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Tales of The Traveling Tote #37

The Tales of The Traveling Tote is about the adventures of 10 ladies who each have a Mackenzie Child's large tote, like Santa is holding, whom we all have named and sharing our travels.  We also offer a fabulous MacKenzie-Childs giveaway every 3 months. Our giveaway is featured at the bottom of this post. You can view my previous posts Here.

In September, Paul bought tickets for the three of us (Paul, Jason and I) to see Brick Fest in Sacramento. Lego lovers rejoice!
A fun event, especially for kids.
They featured life sized characters. I cannot express my amazement of these wonderful structures.  Miss Lola had to have her photo taken.

These Starship Troopers were a little surprised when I asked them to hold Miss Lola...ha ha. After Brick Fest, we visited Crawdads on The River.  A wonderful restaurant on the Sacramento River. You can sit and watch all of the boats cruise by.
Miss Lola really gets around.
The food was fabulous!  We ordered cocktails to start with.
In October Jain- A Quiet Life Blog, her husband Scott and Paul and I rode the rail bikes in Amador, Ca. Such a fun adventure. It is Rail Explorers.

The four of us pedaled our way down the tracks on their "Quad Explorer." the 'Cadillac' of their fleet.

With 4 seats and 4 sets of pedals, this is ideal for families or groups of friends. At 10 feet long, and weighing in at over 750 lbs, when the quad gets going it doesn't want to stop. Not everyone has to pedal - in fact it is possible for 2 people to enjoy a ride on the Quad Explorer or for 2 to pedal and 2 others get a free ride!
Rail Explorers have developed the 'REX PROPULSION SYSTEM'. A custom built electric assist motor that makes the experience truly effortless, even when climbing the steepest of inclines.  They do have 1 brake one of the riders is in control of.  They want everyone to maintain some distance between railbikes. There were a few roads we crossed, so the brake is needed. The railroad signs are flashing and the bells are ringing and a few of the employees guide across the road.

They have different locations. Amador, CA  - Blue Grass. KY - Cooperstown, NY -The Catskills. NY and Rhode Island. Tour duration is 2 hours total with a 15 minute break.  Jain and Scott packed a charcuterie basket with champagne for our break. He's a video.

In October I visited Halloween spirit store for some fun photos.
My son Jason and I walked around. So many fun costumes.
We always visit Pottery world.  They have gorgeous Christmas displays.  Jain and Scott treated us all to breakfast. We explored the whole store, inside and out. I bought a darling church  that lights up and new champagne flutes.

Jain and I have become great friends.  Isn't it great when bloggers get to meet in real life and see each because we live close to one another. Fun times with Jain and Scott with fabulous charcuterie and hot tubbing. They have stunning views.  We sip champagne and nibble on small bites while taking in the beautiful view.
Thanksgiving was celebrated with Paul, my son Jason, myself and Jain and Scott.
Here I am checking on the sides for our Thanksgiving dinner.
Jain brought these fabulous florals from her garden plus dessert.  Yummy pumpkin pie, cookies and a gingerbread cake roll.  They also brought a bottle of bubbly to enjoy.

I hope you visit these tote gals to see where their travels took them, whether near or far.  Make sure to leave a comment on Ricki Jill's blog, The Bookish Dilettante  for a chance to win this Scented Disc.

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Stay tuned for our next adventure March 1, 2024

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  1. Miss Lola has a real talent for always being in the middle of fun things and fun times!

  2. Linda, I think it’s so wonderful you and Jain are so close by and are able to socialize, along with your hubbys. Jain is a fantastic cook and multi-talented! I would need a staff to do everything she does in her gardens. The Rail Explorers looks like a fun adventure and I know her fall lunch and your Thanksgiving meal were both delicious. Merry December! 🎄

  3. Your tote certainly enjoyed autumn! So happy that you have developed a friendship with another blogger - its so exciting how this format has connected so many people! The railway ride looks like so much fun - did it have brakes??? We have a similar railway in the Adirondacks and i have always wanted to try it. Your tables always look so inviting a pretty, and Jane's flowers are amazing. Wishing you and Paul a Happy Holiday season!

  4. Oh Lola lives the good life, so fun to see your travels! Its been great fun getting to know you both and very fun to see our adventures photographed. Thank you for our friendship, I look forward to a future adventures and dare I say more food?!

  5. You have had a fun filled fall Linda! The lego event must have been amazing, all of my grands adore legos. The Spirit store looked amazing also, what a fun Halloween visit. It's so nice that you and Jain and your husbands are such good friends, how nice to spend Thanksgiving together. Charcuterie, champagne and a hot tub sounds great to me! I wish you a very Merry December!

  6. I'm always amazed at how people can build so many beautiful things with legos! I bet that was a fun field trip. I enjoyed your video of the Rail Explorers Adventure. I would love that. I giggled at Patti's question about the brakes because I thought the same thing! I'd love to do that in Cooperstown, NY. I love baseball, so that might be a great trip for us. Happy December! Advent begins today...yikes! I will not panic, lol!

  7. I love all your adventures with Miss Lola. Love the stormtroopers holding onto her to funny! Happy Friday and first day of Advent. Hugs. Kris

  8. Linda, you and Miss Lola do have fun together! I was all about the legos when our grandson Connor was younger so know that was a fun time! I know for a fact it is wonderful to meet and get to know bloggers. They do become special friends as you know. I know we would love the Rail Explorers Adventure. We've been on a few of those over the years. Wishing you and Paul and a wonderful December........

  9. Linda, the LEGO Event was amazing. You and Paul are having way too much fun with Jain and Scott, so glad you all have become wonderful friends! You had a busy fall, but it looks like it was fabulous!

  10. Linda, your quarterly activities really looked so fun. Having Jason perhaps prompted a fun fest at the Lego show (the photo with the Troopers cracked me up), and having a friendship with Jain and Scott and really enriched all your lives, I can tell. All the food among the flowers with toasts for each really makes for memorable occasions. That railcar looked fun! We have an outfitter only about an hour away from us that also has those. We haven't tried it, but other family members have and it looked like a lot of fun. Love the Nutcracker at Pottery World, and you looked fabulous as Thanksgiving hostess! Jain's flowers were gorgeous. What a way to kick off the holiday season!

  11. The Lego visit was amazing...the train looks like fun..Thanks for taking us along on your adventures..Great picture of you at the oven...Enjoy your weekend...

  12. Miss Lola certainly had an interesting fall...and there's a Rail Explorers close to where I went to college! Next time I attend an alumni weekend, I'll have to pop in for a ride. It looks like tons of fun!!

  13. Linda, all your outings look like fun! I bet the rail ride was exciting. I remember Monnie and I took the Skunk Train out of Fort Bragg up into the redwood forest in the 1980s. Riding the rails is scenic and fun. Glad you and Jain have become good friends. Even better that you are couple friends! Happy Holidays!

  14. Linda what fun you've had. We have a similar railway in the Adirondacks, and Joe and I have rode it twice. Joe and I were the in the first rail car, and I was pedaling so hard that it was exhausting. I knew something was not right, so I started checking things out and Joe had the brake on. LOL The Lego exhibit looks amazing! Great picture of you at the oven, and glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. That's great that Jain and Scott are enjoying adventures with you and Paul. Wishing you a Happy Holiday season!

  15. You have definitely been having the best time -- and getting around, too! Your rail ride excursion looks especially fun. I've never done something like that and it looks like a great day. All the better when you are enjoying it with good friends or family. It's hard to believe all those statues are done with legos!

  16. The rail bike looks like so much fun. We have something similar here that is on my list of things to do!

  17. Why does my mouth salivate so much when I see everyone's travel food photos?!!! Looks like you had some amazing travels. Those Lego figures are unbelievable. I can't even imagine putting one of those together! The rail ride looks amazing and so unusual. Thanks for taking us along!

  18. Wow, Miss Lola is a busy gal! Glad you and Jain and Scott have become good friends. How cool is that!

  19. Wow, you and Miss Lola had quite the adventures this Fall, Linda! How nice that you and Jain have become good friends. Now onto the busy Christmas season!

  20. What a fabulous series of adventures! You are the second blogger I've seen who tried one of those rail explorer adventures; they look so fun.

  21. Linda, you and miss Lola got around to a lot of adventures this past fall. I enjoyed reading and looking at all of the photos.


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