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Our Dreamy Wisteria

Our wisteria is fantastic this year.  The side yard has some beautiful full blooms. I am using my Butterfly Madam for a vessel filling it with wisteria, rosemary, and  lavender.

This table is off our study with a lovely covered patio

I am allowing the wisteria to shine.  I wish I had scratch and sniff, because these blooms are so sweet.

Green cabbage placemats blend in beautifully with this tablecloth.  Lavender id in bloom now, so I am using my lavender bee plates.  The bees are bussing around like crazy.
This patio off our study is so lovely with the sounds of running water.

These blooms are spectacular this year. lovely.  This week, the weather is wonderful.  Opening our windows, we can smell the wisteria's beautiful fragrance.

  This view is what we see from our family room.  The newly refreshed waterfall is ahead.  I shall be sharing it soon.

Our side yard has a wonderful paved path to the gate.

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  1. Linda, that must be so nice sitting outside of your study. I love the gorgeous table setting and pretty vessel holding the flowers. I can't wait to see the refreshed waterfall. Enjoy the end of the week and weekend.

  2. I was driving back from a dentist appointment this morning and passed a Wisteria that had to be 20 ft across.It was gorgeous..It had to be pretty old..
    Lovely table..Enjoy the rest of your week..

  3. What gorgeous wisteria. The purple theme is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  4. Linda omg how beautiful and I bet the fragrance is amazing. Dreamy for sure. Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend. Hugs. Kris

  5. OMG that wisteria is gorgeous! Love the bee plates too!

  6. Hi Linda, my sweet friend! I am almost back in Bloggerland ;O)
    Your Wisteria really is a dream! I LOVE IT! And I love the pot, and I love the table setting!
    Hope you are well!
    Lots of Love,

  7. Oh my, how gorgeous Linda! Breathtaking!!

  8. Oh my gosh, so intensely beautiful in color! I do wish I could smell it, but I can imagine it.

  9. Dreamy is a wonderful word to describe your wisteria -- but you're selling it short! It's far beyond dreamy. So many adjectives... the usual ones like beautiful, stunning; then there is ethereal and magical. It's perfection in your wonderful bust vessel -- it looks like a hat you'd see at Ascot!

  10. Wow, those flowers are just outstanding. I love the way you have them displayed, too. That head vase is the perfect way to show them off!

  11. Hello Linda, your table is so pretty. I love everything about it, especially the all the purples, which is my favorite color. The lady statue spoke to me as well. I used to have one just like that, but with the last move, I had to leave all my heavy statues behind. Looks like Spring has arrived in your area, with all your plants looking green and flowers blossoming. Here, in the mountains, we had lots of snow, and it's just starting to warm up. Your wisteria is beautiful. Although, I heard it was poisonous, so be careful when using it for table settings. Not sure if that's true or not.

    Wishing you lovely Spring days, Linda.


  12. Oh my, Linda! Your wisteria is absolutely gorgeous! Love your Butterfly Madam filled with wisteria, lavender and rosemary, too! And you know I'm a sucker for all the purple accessories you used. It's quite an amazing display!!!

  13. You must look forward to it every year.I have never ever seen such a lush one:) Gorgeous.

  14. Oh Linda, this setting is so lovely. I love your beautiful wisteria and how it grows in your gardens. We have not had luck growing it in our yard. The table looks so pretty and Butterfly Madam is gorgeous with her flowering hair. The dishes are so pretty along with the tablecloth. Even though you couldn't use the setting it's so lovely to enjoy. Happy weekend........

  15. Linda, the wisteria is breathtaking! I can imagine its lovely fragrance. I love your table and it is a beautiful spot to relax!

  16. I adore that centerpiece!

  17. Oh my Linda that’s a beautiful setting and table!

  18. SO dreamy! I drool every time you show pictures of your wisteria!

  19. Linda, Your Wisteria is gorgeous!! it would be wonderful to have that scratch and sniff you mentioned, but I can almost smell it from looking at the beautiful pictures. Your tablescape is amazing - the lavender and bee plates bring everything together perfectly as does the tablecloth. Love all the items!!! - Patty


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