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Pavilion turned Small Cottage

Hello friends , sorry we have been busy, mostly my husband. My handy husband is busy everyday building this small space. I am pretty sure my youngest son Jason will be living here.

Our little cottage is coming along.  My husband Paul is building it himself. He tells everyone I am the supervisor.

This particular day the skies are so pretty and blue.

There is a path to this building, complete with landscape lighting. It is surrounded by large rocks.  The squirrels have made their home under the rocks.

The framing is taken place.  There will be 3 windows.

Here is a  rough framed window opening. A view of the sand volleyball court.

Our new driveway is all finished. We are waiting for the wrought iron fencing to be installed next week.  The gate and the fencing were bought on an online auction.

I am getting my dining room ready for the Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop on October 11th.  I am also hosting a Halloween Costume luncheon for the cloggers a little later in October.

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  1. That is fabulous Linda! Do squirrels nest in your trees also? I've never known them to nest under large rocks. Here they build huge nests in the highest, most outreaching limbs! Seems counterintuitive but they're everywhere. Love your graphic!

    1. Squirrels make a large and loose sunning "platform" to lounge around during the day. They build a second nest for sleeping. (I read somewhere.)

  2. Wow Linda! Paul is doing a great job and you’re an excellent supervisor. Jason will be very lucky to live there. I can’t wait to see it all finished.

  3. Linda your husband is very handy and the little space is looking so great. I am sure you make the best supervisor. Can't wait to see it done. xoxo Kris

  4. Is there nothing your husband can't do? I'm sure the little cottage will be fabulous when he is done!

  5. What a massive -- and wonderful -- project, Linda. Paul is a pretty amazing fellow to be doing this (and of course he has a great supervisor!). I bet it will be nice to have your son so close, too.

  6. How handy Paul is:) Im sure you will add all the lovely finishing touches..and I am sure you help along.A great place for your son:)

  7. How handy your hubby is Linda and what a great space for your son to live! I can't wait to see it completed. Happy Weekend. ♥

  8. It looks like Paul is doing a great job on the cottage and it'll be nice when your son is living there. How nice to be entertaining your friends for the luncheon. Enjoy the weekend Linda.

  9. You and your husband make a great DIY team, Linda. Every good handyman needs a creative supervisor! I can't wait to see how it turns out!! Happy Fall!

  10. Linda, the cottage is going to be amazing! I am sure you are an excellent supervisor. Happy Fall!

  11. That’s going to be so nice Linda! Paul is talented with construction! The cottage will be wonderful and forever a good addition to your property!

  12. Wow, how talented and skilled is your husband! I will be fun to have a family complex on your beautiful property!

  13. Linda, Paul is one talented and energetic guy. How nice to have this new cottage. I'm sure you will enjoy having your son close by, and he is certainly moving to a beautiful property. Happy Sunday!

  14. OH so busy! I can't wait to see it finished; I bet it's going to be just beautiful.

  15. I’m looking forward to seeing your cottage completed. Love your gate and an auction? Wow! I’d love to find a driveway gate for our home at auction. We keep looking for one. Have a happy week!

  16. Your hubby is one talented guy! Can't wait to see the finished cottage!

  17. Wow!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! That's going to be some kinda beautiful when it's done!!! And the fencing & fortunate to have found it online at an auction! I've never done that before. Cool!!!

    You and those cloggers! I'm sure that's going to be a fun time!


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