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Updated Kitchen design

Hi everyone...good news, I only have three more radiation treatments left next week.
I have been trying to concentrate on the kitchen addition.  It's so time consuming.
The design has changed, since the two dishwashers are not working in the corner.
I am tweaking the design now.  I am not happy with the kitchen range hood, so we are changing that.
We are currently waiting on the designer to give us an estimate for darker cabinets, similar to the dining room.
If we go that route, we can always use the existing kitchen cabinets in our laundry room.
This drawing is not the right colors, wall, sink, floor, etc.
 It's pretty amazing how many times we change things.
We went to a Plumbing showroom the other day.
The salesman is a chef, so he offered many good tips.
He said a shelf  above the range top would be a greasy mess.
We ordered the Wolf gas range top.  It was difficult decide between the Thermador and Wolf.

We are losing the appliance garage on the range top wall, because he suggested putting in a prep sink. I will put it in that corner
He told us if we put in a single bowl sink, it would be difficult at
times to use, because we could have pots and pans there.
A prep sink close to the range with a garage disposal and faucet with a spray would be very useful for veggies and such.

We also added spice pull-outs on each side of the range top cabinet.

We also changed our design regarding the box window.
It was a problem, so our contractor suggested recessing the
  kitchen window. The box will be outside, reversed.  Lose the three windows there. Add a new window and bring it in.
Then our appliances and sink would all line up inside the kitchen.
The gable roof outside will act as a extended roof.  Open the sides up and add two posts or columns.  Add the stone and precast.
With the box outside, we could add a window seat or counter.
I found a French casement window that pushes out, without a bar.
Problem solved!

I  love this sink.
The chef also said going with a copper sink is more sanitary. anti-bacterial.  They are not difficult to maintain.
We have a copper bar sink in our dining room.
He also showed us a touchless faucet.

It's great when your hands are messy or full of flour.
I also told the designer I love how our dining room cabinets
go in and out with the flutes.  I want the hood to come out more, because the cabinet with the range top will be 3 inches forward with flutes.
Tedious, but so worth it.
The roofers are here today, putting the roof on the new addition. They will also install the two skylights.
We still need to select our granite and backsplash.
I hope to hammer out the cabinetry details and get them ordered.
The electrician, insulation and drywall can then come in.
Let's get this show on the road.

Love this tile.

Here's a new picture of Sir Dante and Mom.

Ok, that's it for now.
Enjoy your week-end and take care.
I appreciate each and everyone of you.  Hugs....

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  1. Hi Linda! I'm so glad your treatments are almost over. You are in my prayers. Now I love that you're designing you own kitchen and it's going to be gorgeous. Jealous, jealous, jealous for your gorgeous gas range! Take care of yourself.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shleia ;)

  2. I am in L O V E ! With you kitchen - I am drooling all over. Okay your pups are sweet. And I am happy it is almost over for you!

  3. Hi Linda, Lovely kitchen! Thanks for your visit today; so nice to meet you!

  4. My dear Linda! Something is so wrong with my blog roll; I am not getting new blog posts for so many friends! Thank you for coming to visit me....and GOOD NEWS INDEED for you that you only have a few treatments left! YES! You have been brave, I KNOW IT. OK, for this kitchen....this is sensational. Your architectual details in the existing structure are just gorgeous, from the stone floor to the arched doors to the woodwork. I know all your elements that you're adding will be wonderful. And I can't wait to see them done.

    So you're from California too! I was born and raised in Los Angeles (South Central) but moved to Whittier then Boston, Mass. and now in Minneapolis!

    Much love and hugs, Anita

  5. Wow, cant wait to see it all finished.It will be fabulous!

  6. Linda, this kitchen of yours will be a showstopper. Can't wait to see it all finished and decked out. Sir Dante is getting cuter every day. xo

  7. Such good news that you only have 3 more treatments...Yay!!

    How exciting to have so many beautiful choices to make for your kitchen, I love hearing all about it.

    Have a lovely weekend. xo

  8. It's going to be fabulous! You've figured out a lot of great details to be included and the new color of the cabinets will be warm and rich. Glad you are near the end of this treatment. You have some great things to look forward to including watching Dante your little blessing grow!

  9. Linda,
    What a gorgeous kitchen it will soon be with all of your incredible details. Glad that you are nearing the end of your treatment and hope that you are staying strong! And your Dante sure is getting cuter by the day!

  10. My first time stopping by Linda, your kitchen project looks amazing! What sweet little fur babies you have, too! :)

  11. Linda, so sorry for all you going through but, this kitchen remodel is a life saver for you, gives you more to think about! I will say, you are going to have the most beautiful kitchen, so excited to see it finished!
    I know what a pain it is dealing with all the mess but, just think about the end results.
    Take care, beautiful lady!

  12. I know you're happy to be almost finished with radiation, sweet Linda. It's so nice that you've had a distraction with your kitchen project. It's going to be so wonderful when it's finished. Sir Dante and Mom are adorable. xo

  13. Linda... Your kitchen project is going to be so much fun to follow. I say a prayer for you every day.

  14. The kitchen is just going to be gorgeous! You are making so many fabulous choices, I can hardly wait!LOVE that sink!
    I so glad you are almost done with your treatments, God is good!
    Blessings to you,

  15. I really love that kitchen with the white cabinets! It's going to be gorgeous when you're done.

    That's wonderful you're almost done with your treatments. You should do something to celebrate when they're complete.

  16. Love your kitchen!! Love that your treatments are nearly over even MORE!! I think it's a wonderful thing to have this kitchen design going on while you have been going through this trial with your health. Keeps your mind busy with GOOD things and it's always nice to have something to look forward to. Continued prayers as you continue to grow healthier!!

  17. Love that you are almost finished with radiation Linda. Sir Dante and kitchen project were a nice distraction. Can't wait to see the finished project. xo

  18. Linda, Your kitchen is going to be beautiful and so functional. I love the fact that the salesman is also a chef!
    Three more treatments...thank goodness that you are almost finished so you can be on the mend and focusing on the nicer times ahead, far away from radiation oncology.
    Prayers for you my friend!

  19. I'm so happy you'll be completing the radiation treatments soon! It was fun to read about your kitchen plans and look at the pictures, trying to imagine what it will look like when it's finished. You've given such attention to details that I'm sure will make this kitchen a dream to cook in. Sir Dante and Mom are gorgeous!

  20. 3 more weeks! you got this girl!!!! the kitchen is looking good! : )

  21. Your kitchen is going to be so gorgeous Linda! I can hardly wait to see the results of all your great planning. The wall of cabinets are more than perfect - love the variation in the stagger you've created.

    Prayers and blessings to you as you finish your last radiation treatments. My SIL just went back to her home after being with us for 4 months while going through chemo and then pancreatic surgery to remove a tumor from her pancreas. The drs say she is now cancer free and we are truly rejoicing and thanking God!!

    Hugs & blessings, Edie Marie

  22. Glad for you that your treatments are almost over! Your kitchen will be lovely, love what you have shown, but my favorite picture is of Sir Dante and Mom! Such little sweeties!

  23. OMG you have schnauzers!! I officially love you now. :) Following back! We have one schnauzer named Eddie and he's the dog of our life! He doesn't play well with other dogs, but I would love to consider multiple schnauzers in the (FAR) future! I've only done a little cruising on your blog so far, but I saw that you're a cancer survivor. Kudos! My mom is as well. I wish you all the best. Looking forward to getting to know you better!


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