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Welcome Summer 2022

Happy summer everyone. I hope your summer is full of fun, BBQ's, outings and so much more.
The front of our house is full of green. 
 Japanese Maple, Sago palm and more.

The walkway down to the pool is surrounded by two arbors and Trumpet vines.  Both in yellow and apricot blooms.  St. John's Wort is  growing on the hillside.

My two little shadows who follow  me everywhere.  Today it is going to be hot, so we are having a swim day.

Lots of tropical cannas.
We bought this arched arbor from Costco years ago. It has the Passion vine plus Trumpet vine growing on it. I lined it with pillows and hanging flowers.

Our Pool Cabana.  I recently bought another umbrella to shade that side of the pool cabana. I have lots of dishes, glasses, bowls in the glass cabinets.  It is complete with a sink, dishwasher and a portable ice machine. A few years ago I bought the  Hawaiian Shaved Ice for the grands. I have lots of flavors to please all.

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We bought new cushions for our Frontgate Baleares Daybed.  Also new cushions for our chaise lounges. 

I love this daybed.  I can take it apart and use it for seating. It also has a canopy. Now we are set for a fun summer.
Bella Boo, which I end up calling her is relaxing.
Sir Dante is enjoying the new cushions.
 With our patio chairs reupholstered and a raised palapa, we are set for a fun summer.  My Granddaughter and family are coming toward the end of the month or the 4th of July weekend.  We are still getting estimates for the stone columns by our newly installed driveway gate. Enjoy your summer.

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  1. Linda, lush and green! You and Paul have created your own little paradise. Happy Summer!

  2. Your grounds are so incredibly beautiful, Linda! I'm jealous that you are able to enjoy sago palm year round! I'm not sure how they would fare here in the Midwest.🤔 I'd probably have to dig it up and bring it in every November until May as it gets so bitterly cold here with ice storms and such.🙄 But your outdoor living space is magnificent, and I love that old Costco arch. I don't think I ever saw those. I ADORE your cabana kitchen!!!! Oh, my gosh! That's nicer than my indoor regular kitchen!!!😂😁😁

  3. Hi Linda. Oh how I love your paradise you guys created. Just heaven. Glad you are enjoying and when your granddaughter and family come they are going to enjoy using the pool and beautiful grounds. xoxo Kris

  4. Oh, wow, wow, wow. I want to vacation at your resort! Not enough superlatives, Linda. It's simply fabulous.

  5. You are surrounded by such beauty! And that new daybed is super! Happy Summer Solstice!

  6. Looks like you have all the makings for a perfect place to entertain..Love your colors..

  7. Linda, your gardens are so lush and green. It looks like a five star resort. You and Paul are set for summer entertaining!

  8. Your granddaughter snd her family will be enjoying your private resort!! How fabulous everything looks, Linda! Thank you for sharing the amazing beauty with us.

  9. The grounds look beautiful and it looks like you are ready for some summer fun. Have fun when your granddaughter and family come for a visit.

  10. Your summer is looking spectacular already! I love your sweet dog and your kitchen rug, too!

  11. I would never leave your paradise Linda! Your dogs are adorable! I hope you are lounging and sipping a wonderful cocktail today!

  12. AnonymousJune 22, 2022

    So beautiful Linda! Your pups are so cute and the landscaping is wonderful. It’s like a resort in your back yard! The furniture looks so comfortable! Enjoy your summer!

  13. Your property and pool area are stunning - it looks like a resort! Love that arched arbor, and the daybed from Frontgate.

  14. It's a dog's life:) Everything looks so fresh and sparkly..I also love your watermark:)A resort for certain.Bravo!

  15. Linda, tienes un jardín maravilloso, supongo que os da mucho trabajo pero merece la pena, pronto llegará tu familia y espero que paseis un veranos sensacional. Un beso

  16. What a beautiful place to enjoy the summer, Linda! I love all the color and those sweet pups are too cute.

  17. What a gorgeous oasis you've created! I would spend every day there and get absolutely nothing done. Especially with such cute fur babies for company! Beautiful!

  18. Linda, looks like you are all set for a fun and gorgeous summer. What fun when you family shares it all with you. Your garden is so beautiful.. Stay cool and enjoy!..xxoJudy


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