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A Review of iTeaworld

Through the ages, tea has been a sense of comfort and contentment for people all over the world.
This is my review of the Classic Tea selection from iTeaworld which was given to me for my sincere honest review.

This is what I received.  One box for tasting 8 Classic Chinese Oolong Tea and Black Tea. The packaging is lovely  with samples vacuum sealed. The teas retain their lovely aroma and are free from moisture. 
The packaging is lovely.  They insist on using eco-friendly packages that can be recycled. They also use soy based inks for packaging. 

You can see the different colors of the tea I steeped.  How to prepare Chinese traditional tea. The Gongfu method is a traditional way of preparing Chinese tea.  Most use a gaiwan, a small teacup with a cover. I used this method for tasting the Ooblong Chinese tea. 
Gaiwan purchased from Amazon.

OOLONG TEA- The instructions are on the back of each package.

 Fenghuan Dancong  was the first tea I tried.  The package says this tea comes from trees that are older than 100 years.  It has a flowery aroma. and a plummy flavor. It is one of the sweetest teas with a relatively high caffeine.  

DahongPao  tasted similar to the Fenghuan Dancong tea with a fruity peach aroma. It is one of the oldest teas.

Tie Guanyin has a clean and refreshing tea aroma. It is rich in antioxidants and is also know for numerous health benefits. It is a delicate tea  with a slighty floral taste.

Minnan Narcissus is somewhat of as smoky and earthy taste.  Usually appreciated by the ladies.

Souchong Black Tea has a distinctive smoky aroma and flavor.

Yunnan Black Tea is the strongest tasting tea in China. It has a bright orange color and a honey aroma. The caffeine level is medium.  It also has is full bodied, but mellow and smooth taste. 

Yinge Black Tea has some sweetness and depth and Cacoa notes.  It is also one of the three major black teas in china.

Wild Souchong Black Tea is the oldest black tea. Heated with ​Chinese Red Pine in the withering phase then smoked with aged Chinese Red Pine wood in the drying phase. The unique aroma of smoky pine and longan.  I usually add sugar or cream to some of my teas.

I  enjoyed my tasting from iTeaworld.  Depending on your mood, choosing an OOlong tea or black tea can make your desision.  You can

This review is from my very own perspective and tastings.  I hope it helps you make a decision about Chinese tea. It was a lovely experience to taste 8 different Chinese teas.

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  1. Such fun! Thanks, Linda.

  2. The teas sound pretty delicious. Have a great rest of the week Linda. Hugs. Kris

  3. My daughter is a huge tea drinker. I think she'd love them all!

  4. A lovely description of them all. I think they're making the blogger rounds! They came to me, too -- I declined just because I have so much tea I'll never drink already! Your photos are always so nice!

  5. I have been the recipient of tea gifts and what a treat! You made them proud..Love all your accoutrements too..been reading black tea is so good for us:)

  6. Nice review..Not a tea drinker..wish I liked it..

  7. I am a tea drinker and will need to check them out!

  8. What a fun experiment to try all these different teas, Linda!

  9. Linda, what a fun and nice way to try out the tea. The tea looks nice and I bet tastes great. I love that clear tea pot.


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