalinks and Search Description are still on the right side.

Adding a photo is done by click the picture icon.  Several options such as Upload from computer - Photos - Blogger -By URL

To edit  your uploaded photo, click the photo, then you will see a menu like this below. To change the image size, click the edit pencil and then choose your size.

The three little dots show this below as a drop down menu.
To add an link, click the little link icon.

A great improvement is you can add multiple photos side by side by using the table icon.
Something you will love, Being able to add photos in a table.  Blogger has done this for you.

Here I inserted a table.  It shows up at 8 boxes , however you can delete a column.  To delete a column or row, click the table icon again.
I clicked the table to delete 1 column and then I clicked the table icon to select a row, leaving 3 columns.  To add an image just click the box , you will see your cursor blinking and then click the image icon. Do this for all boxes.
I also deleted a row which is three photos under the first three.
At the right top, the options for the post are as follows. From left to right.
HTML editing
  It take some getting used to, but there are benefits.
Explore away!

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  1. This is great information Linda. I got the notice this morning that things are changing the end of June. Thank you for helping us navigate. I am sure it is better. It is hard for me as I get use to something and know it and do not like change even if for the better. I will have to learn the new way to use it and then I am sure it will get comfortable to use. Thanks for always helping.

  2. You are 2nd person that I have read blogger is changing. I haven't seen anything or I missed it. I will pin this so maybe it will help me navigate. Thanks for the detailed information. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Thank you for the info, Linda. I hope I can work my way through it! I appreciate you helping us out. Hope all is well! 😘

  4. Yeah, I just got the notice this morning about the format changes as of the end of June. I'm dreading it, quite frankly, but I suppose I'll live! Thanks for the info you've provided here -- I'm going to save this post for future reference!

  5. Thanks Linda, I have been hesitant to switch over, but I appreciate your post. You've taken some of the fear away!! ❤️

  6. Thanks...I am sure we will all be asking you questions as we begin to navigate! I will play with it after we post TTT!

  7. Thank you, Linda for bringing this to my attention. Hopefully the new changes will be okay to navigate.

  8. Good Afternoon Linda,
    Change and technology are always intimidating for me. Thank you for sharing some of the new features on blogger.

  9. Well I guess I better get on board with the new way! Thanks for explaining some of the different changes we can expect!

  10. Thanks for explaining the changes. I better get started......

  11. Thanks for making the New Blogger seem easier, and a bit less frightening, Linda! We all hate changes, especially those that work for us. Hopefully, we'll get use to the new ways since we won't be able to go back to the old system.

  12. Thanks Linda for sharing the new changes with blogger. Hopefully it won’t be too difficult to get used to using.

  13. I've been working on my post for the first and saw the info and thought "oh no" so I appreciate you helping us navigate through. Thank you Linda so very much..............

  14. Hi Linda, sweet friend,
    thank you for this big help! Now I think, I can try it too :O) You explained all so well!
    If I will get problems, I just come back to you ;O)
    Wishing you a lovely rest of the week,
    Lots of Love, Claudia xoxo

  15. I just saw the notice this morning and started to panic! I hate change! Thanks so much for all of the great explanations.

  16. Thanks for this post, Linda. I've been afraid to try it but sure don't want to be caught going cold turkey. These tips are very helpful and motivate me to try it!

  17. Thank you so much Linda, for all the information and tips. I am grateful for the warning and time to adjust. I will have time to work with it this week hopefully.

  18. Thanks for posting this information, Linda! I'm getting back to my blog after a 4 yr. absence, brought on by my husband's passing. The joy of entertaining just went out the window for awhile. I'm back with smaller vignettes, mostly featuring my teacup collection.
    I need to spend an hour, peeking around your beautiful space, to see what I've been missing. Again, thanks for the heads up about Blogger! I barely remembered HOW to get a post up!

  19. Not a fan of the new interface. You can't preview posts anymore, except by viewing the whole blog (you used to be able to click View under a post). Also, it no longer shows the name of the blog you're posting too after starting a new post.

  20. Thanks for this.Couldn't figure out how to create a new post and was getting VERY frustrated.

  21. Hello Linda, are you having any trouble uploading multiply photos? I used to be able to select them all from my computer and upload and then add them to a post as I edited text. Now when I add one, and go back, all of them are gone. I can't figure it out. If that's a new feature it isn't a very good one!

  22. I don't like the new interface opening page that lists your posts.

    Two problems:
    1. I don't need all the preview photos showing, they make the list shorter than I need so I have to scroll up and down it finding posts I have already drafted for publication. As I tend to work up to 6 weeks in advance with 1-2 posts a day this can be a major issue.
    2. If you set a post to Draft, the date they show is the created date not the date you have scheduled the post to appear on. So in my case where I have lots of regular weekly posts with similar subject titles. I have a lot of posts with the same date (as they are created in advance) so it becomes a nightmare to manage these posts.

    All I ask is that they give us the option to turn off the preview photos, and change it from creation date to publication date on Draft posts and I will be a relatively happy bunny


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