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Elegant Wooden Box Centerpiece

 I have been looking online at wooden boxes for quite some time.  I see many tutorials on how to build one.
I noticed most of them all looked pretty much the same.  A simple wooden box.  Some were stained light and some dark.  Some were longer than others.  It all depended on the person's dining room table size.

I wanted something more elegant with some pizazz. I knew I wanted something with legs and more decorative.  I talked to my husband about it and off we went to the Home Depot.
We used Poplar wood, however any wood would work.  Leftover barn wood, fence wood or redwood. I see some people using whiteboard wood.
This box is 48" long. and 9" wide.

    DecoraMold Moulding
This rope moulding really finished off the box and gave it a nice edge.
We also added the onlay, which was around $9.89 each.
They are also called wood appliques .

We used this Wadell leg from home Depot.  It was around $3.00. My husband cut it down.  You don't want the box to be too tall.
I  saw many other styles of legs online.
If you used this leg style, you could get two different leg styles out of one piece.  Just cut off the top and bottom.

I wanted a two toned look, so we used two different stains.
Here is how it turned out.  I absolutely love it!

The great thing about these boxes, you can use them for all different seasons and holidays. Just change out the decor.

I am using battery candles with a remote....Such a cool device. The tapers are real candles.
Just be careful when using the real candles.

I posted this on Facebook and was overwhelmed with the response. I have a few friends that want one.
I am over my radiation treatments and I am on the road to healing. 
The next step is the thyroid cancer.  I am feeling better with each passing day.

Thank you all for being there for me.  Hugs.....
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  1. That turned out simply beautiful!!!
    Now I want to make one :)

  2. I love, love it and have asked my hubby to make me oe too! Thansk for the particulars:) Still praying for you every day. XO

  3. Oh Linda, this post made me so happy, I am so glad radiation is over and you are feeling better. That box is stunning, I would want one, too, if I had the room. xo

  4. Beautiful job on your centerpiece and I'm glad phase one is behind you!

  5. Yea, dear Linda, I'm so happy your radiation treatments are over!!
    The wooden box turned out so pretty. I still have the one my dear hubby made me last Christmas. It's still on my dining room table. I love how you've decorated yours. I'll be changing mine out with Fall decor soon. xo

  6. Wow, Linda, I love that box.
    You do it all, WonderWoman. You go through radiation, you save a little pup, you renovate your kitchen, you make 3 desserts in one day and now you're making gorgeous boxes! How are the rest of us supposed to keep up??
    Love your energy and positive spirit, my friend. Talk to you in the morning.
    Love and hugs.

  7. One thing that motivates me to do these projects is I get a new tool. This project is much easier if you have a finish nail gun and a belt sander. The nail gun is a quick and easy way to put the pieces together and you let the ends stick out a little (so you don't have to be so precise in cutting). Then you use the belt sander to to grind it all down for a consistent look. Finish with some wood putty to hide the nails and then it's ready for the stain.

  8. WOW, that box turned out beautifully, Linda!! Great idea!!

  9. How beautiful! This turned out SO well. It's very elegant.

  10. I was so glad to see a post from you Linda. I am assuming you are feeling better and maybe the treatments are over?
    What a beautiful box. Luv the detail you added. Tres elegant!
    Hugs, Gee

  11. I can't believe you made that!! Bravo! I would've bet it cost quite a bit in some high-end store. You had a vision of what you wanted and executed it with precision. What great news that your radiation is complete. Keep us posted.


  12. Your wooden box is so elegant and stylish. It matches so well with your dining room furniture. So glad to hear you're feeling better and your radiation treatments are behind you!

  13. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and it sounds as if you are being very positive Linda.I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking.
    I love the decorative display box, its gorgeous and just shouts autumn to me! I'd love to do something similar, I may just have a go on a smaller scale! Love, Anne

  14. THANK YOU, JESUS that you are HEALING, LINDA! And on with your beautiful life you go....what a fantastic BOX! And what would we do without those men in our lives who can whip up our dreams out of wood, nails and some elbow grease. Of course, I know a lot of women who do their own building, and I commend them; I'd rather come up with the idea and let my husband do the constructing!

    This box is fantastic. Anything can go in this, and I bet it will look wonderful with your Christmas arrangements. I too use battery candles, and ours are on a timer so every night they come on for ambience and turn off after we've nodded off on the couch!

    WISHING YOU more healing as you enter the next stage of treatments. THANK GOD! Anita

  15. Linda, I am so glad to hear that you're healing. And this box is gorgeous. I have a long dining table that this would solve a multitude of decorating woes. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  16. Linda-pure beauty!! I am so glad to hear you are feeling well enough to focus on creating beauty and feeling better every day.
    Bless you- xx, Heather

  17. Oh wow, that really turned out beautiful!!! Love the feet, have to try this one......for sure!!! Glad to hear you are sounding so good and can do some creating.....good for the soul!!!

  18. So pretty! Love your table box and you decorations make it perfect. So glad you are feeling better and thrilled to have you share at AMAZE ME MONDAY!!!

  19. Wonderful! Hubby did a great job. Your idea turned into a beautiful creation! I like how you decorated it too.
    So glad you are on the road to recovery. It's been a long spring and summer for you.
    Hugs, Liz

  20. That is just a wonderful piece, Linda. You are lucky to have a handy hubby...but then, you are pretty talented all on your own, too. It looks just beautiful all set for Fall.

    I am so so happy that you are done with your treatment(s) for the time being. Now to start feeling like your old self and take on the next bout. You can do this- I know you can. Your positive attitude really goes a long way towards making you well again. Love to you- xo Diana

  21. You and your hubby created a wonderful piece together! I have some leftover barn board, so I may give this a try. I am thrilled that you have completed your treatments, and that you are feeling better. ((((hugs))))

  22. Beautiful wooden box, so perfect for a fall display. You and your hubby are very talented...Christine

  23. What a magnificent box!! Elegant just as it should be for your home!
    Congratulations on your improving health. Continued prayers!

  24. Linda, so good to visit and hear that you are doing well. I have been too crazy to visit much so have just struggled to get a post a week! But things should slow down now that summer is over.

    You couldn't have created a more perfect box for your dining table. It is perfect and I love how you filled it. I think a rustic box just wouldn't have been the right thing for your beautiful room.

    Keep healing dear!

  25. XOXOXOXOXO So good to see your visit this morning sweet Linda! How fun it was yesterday to meet my 8th graders. Today I meet my 12th graders and away we go, speaking French. LOVE it.

    Have a fabulous day, Anita

  26. That looks beautiful! I really like all the extras you added that make it truly unique and especially lovely. It looks beautiful with the Fall display.

    So glad you are feeling better & good luck with the next faze.

  27. That's really pretty! I don't think I'd have the patience to put one together.

    Glad you're feeling better.

  28. Linda,
    That is absolutely beautiful! I love it. So nice of your husband to help out with the project. I think the legs really make it. I love the candles. Your home is so warm and cozy. I want to decorate for Fall, and you have given me such inspiration with all your wonderful ideas. You did a great job on the decorative box.

    I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling better, my dear.


  29. Glad to hear you are feeling better, Linda.
    The box is gorgeous.

  30. L O V E ...L O V E... L O V E the box. I have a box that I painted yellow and use for flower arrangements, among other things. I am thinking some feet are just the ticket to freshen it for fall.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  31. Linda,
    I absolutely adore the table box that you built, so elegant and stylish! It goes just perfect with your room.

    Oh, thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier and leaving a sweet comment. I was going to email you back but it shows noreply, didn't know if you knew that so I wanted to drop you line to let you know.

  32. Your box is magnificent! Happy to hear your health is coming along.

    - The Tablescaper

  33. Linda, the box is just gorgeous, and oh so elegant! Just "made" for your dinning room. LOL Fabulous job! Glad that you are feeling better and getting stronger.
    Big hugs,

  34. Ok. I've been wondering what in the world am I going to use on my table for a centerpiece. You've answered my question!! Your box is beautiful!! I'm gonna have copycat you :) I'm glad you're feeling a little better. Happy Autumn!

  35. LOve your box it is elegant and so many uses. I have been wondering how you are doing. Glad you are doing better. I have been working with my son redoing flooring so haven't done much tablescapes. I do have good luck thrifting.

  36. Lovely to hear from you this morning!
    Drop cloth is so easy to work with.
    Love the cute box.

  37. Really beautiful Linda, I have wanted one for a long time. Dad maybe?

    Feature: Entrepreneur Sigal Sasson

  38. Can your dear hubs make one for me too?! Oh Linda, it's amazing, I can't believe you guys made it, so elegant and so different too! Awesome job and the decor is beautiful too! Thanks for your sweet and kind visit pretty lady.
    Big hugs,

  39. Linda, what a beautiful piece. You have it decorated so wonderfully. Of, course, I had no doubt!! Hubby did a great job and won't it be pretty at Christmas?..Happy Thursday..Judy

  40. Fabulous box Linda! Very impressive!!!

  41. Linda you are inspiring me with this beautiful piece. I am ready to start decorating. But with the temperatures still in the 90's my motivation has been lacking. I think you may have just given me a nudge. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous centerpiece at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. I featured you facebook ♥

  42. That really is a gorgeous centerpiece! What a way to usher in fall! Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning today and weighing in on the patio door issue. I really appreciate your input! :-)

  43. I love it, Linda! I turned out great and you paid so much attention to the details. It makes for a beautiful centerpiece on your table.

    Thanks for linking up to The Creative Home & Garden hop! : )

  44. Hi Linda,
    I hopped over from Katherine's Thursday's Favorite Things. I just love the box you and hubby built for the dining table. It looks perfect there and you got to design what you wanted. After touring around your blog, I gather you are not a lady for settling. Neat that you have it on feet.
    While visiting your blog I realized you have been battling cancer in a big way. I pray that you will have good results from your radiation and that cure or remission are in the near future.
    I am a new follower and invite you to visit me when time permits.
    Blessings, Ginger

  45. Hi Linda, just found you from Kathy's features this week, wow, love the wonderful box you and your hubby put together! I'd love for you to join in for Be Inspired this coming Thursday at Common Ground!

  46. Hi Linda! Just wanted you to know I featured you at The Creative Home & Garden hop this week! : )

  47. Hi Linda...beautiful! I featured your post today on The Creative Home & Garden Hop! Hope you'll share more! Feel better :)

  48. Good Afternoon Linda, I am so pleased to hear you have finished with the radiation treatment. You are a wonderful inspiration, as I know it is a difficult time for you.
    This wooden box is gorgeous, and you have filled it with such pretty foliage. I love the idea of the battery operated candles... they are such a good idea.
    I am going to show this wooden box to my husband. I would have to have a smaller one, as my dining table is not as large as yours.... our rooms are much smaller in England.
    Thank you so much for the detailed instructions.
    Take care of yourself, you are always in my thoughts.
    With very Best Wishes to you,

  49. Absolutely beautiful! Great job!

  50. Linda,
    It is a gorgeous box! and the style I really love. I have an old...OLD tool box that was my father's and i really want to use it somewhere in my home, but it is very rustic and I am not sure how to change it up to have it a bit more like the rest of my house. The things of the past that belong to family are more important to me than those I purchase now...you know? but I would like to figure out how to blend it... I will get it in here and see what I can do. Maybe just adding one of the appliques to it, stained or dry brushed in a color that looks well with the rest of the old dirty toolbox, that I adore because it is older than I am and my father made it.... Thanks for the inspiration!
    Glad your radiation is finished...That was a difficult thing to get through I am sure. Hope things just continue to improve and you feel well soon!

  51. I'm thanking God for this step of your treatment being finished! I'm loving following your kitchen renovation and this post really caught my eye. First of all, it is beautiful. No wonder it has been pinned. Second, I have a harvest table that causes me problems. Obviously the long wood boxes I've seen on Pinterest should be the answer and I even have an old carpenter's long box. But they all look too rustic for what I want. Now yours is elegant, too elegant for my room but your tutorial showed me that we could construct one and just use simpler trim and legs. I love that it has legs so that you can still see the fabric underneath.

    Now, please, tell me about the two pumpkins on the ends. Are they carved, faux, or what? All of the material you've used inside the box is just right.

    Thank you!

  52. Hi Linda! SO glad you are finished with the radiation treatments.. time to heal.. take it slow and take care:)

    This box is so much fun and so festive! I like the variation in color and the candles are so pretty. They create a lovely ambiance.

    Also, I can add an extra entry for the glassybaby with the link:)


  53. Saw your post @ Ivy and Elephants....Congrats on the feature, I was featured, too :)
    I will be add this post to my upcoming Fall Tablescape since I have had my toolbox centerpiece that I have been wanting to feature in a post, this will tie them together very nicely...I hope when it is up that you will like and share :)

  54. WOW! Amazing Job!
    Why do I loose so much time in Pinterest when there's Linda?! Yeah, silly me ;)
    It turned out fantastic and you will be abble to use it in several occasion just by changing the items you used for decorate it - now for Fall.
    Great Piece! Oh the fun you'll both have with it in the years to come. Well done!

  55. Hello Linda!
    Thank you, for stopping by my blog! Your table centerpiece is absolutely stunning! It has inspired me to create a special piece for my dining room table. Glad we found each other! I am keeping you and yours in my prayers and thoughts. Many blessings and much joy~

  56. Oh how pretty. I just love it. And the tutorial was so great. Thank you for sharing this! I love you wallpaper. I realized you design blogs. How very talented you are! Thank you very much for linking your great post at The Fabulous Fall Linky Party. It was definitely Fabulous!
    The Fall linky will run through the end of the month. A now one will start in October. It'll be a little different but I think it will definitely be fun! Any whoooo come and link any of your Fall posts!

  57. Très chic! And Pinned! So glad i found your blog. (thanks to Betsy Speert)
    I have just the fella to make a box for my/his tables.
    We'll just pass it back and forth as needed!
    The perfect low centerpiece…….
    thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower and i find you blog delightful.
    Saw no recent posts on your health. I'm hoping all is well this year.

  58. The box is spectacular. I think that you could market them to Magnolia Market and some of the other stores in Waco. I'm praying that your recovery from radiation goes smoothly. That is such a hard journey. Praying for you as you begin to battle the thyroid malignancy. Please, let me know if there are specific prayers that I can share with my Garden Friends Bible study friends, my Sunday School class, and my church family. I am surrounded by amazing prayer warriors whom I am confident will pray for you. Thanks for inviting us for a peek at your beautiful new box; it's certain to become a staple in your decor. Cherry Kay


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