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Miss Lola Goes Wine Tasting

Hello friends, Tales of The Traveling Tote has struck again.
We really didn't venture out to travel, so Miss Lola, my husband  and I visited some wineries close to home.
Miss Lola loves having her photo taken.

Look at the beautiful lavender already in bloom and a beautiful sunset.
Miss Lola enjoying a break at one of the scenic views.

The wine tour at Wise Villa Winery was the best ever.  So informative.
Wine Facts
80 % wine consumed in the US comes from California.
It takes 6-8 cluster of grapes to create 1 bottle of wine.
The leading bottle of wine is in California is chardonnay
Wine is fat free and no cholesterol..Yea!

The Science of Wine Aromas
You might also be wondering… are winemakers actually blending blueberries into their wine? The answer is no. The secret lies in aroma compounds.

Where Do Wine Flavors Come From?

From vanilla and apple to soil and chalk, wine flavors can be organized into 3 primary groups: Fruit/Floral/Herbal, Spice, and Earth.

Moving on, the next stop is Mt Vernon Winery

Such a charming entrance to welcome guests for wine tasting.

A lovely cave to host dinners.


After a long day of wine tasting, Miss Lola is nursing a headache.

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Our next adventure

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  1. Wine tours are fun. Amazing to see the lavender already blooming!

  2. As much as I love my home state of Texas, I'm always a little jealous of you California girls! There's so much to see and do. I don't even drink wine much but love to visit wineries! This looks like fun. :)

  3. LOL Miss Lola is so cute....nursing a hangover! I think she might have had a bit more fun than the Countess de Monet! The wine country in California is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos with us!

    Ricki Jill

  4. Year ago we visited many wineries in Napa - amazing!! This winery looks adorable, love the entry way. It's always a fun time to sample the wines, but also just a fun to enjoy the surroundings! Looks like Ms Lola has the cure for a wine hangover! Great post.

  5. I love visiting wineries, so much fun! My niece was married at a winery near Santa Barbara, and it was incredible! California chardonnay is my favorite! Beautiful photos, Miss Lola is very photogenic!

  6. What stunning photos of the scenery at the wineries, Linda! My late beloved and I visited Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley several years before he passed away, and we had a great time. One of my favorite spots was Armstrong Forest (?)...so serene and one of the prettiest spots that I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing your getaway with us.

  7. LOL nursing a headache:) I love wineries:) So beautiful!

  8. Lol, Linda, that last photo....pretty typical on many of my outings, especially as the tote gets heavier and heavier. Apart from that, though, the Napa Valley looks so inviting, and you've captured its essence with those great shots of the lavender & fields (that sunset!), and a sampling of the grapevine farms and venues for wine tasting. With all the recent fires, it's hard to get a real grip on how much was affected, but I was aware that a good portion of our country's wine industry is seated in CA. Thanks for sharing your well-deserved getaway. I know the past few months have been extremely hard for you. ♥

  9. How lovely! And I laughed at the last photo of Miss Lola's headache remedies!

  10. Linda, the CA wine country is always stunningly beautiful. We've been several times, and I would love to return. You and Miss Lola look adorable. Hope you are both over those headaches.

  11. Miss Scarlett and I did not get out much this go around either but that's about to change in the weeks ahead. Great photos and vineyards and Miss Lola.

  12. Hello Linda, Oh how I want to do this! Maybe someday. We've been to California but no time for the wine route. I'm enjoying this tour with you Linda. The vines make beautiful photos and so does the lavender. The air must be wonderful to breath there! Such beautiful country!!!! Hello to Paul too.......

  13. Oh, that wonderful cave! How fun would that be to have dinner in. Someday I will have to go through wine country! It really is spectacular. I am sorry you ended up with a headache! But I loved that shot!

  14. Though I don't drink wine, I love the visit the wineries ..they are so beautiful!

  15. Hello Miss Linda... I would rather drive to a winery than get on a dirty old plane any day of the week. Especially California wineries. These pics are amazing. Poor Miss Daisy has only seen my dark closet for the past 3 months!! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!

  16. That photo of the lavender and sunset is to dye for! Spectacular. Envious of the weather there. Our 3-day ski weekend had epic rain so only mud on the slopes. It was dark and dreary the entire time. But, the Bedford Springs Resort spa, cooking demonstration and restaurants made for a lovely time with family. Still, wineries, sunsets....maybe if I click my heels?

  17. Linda, Connecticut now has an official Wine Trail and the state is promoting it intensely, BUT it will NEVER be like yours in California!! We did some of the wineries near Santa Barbara at least 10 years ago and I would really love to go back, not only for the wine but for the amazing scenery and gorgeous weather. Thanks for the tour! We hope you are both doing well. Linda

  18. What a gorgeous view of the lavender blooming at the vineyards and the beautiful sunset. How nice to be close by to enjoy a wine tasting.

  19. Oh that looks like it must of been so much fun Linda! You, your husband and Lola have visited some really beautiful wineries. It so pretty there. Thanks for sharig the pretty photos.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  20. Oh Linda, Joe and I are ready to join you and Paul for some wine tasting! Miss Aurora and Miss Lola could enjoy the scenery together, and the lavender would be the first stop. We have plenty of wineries here, but I'd rather be wearing sandals than boots! LOL

  21. Such beautiful and breathtaking views!

  22. Linda, I love the California Wine Country. After seeing your lovely photos, I definitely need to return!

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