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A Special Delivery

I set a fun Valentine's table in our Breakfast room. I was inspired by chloe from Celebrate and Decorate who styled a lovely Valentines Table with gold envelopes.

 A classic red, white with red tablescape.  My little red Target  truck is filled with lovely fresh flowers from the market.  How about some hot tea?  Showcasing my lovely tea cozy I received from Monique.  How perfect to go with this theme and Mackenzie Childs.

Dinner was very simple.  A favorite of my husbands, Tomato soup and grilled cheese.  He likes the grilled cheese toasty.  Perfect for a chilly winter night.

I made these cut envelopes out of the Dollar Tree's Cooking sheets.  They come two to a package.  Just cut an 8 1/2" square and fold like an envelope.  I painted mine and added some cute accessories.  I also added some florals.  Sealed with a kiss.
These are the cookie sheets I used from the Dollar Tree.
You can get two envelopes from these 2 pieces.  

Here a few other Valentine Tables I set in the past.

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  1. Your home always looks inviting and spotless. I live on a farm and I always have dirt somewhere.

  2. Ooh la la! Love is in the air and you know how to capture it through your beautiful Valentine tables! Blessings for the sweetest Valentines Day ever!! Edie Marie

  3. Linda,
    what a darling tablescape!! The tea cozy caught my eye!! So cute!!

  4. Happy Valentines day to you dear Linda. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. My heart goes pitter patter when I see that tea cozy, Linda!! What a darling table for two you’ve created. Those envelopes that are sealed with a kiss are too cute. The menu sounds like perfect comfort food. Happy ❤️ Day!

  6. Well, I might have said this twice, since I just crashed and rebooted, but your table is darling and isn't Monique the best? I adore that cozy. (And thank you for helping get her lovely blog back in business!) I will remember those very pretty envelopes at each setting. They're divine!

  7. Always so lovely Linda! I am a great fan of the courtly check, too!

  8. Your envelopes are brilliant Linda! So clever and cute! And is there a more perfect combo than tomato soup and grilled cheese, yum! Love your flower delivery truck too, Happy Valentine's Day ❤️🌷💕

  9. Oh my goodness, love that tea cozy!! Really cute table, perfect for the two of you. We love grilled cheese (and bacon on it too!) and tomato soup. Perfect little valentine table. xo

  10. Your table is beautiful! I just love the tea cozy!!

  11. Wow Linsa, the envelopes you made are amazing! Never I
    would I think to use tin sheets.

    Who doesn't love grilled cheese and tomato soup!


  12. Hello Linda, you set the most beautiful tables. I like the pretty table with the black, white, and red theme for Valentine's Day. The envelope is such a cute idea. I'm so sad because the DT store that was close to me closed down and now I have a 30 minute drive to the closest one. :( Enjoy the rest of the week and have a happy Valentine's Day. Julie xo

  13. Love your valentine tables. I bet the cloggers were so impressed and had a great time. Linda you are such a great hostess.
    I love the valentine envelopes you made. How clever and beautiful. I love the little heart grilled cheese sandwiches. So sweet and romantic.
    Have a great Valentines Day.

  14. Love the entire display.

  15. How cute and romantic! I like the tea cozy and the cute truck with the florals. The envelopes turned out great! What a neat idea with how you crafted them! Have a Happy Valentines Day!

  16. What a beautiful table!!

  17. Linda, each of your tablescapes are beautiful. This latest is a fun idea. Love the envelopes! Happy Valentine's Day!

  18. The envelope is so clever Linda! Your tablescapes are always filled with joy and come from the heart. Happy Valentines Day to you and Paul. xo


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