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Redwood Side Garden Gate

My husband has been quite busy lately building projects for our house. 

 My hubby built a beautiful garden side gate for our yard.
He had some left-over lattice, so he thought of a design using it.  I love how it looks.
We stained it a redwood color and added some Kokopelli's, which means Gods of music and rebirth.

Being the Supervisor, I always tell him to take it up a notch!
I think adding the arbor top piece makes a statement.
We bought some stain and black gate hardware.
He thought of adding the  
We happened to have two sets already of these music Gods on our back gate.  Now, he wants to build another gate for the back.

Below is our front entrance gate.  We are thinking of getting a solid wood arched gate.

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The kitchen is still waiting for the final layout design.
We should have it wrapped it up this week and proceed.
I am ready to make this happen.
I am sharing this picture of the Barley Twist.

This picture below shows the Barley twist again.  I wish our ceilings were this high.
These photos are not my kitchen, just pictures of things I like. 

I do like this Barley twist for the range pop-out and pull-out spice racks on each side. I wouldn't want all of the Barley twists on the upper cabinets.  I think it's too much. Probably flutes and decorative pieces.  The crown moulding will go in and out.
I just found out our dishwasher  does take an appliance panel, so all of our appliances, except the Wolf gas range will have cabinets panels.

I am feeling better each day.  Such a relief to not see any doctors for awhile.  I do want to proceed with the thyroid cancer, so I can enjoy the holidays and start the new year with a clean bill of health.

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  1. I just showed your garden gate photos to my husband and he said, "Hmmm." That's a compliment, by the way. Mine is, "Beautiful!" I just love garden gates, having to open one to see what's beyond it.

  2. Love the gate, Linda! You and hubby work well together! : ) Beautiful kitchen!

    Thanks for linking up to The Creative Home & Garden hop!

  3. Hi Linda, I love garden gate, your kitchen is beautiful.

  4. I always enjoy seeing your lovely home! Cheers to your GOOD health!!

  5. Oh that gate is fantastic! What a wonderful job you two did on it!

  6. Hi Linda! I'm so thrilled to hear you're feeling better - you're still in my prayers. Now that gate is amazing! Your hubby is so very talented. It's gorgeous and I love the little metal pieces and the top! Oh, that just finishes it up so nicely. Your front gate is pretty too and I think I see a little Schnauzer peeping through and Schnauzer metal pieces on the gates? I love it!
    Take care and you're always a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Hi, Linda! Thank you for following my blog and thank you for your kind comment. Your kitchen project sounds fun!

  8. Beautiful job with the gate, Linda, and the box. And, of course, I am so happy with your progress, and still sending you love and prayers. xo

  9. Love the gate Linda. I guess hubby has been quite busy! I like the Kokopelli figures. The arched wood gate may be a nice touch! Those barely twist pieces are awesome. What a beautiful kitchen it will be!
    So glad you're feeling better! Hugs, Liz

  10. Hi Linda,

    I like the Kokopelli's and the arbor top piece is perfect. Your kitchen is gorgeous and I love all the details. Your spice racks and molding are wonderful touches. It feels great to have this project with all you've been through :) House projects are totally consuming and it feels great to get it done. What a feeling of accomplishment!

  11. The work he did is unique are really into a lot of projects:-)
    And they are all looking wonderful

  12. very cute!!!! Hope you are doing well!

  13. Linda! Your husband is too sweet {and handy}. I would've never thought to add the top to it, but that's what makes it stand out beautifully. Glad you are feeling better and no doctors for awhile! Woo hoo!


  14. I LOVE YOUR HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Linda, that gate is fabulous! Aren't are husbands just the best to build us things? For me, it all started with my father building me a playhouse, but I'm talking about stucco and real roofing....then my husband has built shutters, gates, benches, overhangs for the doors....our men are great.

    The hood over your stove, the flooring, EVERYTHING is lush and perfect. I hope you are happy with the results! And we are thrilled that you are feeling better my dear. HUGS and ENJOY YOUR DAY! Anita

  15. Your hubby did a great job on the gate....just beautiful!

  16. Love the gate, my friend! You can`t beat the richness of that redwood colour - just beautiful.
    I`m so glad you`re feeling better, Wonder Woman. Talk to you soon.

    Much love and hugs,


  17. Hi pretty lady! I'm so glad that you're feeling better. That is a wonderful thing. You're dear hubby is so talented. The gate is beyond gorgeous and your supervisor skills are top notch. xo

  18. Linda, what a gorgeous garden gate. I am glad that you are doing better. Your kitchen is stunning! Love your box too. Joni

  19. I love your new garden gate. And I'm happy to hear you are feeling better.

  20. Hello Linda,
    How are you, hoping you are much better now.
    Your garden gate is beautiful!
    anyway I love your house and garden;)
    wishing you a great day

  21. Linda, thank you so much for coming by our blog at Calamity Acres, and I LOVE yours! Very nicely done!

    You are the 200th follower, so it's time for another book giveaway. Your husband did fantastic work on your garden gates, very creative and inspired!

  22. Oh sweet Linda...I adore your kitchen, it's so Italian with great detail! The garden gates are amazing, each one...but than again, your entire house is gorgeous, like the lady of the house! Hope all is well with you. Big hugs,

  23. How wonderful to have a husband capable of building such fantastic things. That garden gate is nothing short of gorgeous!

  24. I do love the gates you and your husband made! You are so talented! I have those little music gods on a set of coasters I bought at the Sun Watch Museum.

  25. I love gates also - an entryway to.....
    Your gates are lovely, especially the one in the front.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  26. You certainly have a talented hubby, your gate is beautiful!

  27. Everything is so gorgeous! Your kitchen is going to be a dream come least it would be for me. :) Your hubby is quite talented and with your supervisory skills ~ what a team!


  28. What a gifted husband you have! The gate is a piece of art. Your other gate is gorgeous too and I love the stonework on your fence and house, but a wooden one would be beautiful too! Can't wait to see the kitchen.
    Hope you will be feeling better by Christmas and New Years. You have such a great attitude and that helps so much! Hugs from far away!

  29. This Gate is a Happiness Inducing Piece. You'll want to dance everytime you see it.
    Be thankful of Luckiest Man and dance a waltz in the garden with him. In the monlight. Your garden DEMANDS it!

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. Hey, Linda, what brand and color of stain did you use on the gate?

    1. Hi Greg, the gate was stained with BEHR wood stain in the "Redwood" color. You can find it at Home Depot.

  32. LOVE the garden gate! I have 2 real Kokapellis stored away. I decorated in southwestern style for a few years and collected some nice things. I have kept some of it. I think the arbor on top is perfect! Isn't it nice to have a handy hubby? I do too!


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