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The Tales Of The Traveling Tote #18

Hello there, if you are here for the very first time, I am joining a group of lovely bloggers who share their travels from the Tales of the Traveling tote. This is the 18th adventure. Four times a year, we share our adventures, whether it's local or on a fun vacation.  

Miss Lola and I bid you welcome. We all have named our traveling totes.  My tote's name is Miss Lola. To read all about how this group got started, Read here.

December 2018, I always enjoy using Miss Lola in my decor.  She fits in nicely with all the seasons.  One of my favorite places to visit during the holidays is Pottery World.

When we finished our pool house, I needed Miss Lola to be featured inside.

We haven't really traveled much lately, due to helping my mom.  Her house sold...yea!  It's in escrow.  We still have plans to build a small cottage on our property. This post, I wanted to share our historic courthouse museum.  Next travel will be more exciting....Kauai.

Historic Auburn Courthouse-  Auburn, California

Inside the court house on the first floor is the museum. Court sessions are held on the second floor.

What a beautiful stained glass window we viewed in entering the other side of the museum.

Another beautiful stained glass piece of the courthouse.
Look at these charming buggies.  I bet my grandmas were riding in one of these babies.
Miss Lola is hanging on the beautiful safe.

Wow, I think I shall turn this guy in for the reward of $10,000  in gold.

Miss Lola and I had to stop at the Gold pan exhibit. I am wearing this long sweatshirt dress I bought from Rosewe. See how nicely it goes with Miss Lola.
When I walked down our stairs, my husband smiled and asked, "is that a real dress?"  ha ha.....

All perfectly coordinated.... A great photo op in front of the mail coach.

Remember years ago, women and men always wore hats. The question is here, "what killed the American Hat?" The American hat was preceded in death by the hoop skirts,  gloves,  and the corset. It is survived by  the mini skirt, women's pants and the bikini. 
Speaking of hoop skirts, here's my Prom photo from 1967. Gone with the wind type dress with hoop. Look at that hair, oh my......It looks like Marge Simpson....ha ha

Here's a lovely memoriam for all of those hats.

 Berenice Pate started her collection in Modoc County and  then moved to Auburn, Ca in 1946.  She and her husband Dr. Waldo Pate collected the Indian artifacts for many years.The Auburn District Fair asked her to display her  vast collections and later, local Indians had contacted her for help. Some of the Pate collection, for instance, includes baskets given as gifts after medical treatment by Dr. Waldo Pate. The museum display includes information indicating that Indians wanted to pay for his services but had no money, so  Dr. Pate suggested baskets as payments. 

Wonderful exhibits from the local indians.

The Paiute tribe lived in small family groups in small camps of grass houses or temporary wikiups They were skilled basket makers.

Newspaper press

Look at these old telephones, tv's and computer.  My how times have changed.

My hubby Paul trying to make a call from his cell phone...LOL

All about the explorers. Jedediah Smith , mountain man, trapper, author was one of the first American citizens to cross the Sierra nevada mountains.  He was later killed  in the spring of 1831 by Comanche Indians.

That wraps up my visit to Auburn's Museum. learning more about our history is always rewarding.

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*“Thoughts and prayers for our fellow toter RJ @ Sketchy Reader as she is away caring for a family member"

Look out for our June post for another episode of The Tales of the Traveling Tote

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  1. Cute dress!! I loved walking down memory lane with you and Lola....It sure brought back some memories to me! Looking forward to your next vacation, lucky you!! I am sure you will also enjoy your new pool cabana - and the photo of your "cabana boy" in the wanted frame was cute!

  2. The sweatshirt dress looks so cute on you, Linda, and a good match for Miss Lola. I enjoyed my travels with you today, and all the history that you shared with us. I look forward to your next adventure.

  3. A hoop dress:) I swear my hair was a tad high too at one point:)
    Love your outfit a la MC!! And what a price!!
    Such a good sport hubby..and a cottage for mom♥

  4. What a local treasure the museum is! It is fascinating to see how times have changed in different ways like fashion and travel! Your husband is such a good sport to join the tote travels and fun, and he takes fabulous pictures of you! Love the dress! Have fun in Hawaii!

  5. Wow, Linda! I thoroughly enjoyed your tales today! That dress on you is just fabulous! That hair just as fab in 1967 (the higher the hair, the closer to God). And the museum exhibits are all great. I loved the Native American trade articles, and Miss Lola looks especially nice with the Coca Cola (not to mention that great shot of you in front of the mail coach!).

    1. And congrats on selling your mom's house! I know first-hand that's a weight off your shoulders!

  6. What a nice museum to visit and learn about history with Lola and your hubby. I love how nice you look in that outfit and how it matches your tote bag. I look forward to visiting the other blogs and adventures in June.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  7. Very interesting tour of the museum, Linda! Some of the trade baskets look like craft projects. And it's quite fascinating about wearing hats. I think it's still quite popular, just a different sporty look now! Your dress is adorable and at a great price. Do the sizes run small? I've been fooled too many times and am leery of foreign sites.

  8. Oh Linda, You should be modeling for MC, you look great in the dress. Love Miss Lola sitting pretty in the pool house. I'm sure you are going to think how you did I managed without it. Looks like a great day at the museum, a lot of history there. Have a wonderful time in Kauai..........So happy your mom's home sold. Happy March

  9. Linda.. first of all, you should be on the cover of a magazine with that darling outfit. That museum looks like so much fun! Congrats on selling your Mom's house. I'm sure that it was a relief. Have a wonderful weekend, sweet Linda.

  10. Very interesting post! And I love your dress -- it DOES go so perfectly with Miss Lola!

  11. Oh my Linda, you in that fabulous dress with Miss Lola by the stage coach - wow - just stunning. I am sure the stage would have stopped for you two anywhere along the route. What a fun post at the historic court house. They have so many great displays. We wore hats for years st Easter and now I am back wearing them on vacation and have started a trend with my friends.
    What a beehive - love your prom dress and hair. So glad we left that much primping behind. Give me simple hair.
    Can’t wait to hear about Kauai - Miss Lola will love that!

  12. Linda, you look adorable in checks!!! I plan to click over asap to the site. I may have to be a copycat!
    Thanks for taking us along to the museums. I'm sad about the demise of the hat, but don't miss the hoop skirts nor the peticoats of the 50s. Layers and layers of organdy ruffles under our skirts. I could go into other fashion bits from my younger years, but will leave it at the peticoats. Eager for your trip report from Hawaii.
    Glad your mom's home has sold. I know she appreciates all your efforts with helping her.

  13. Linda, your dress is perfect for your post. You look fabulous in all the pics as does Miss Lola!
    Loved your prom picture! You may have started something here.
    I was fascinated by the interesting museum. Times have changed. It's amazing the changes in our lifetime!
    Will look forward to your next TT post in Hawaii.

  14. Loved the museum tour, and I was stopped in my tracks when I reached Jedediah Smith. In elementary school, I've always remembered a chapter in one of our books. It was titled "Jedediah Smith, Pathfinder". I was fascinated by this man. For years I wanted to name a son, if I had one, Jedediah. I did have one; it didn't happen. He's named after the love of my life, my husband of 50 years. Hey! I want to get with it on refashioning my blog. When will you be ready to roll? Just let me know what I need to do, and when you want to start revamping Entertaining women, please. Thanks for inviting us along on your retrospective. Oh! and I was a dark dark brunette in the day, too! You were a beautiful young girl. Cherry Kay

  15. Linda, you look lovely in your new dress, but my favorite photo was seeing you in your prom dress. Fabulous! You look like belle of the ball. Thanks for sharing it.

  16. A hoop dress was not in my time, but you look stunning sitting on that beautiful sofa. My hair was a mile high in my teens LOL. Aren't Paul and Joe such good sports? That is wonderful that your mom will have a cottage.

    Loved the museum tour, and I hope you and Paul get to enjoy a lot of time in your new cabana. You'll just need to hire a butler to bring your lunch and umbrella drinks :-) Can't wait to hear about your trip to Kauai. You and Miss Lola really should be on the cover of a magazine with your checked outfit! Have a great week ahead. xo


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