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Tales of The Traveling Tote #34

Hello friends, time for another Tales of The Traveling Tote.  Unfortunately, Paul and I haven't traveled anywhere.  We do have a trip planned to go to Kauai. I will be sharing photos from that trip in June.
It's been very cold the last few days with rain. I welcome the rain since in the past, California has had many fires. The power has also gone out.  Thankfully we now have a generator.

My necessary rain gear from Mackenzie Childs. Gotta love cute when it is raining!

Christmas, we made changes to our living room.  I added cream curtains,  white pillows. removed the two dark chairs. removed the rug, and and replaced the entertainment center so we could add a large tv.
It was room we hardly ever sat in.  Now, we enjoy this room every night.

 Miss Lola was happy to pose for a photo by the Christmas tree.

Valentines was very special with flowers and chocolates.

My forever roses Paul gifted me.  It's amazing how long they last. Glam Fleur’s arrangements use preserved roses which can last for up to two years and longer. 

You don’t need to water them or give them sunlight. Just keep them in a slightly cool and dry spot in your home, away from dust. With minimal care, you can enjoy your Glam Fleur preserved roses for a very long time. I think I have three different bouquets now.

Paul and I stopped by Pottery World.  This is a cute VW bar with Miss Lola.

My husband's idea for a title for the above photo.

Our daffodils are blooming. I keep saying I need to plant more. Now that we have a gated entry, I think more daffodils are needed.

A few days ago, we actually got snow.  I took Miss Lola out for a few photos. The snow didn't last long.

The hummers were out.  These little critters are such a joy.  They are here year round.  A snow covered path to the little cottage. It's  kind of rare to have snow here.

It's almost spring time. Here's a chance of winning this darling Mackenzie Child's luggage tag.
To enter, just visit Rita's blog Panoply and leave a comment.  Good luck!

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Our next adventure is June 1st.

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  1. Glad you and Paul have a trip planned to go to Kauai. I have been following the California snow through friends and family that live there. It does look pretty :-) I miss our hummingbirds, but they usually return around Mother's Day. That VW bus bar is so cute, and all the changes you made in your home look great.

  2. You have something to look forward to with your Kauai trip coming up. Your LR makeover looks so pretty, Linda. How lucky that you get hummingbirds year round. I gave my feeder to my youngest son to take to their Colorado home since I never saw any.

  3. Wow you guys got some snow!!! The weather across the country has been to weird for all of us. We are unseasonably warm which I will not complain when we have these days. Kauai will be wonderful. Hugs. Kris

  4. Living room looks great! I love that VW bar:) Too cute.. conversation piece for certain.Fun trip soon:)Enjoy!The snow fell in Provence too!

  5. You have definitely had some extreme weather lately, and snow wow! That's the perfect kind of snow to me, it looks pretty but goes away fast! So glad you got a generator, I had one installed last year and it's heaven, it kicks on seconds after the power goes out! I know you're enjoying your living room makeover, it looks so pretty! The Glam Fleur roses are so beautiful, that's crazy that they last so long~A trip to Kauai sounds dreamy, can't wait to see photos of that! Happy March Linda and enjoy your next adventures!

  6. Miss Lola sure gets around, even at home and locally! Those forever roses are very cool.

  7. Linda, we've been home bodies as well, and I know you look forward to the Hawaii get away in June. I'm happy you are receiving the much needed moisture, but this recent snow storm hitting much of CA is scary. Love seeing all your pretty details. Yes, plant more daffodils!!!

  8. Linda, I thought about you and Paul when I saw the weather report for CA. Wow, you had snow on your palm trees! I see you and Miss Lola enjoyed it if only for a short time. I love the living room makeover, it's lovely and such a beautiful space to spend your evenings. The preserved roses are beautiful and it's wonderful how long they last. The daffodils are gorgeous by the gate and they should multiply and fill the space even if you don't plant more. Happy March dear Linda.......

  9. Awww, the sight of daffodils - I can't wait for ours to bloom! BUT we are still getting snow, enough to shovel!! Your living room is so bright and welcoming, what a nice makeover!! I have a friend who received preserved roses, too - so pretty and what a great hubby you have (and a clever one, too!). Looking forward to your next travel to Hawaii - we are heading to Jamaica! Thanks for sharing your winter with us!

  10. Thanks for sharing the snow photos. It looks so funny seeing palm trees with snow on them! Your living room s so pretty. Y'all did a great job with the makeover! Linda, I think you need the VW bar: It's so cute! I'm sure you could find a spot for it *giggles* I also enjoy seeing your seasonal decor. Your home is gorgeous! I hope that California continues to thaw for the little hummingbirds. :D

  11. I can't believe your snow! That is so crazy. I love that Miss Lola got to go out and play in the snow. I know you guys have had so much rain and then it comes to us and we have had so much snow. I hope the reservoirs get filled back up this year.
    Such a fresh makeover on your living room. I love it. Of the whole MC group we are always the last to have spring blossoms! Enjoy those beauties. Can't wait to hear about your trip to Hawaii! We haven't been since well before Covid - missing beautiful Hawaii.

  12. Your living room makeover looks great..nice change..Yes, your weather has been more like ours except you may have had more snow..We've had a very mild winter...so far!! Hope you are having a good week..

  13. Linda, your living room looks wonderful and now you are enjoying using it. Your weather has been extreme. Happy March!

  14. You've had a busy few months! And I bet Miss Lola will love Hawaii. I love seeing your early spring, though I know the weather has thrown a bit of a spanner into that out where you are! Always such gorgeous images!

  15. Okay, California wins the award for the weirdest weather of all the US this winter! Those poor hummingbirds probably didn't know what hit them! Still, your property shines, no matter the weather. Love daffodils, and just like checks, I don't think you can ever have too many! That WV bus bar is pretty darn cute, and Paul's title for the photo is adorable. I love it when the guys chime in on our fun. You did a great job in your living room. Home is all about enjoying it, and I'm glad you guys now get use out of that space. I know you can't wait for the trip to Kauai. I'll be looking forward to those photos in June. Happy March, Linda!

  16. I heard about your snow! That's crazy. My girls were in LA a few weeks ago and it was 80 degrees. This week, their friends were sending them photos of hail and snowflakes. My goodness that's quite a swing!! Love your rain gear and I bet it looks just as good in the snow!!

  17. I'm glad that you didn't get a lot of snow or damage to your house Linda. How exciting to look forward to your trip to Hawaii and I can't wait to hear all about your trip.

  18. Me encanta el cambio que le has dado a tu sala de estar, se ve mucho más confortable y liviano. No conozco ese tipo de rosas, es fantástico que duren tanto y con tan pocos cuidados. Los narcisos son una de mis flores preferidas, lástima que duren tan poco. ¡Qué bien que os haya llovido!, aquí tenemos una sequía más que preocupante. un beso

  19. Oh I can't wait to hear all about your trip to Hawaii! Those poor hummingbirds must have been so confused- we get hummingbirds here too but only in late spring through early fall so it's usually warm and not snowy here by then.

  20. Snow in California! I've heard that it's been unusually cold. On the east coast, it's been a pretty mild winter with hardly any snow.


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