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Tales Of The Traveling Tote #38

Hello friends, it's time for another adventure of the Traveling Tote.This winter we have had lots of rain and I am so thankful for it.  Those days, it's best to stay inside and remain cozy and warm.

We really didn't travel  in January.  February, Jain, from A Quiet Life Blog talked us into going over to Dillon Beach and see the amazing Elephant seals  at Drake's Beach and their pups. Jain and Scott have a lovely beach house in Dillon Beach. 

The drive was beautiful once we got in the hills.  It is about a 3 hour drive. Rolling hills of mustard were a lovely surprise.When we arrived at their beach house, they had a delicious meal waiting for us.
Jain and Scott had stopped at Lombardi's Deli on Petaluma for ribs and some sides. They drove separately because they had their two dogs, Katie and Rosie.

After lunch we walked around their beach property and snapped a few photos.  The storm with the horrible winds really created havoc at their beach house.

Excuse my messy hair.  It was a windy day.

After lunch and  photo session, Scott drove us all over to Point Reyes to see the Elephant seals. We snapped photos of the mamas and their babies.  We couldn't get too close because they had the area roped off.
The seals haul out on beaches from December through March for the birthing and mating season.
The males are the first to arrive in December.  They need to stake out a claim on the beach they want to dominate. Pregnant females arrive son after to give birth to a single pup. It is is very rare to have twins.
When we arrived we were told there was 95 pups.
A video of the seals.
We drove over to the lighthouse to try to get a better view.  There was a seal resting after a battle.

The next day Paul and I explored Bodega Bay and captured a few moments.  Charlie Brown happened to be near by so Miss Lola jumped at the chance.


A fishing boat at Bodega Bay.

Miss Lola wanted another pic near a harbor.

Paul had some fun being a crab.

The next day the four of us ate lunch at  Drake's Sonoma Coast.  I believe it is the place to go for Breakfast or dinner. Jain and I both ordered the Dungeness crab roll with sauce gribiche on a brioche roll.  We did not know what gribiche meant. It turns out it is cold egg sauce in French cuisine.  Tasted like egg  salad on top of the crab, served cold. The menu was limited and I was craving some clam chowder soup.
It rained the next two days.A nice getaway  for a change.
Be sure to leave a comment on Debbie's blog, Mountain Breaths for a chance to win this “To go tote.”. I hope you visit the other tote gals to see where their travels took them.

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 Stay tuned for our next adventure - June 1st.

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  1. How exciting to see the amazing Elephant seals and their pups at Drake's Beach. Something new for Miss Lola to explore! I visited Bodega Bay and the lighthouse many years ago. Tell Paul that Joe and I think he looks great as a crab. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Such a fun outing and beautiful field of mustard. I saw those awesome shots of the seals on Jain’s blog, it must have been great fun to see them in person. You always look like a fashionista, even in the rain. 😊

  3. What a fun getaway - the first time I saw so manny seals was in San Francisco on the piers - so many of them.....we see them often on Cape Cod on the National seashore, especially after dinner, dancing and entertaining us in the calm waters! Cute photo of you and Paul under the umbrella!

  4. Oh I was smiling the entire time, loved revisiting your visit! So many darling photos and fun Memories, so happy to see miss Lola out and about!

  5. Those elephant seals were worth the trip!

  6. I like your fun hair:) Natural and pretty..Those seals though:) What an experience..and here's a toast to your lovely friendship!

  7. Oh Linda, what a wonderful getaway! I can't think of Bodega Bay without thinking of The Birds! It looks charming and I would absolutely love seeing the seals in person. They are such wonderful creatures. All that and ribs -- looks divine!

  8. What a fun trip to Jain & Scott's house on the Sonoma coast! The elephant seals are quite a sight, and I enjoyed reading about their mating season. A great winter getaway where the weather doesn't matter because you're having fun with friends!

  9. Always love seeing where you girls go with your totes. Happy Friday. Hugs. Kris @ Junk Chic Cottage.

  10. Oh Linda, looks like a fun visit to be with friends. Your friends had a delicious meal for your arrival, the ribs must have been yummy. Love the darling pic of you in from of the beach house. How interesting to visit and see the seals and their pups there. Cute pic of Miss Lola and Charlie Brown. I'm sure it was fun exploring there. Love seeing the pic of you and Paul in the rain. Happy March Linda.......

  11. Fun to see the seals. Looks like you had a good visit with your friends. It looks like the rain did not dampen your day.

  12. You always look pretty no matter if your hair is messy or not, Linda. Those seals must be something to see and worth visiting. It’s nice that you and Jain can do fun things together along with your hubbies.

  13. Linda, what a fun time with Jain and Scott. The elephant seals are amazing. Looks like a great get-away and the rain didn’t stop you! Happy March! I am showing anonymous, this is Pam from Everyday Living!

  14. Linda, that certainly looks like a fun get away. I remember watching the seals and sea lions along the CA coast. The elephant seals and their babies are amazing. I think Paul is pretty amazing as a crab! Glad you and Paul are such good friends with Jain and Scott. Looks like the four of you have a good time together.

  15. Haha I didn’t even recognize you with the wind blowing! The second shot I could see you beautiful face. Looks like a fun getaway. The seals are so huge. I love that the males stake a claim. Your umbrella is so cute. I always forget to get mine out.

  16. What a fun adventure your travelin' tote made to Bodega Bay! I have always wanted to go there. Those elephant seals are so fat and lazy - so so cute. I wonder how your fella would feel about you calling him a crab. Just saying. LOL. Love your gorgeous tote. You look pretty sassy, ma'am! Glad you had a nice time in spite of the 2 rainy days. Who wouldn't with a gorgeous umbrella such as that, right?? :-)

  17. Linda, sounds like you had a great time. You look so cute along with Miss Lola in your matching outfits. Glad you had fun and thanks so much for including my post this week..xxoJudy

  18. Of course one of my favorite features you do is the Tales of the Traveling Tote. I always love these posts. Those seals are amazing. I have seen them in zoos and they are fascinating to watch....especially the babies. Going to sign up for the giveaway. Would love to win that MC tote! Have a great week, Linda!

  19. What a great winter getaway, Linda. You & Paul look especially adorable in that last photo with the umbrella! I think it's so nice that Scott and Jain have become good friends with you guys. I didn't realize they actually had a beach house in Dillon Beach. Those golden fields are beautiful along the way. I know you've been busy at home now, with all the water the gardens are bursting, and I look forward to all your posts. Happy March.

  20. A nice getaway and what an opportunity to see the seal pups at the same time time. Karen (Back Road Journal)

  21. That sounds like a fun getaway; we went to see some harbor seals in 2022 that were stopping to rest in the spring in Newport Rhode Island before heading up to Maine and having their pups there.

  22. Linda, what a wonderful getaway with Jain and the hubbies. It looks like you all had a great time. I enjoyed seeing the seals and such great photos.

  23. OMGOODNESS, Linda, you are so precious in your outfit, and your messy hair is beautiful! What a fun beach trip to see the seals. I enjoyed seeing all the photos. I want to apologize for missing this time. Thanks for being such a great blog friend!


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