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More Pool Projects

My handy husband Paul has built a gate between the pool house and the sand volleyball court. He added palm leaves panels, matching the outdoor shower enclosure, complete with pineapple finials.

The outdoor shower has privacy panels. No need for complete privacy since we are on 26 acres.  We cannot see any neighbors.

Here is the gate Paul built before the hardware was added.

The gate hardware is added. Now we can keep the dogs contained in the pool area.
I like to know where they are. Now when I am working around the pool area or relaxing, the Dante and  Bella are right where I can see them.

This is the back of the outdoor shower.  We wanted to match this look on the other side of the pool house.

Next up is the towel rack for the beach towels. I found a wave pattern online and Paul cut the board into waves.  He painted it and then attached the mermaid hooks.

We thought it would be cool to add some waves to the top. The towels are held by mermaids in all different colors.  When the Great Grandkids visit, they can pick a color.

Since Paul added waves to the towel bar, we decided they would look great on the outdoor hutch below the mermaid.

Paul says the hutch looks like a display case.  It works for that as well as a station for appetizers, etc.

 That's a wrap! Stay tuned for a Summer Tablescape Blog Hop on June 7th.

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  1. Your husband is creative and artistic just like you! Love both the gate and the mermaid beach towel rack! And I've always liked those privacy panels -- so decorative!

  2. Your pool area is quite fabulous, Linda! You and Paul have created the perfect vacation spot without ever leaving home!

  3. He's so you! Well done!!

  4. You are so lucky to have your own handyman! He is quite talented and clever. I love your mermaid towel holders - adorbs!!

  5. AnonymousJune 03, 2022

    Love it all but the waves and mermaids make it so special!

  6. Paul isn't just handy -- he's very artistic as well. What a talented fellow -- well done. You two are well matched and the pool are looks terrific!

  7. You are so lucky to have a talented and handy husband. You have such a huge property to take care of Linda. It all looks so beautiful and I know you and your grandkids will all enjoy the summer at the pool.

  8. Great little projects that add up to a big impact, each one!

  9. Linda, you and Paul are a creative duo. Love all the new additions!

  10. Nice to have a handy husband..Love the privacy panel and the towel hooks..You have a wonderful property..You've done a lot with it!!Enjoy your weekend..

  11. The mermaid towel bar is adorable, love the waves with the mermaid hooks. Adding the waves to the hutch was a cute idea.

  12. Linda, you and Paul both are so creative and talented. You make a great design team. Your pool area looks fabulous.........

  13. Looks great Linda. I love the mermaids.

  14. I just love all your mermaid decor and the waves look so good! Paul is very talented, your paradise just keeps getting more beautiful!

  15. You two make a great team, what a beautiful addition to your backyard resort! I can't imagine that anyone wants to leave when they come to your house! Enjoy!!

  16. Paul really is a wonder, Linda, but you are as well! You certainly have your very own private resort.

  17. Your husband is quite talented! It all looks wonderful, and your backyard is certainly a paradise!

  18. I really love the gate Paul made! He's very talented.


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