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Unhide Blogger Delete Button in Comments by Using Stylebot

You may have noticed the Delete button that used to be in your Blogger comments is gone.  Some blogs do show it, however quite a few are missing the delete button. I suppose I wasn't paying attention when Google Blogger got rid of it. I was looking at an old post and I noticed there were a lot of spam comments I missed.

No Delete button below.

Yesterday I was scrolling in my Comment  dashboard and was quite frustrated there was no easy way to find those old  spam comments.

I then stumbled upon an extension for Chrome that will show the Delete button on a particular post. I am using Chrome as my browser. Most browsers have extensions that allow your to edit the formatting. I am using Stylebot, it is FREE.
You can also use Stylebot with Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

  1. Install Stylebot from the Chrome web store.
  2. Navigate to your extensions, choose Stylebot, open it.
  3. Click Options
  4. Then click Styles
  5. Click Add a new style
 You can see how it looks before adding my post URL.

  I clicked to add a new style which was this particular post about my Faux Painted Garage Doors.
I added my URL  and then below that the cursor is blinking you add.  .item-control {display:initial;}

That is the formatting instructions.  click save. 
 Now open that post page and you will see your post with the delete button. Those comments are spam. Those spammers love adding their nasty spammy comments in your old posts.

Now you can click Delete and then you will see this:

I know it sounds complicated, however it is quite easy after you download Stylebot. You can do this to any  old post you have those awful spam comments and delete them forever instead of scrolling through all of those old comments.

For those who missed this post about Comments, Spam and Settings, you can read about it below.

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  1. I don't delete unwanted spam or comments by using the comment box itself. I go into my Blogger dashboard and delete them from the Comments area. Easy as pie -- just hit the little garbage can!

  2. This is really interesting, Linda. I still have the trash can for deleting but I'm saving this as who knows what will happen. I do delete comments from my blogger dashboard if needed.

  3. Thanks Linda! I still have my delete button, but it if disappears, now I know how to get it back. I moderate comments and I did notice yesterday that I wasn't receiving any notifications. I had to check my comments in dashboard to see the comments and approve them. I also noticed that my email was missing from the box that allowed comment notification/ approval. I had to set it up again...so I guess Glogger is making changes.

  4. Thank you Linda, my delete button is missing which I just figured out today. Always something new to learn.

  5. Thank you Linda for sharing this blogger tip.

  6. Thank you as always for important blogger info, Linda. I've been deleting spam content from my the Comments section of my blogger dashboard. So far, that still works.


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