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A Makeover For Our Waterfall

This is how our waterfall looked before the makeover. This photo was taken years ago.

Old waterfall with beautiful baskets of flowers. There is something soothing about the sound of running water.  This waterfall is right off our family room.  In spring and summer, we often open the windows to hear the lovely sounds. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and the frogs are croaking.

This is what the old waterfall looked like just before the makeover.  It looks like a lot of rocks just lying there, no definition. It has a major leak and the liner had holes.  The liner was also too short on each side.
The crew is working hard to give this waterfall a facelift.

The makeover is more pronounced with larger boulders and also a pool at the bottom of the cascading water. I want to add more plants and flowers. I cut back the sago, because it was in the way of the rebuild. In time more flowers will open and everything will look more tropical.

Here you can see the pooling effect, which we did not have before.

A video I took of the newly made over waterfall.

We hired Paul from American River Waterscapes to rebuild our waterfall.  Paul and his crew took out everything and rebuilt the waterfall.

Here is an older photos of the side yard with  more plants in bloom.  The elephant's ear was my Mom's.
Sometimes it just takes time for the garden to prosper and show it's true beauty.

Happy first day of May.  Happy May Day!

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  1. AnonymousMay 01, 2023

    It looks great. Big improvement are used to do some things with ponds and waterfalls. I miss my pond. Enjoy!

  2. AnonymousMay 01, 2023

    Hello, Linda, Love the new waterfall and that sound is so relaxing and it is just beautiful with all the plant's and flower's what a nice treat for Mother's Day and alway's such a beautiful home you can feel the cozy and warm feeling's just looking at all that you and Paul have. Happy May to you~~~~Alway's, Jean~~~~

  3. Hello Linda, this is my first visit to your space, I loved it.
    The transformation of the waterfall looks ideal, and with the expectation of evolving. Fantastic.
    Happy week from Spain. 😘

  4. Just beautiful Linda! I know you must enjoy listening the sound of the water, so soothing. Love how your wisteria hangs over it too. Happy May. ♥

  5. Happy May Linda! The transformation of the waterfall, and th lovely wisteria is fantastic.

  6. What an absolute haven. And it's beautiful. Oh, the sound of that running water. Do you live out there? I think I would!

  7. Looks lovely - Your yard is amazing!

  8. I love renos:) A fresh start.. an adventure.I prefer outdoors lol.Looks beautiful!

  9. Your waterfall was beautiful before, but wow, what a fabulous transformation!!

  10. So pretty Linda! I had no idea there was such a thing as a Waterscape business! The sound is lovely~ you truly do have a tropical paradise in your yard! Happy May!

  11. Yes, a much more dramatic waterfall effect! Lovely! -- both visually and aurally!

  12. Linda this is so fabulous. I love the sound of a waterfall. I think your backyard of your beautiful home is like a spa resort. I wish I lived closer and would make your backyard a sweet get a way destination lol! Have a great new week ahead. xoxo Kris

  13. Another gorgeous creation, Linda! Your garden is spectacular with the newly enlarged waterfall! Well done!

  14. beautiful Linda...we have the sound of water in both front and back and courtyard and you are right it is so soothing! thanks or sharing. Kari

  15. OH that looks fabulous! I love the sound of running water.

  16. The waterfall looks so nice and how nice to hear the sounds of water. They did a great job! Have a happy May Linda.

  17. Hi Linda,

    Your waterfall re-do looks beautiful!! The modifications really did make a difference, and it has more definition now. That wisteria hanging above the fall is breathtaking, and I love the foxgloves growing along the side. Just a pretty and peaceful spot. :) I would love to have some kind of water feature here -- maybe one day.

    Thanks for sharing, Linda, and have a great week!



  18. Oh that turned out beautiful! They did a great job on the water flow and the stones. You have a tropical paradise there!

  19. Linda, that's gorgeous! I happen to be one who appreciates large boulders for a number of uses, and those are great. I bet they took two men to carry and place. The waterfall video is definitely soothing. I know.yourw going to enjoy this!

  20. Oh, Linda! This is just lovely! I am so happy you included a video, so we could hear it. It is so soothing, and I think I would spend many hours out there praying beside it. You are such a blessing, sweet friend.

  21. That is truly outstanding, Linda. What a beautiful update to your already stunning yard. There's nothing like the sound of water...Enjoy!!


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