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Is it Spring

Since the weather feels like spring, I have been working in the garden.  Trimming, cleaning, blowing off the patios, etc. The plum tree is full of blossoms.
One of my little garden helpers.

The Lady Bank Roses are blooming early this year.  They usually don't bloom until April 1st.
Magnolia getting ready to bloom.
My new Mackenzie Childs garden boots.  I am styling in the garden.

Lots of rosemary here.  The bees love it.

The Spring Bouquet Viburnum is ready to bloom.

The pool is cold.  One of our LED lights in the pool went out, so the company sent out a diver to install the new light bulb.  I am glad it's him and not me.  Brrrr.

The hummingbirds love this location.  They are here year round and I spoil them with food constantly.  They are so fun to watch out of my kitchen window.

My husband has finally starting working on the outdoor hutch again. We have tile to go on top and he will also add more shelves, so I can dress it.  It is located down at the pool, not too far from the outdoor kitchen.

View from our bedroom balcony.

I captured a beautiful sunset the other night.

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  1. Wow, Linda, your plum tree is stunning. And how neat to have hummingbirds year round.
    Your garden boots are darling.
    Unusual for your Lady Banks blooming a whole month early. And it is so full too.
    That is a knock out sunset.

  2. Your yard and view are so stunning, Linda!! It’s still very cold here, but I’m sure next month will show signs of Spring. Enjoy your new boots and working in the garden.

  3. I am amazed at your beautiful, blooming garden this early in the season. I’ve only seen narcissus around here, but I haven’t been out much. I love seeing the beautiful photos of your garden!

  4. Sure looks like Spring to me! And those are pretty swish garden boots you've got!

  5. Lovely lovely home and the view from your bedroom spectacular!

  6. It's so nice to see sun and flowers!! It is still snowing here - lol

  7. Linda, absolutely breathtaking!! I don't know if it's good if those Lady Banks are blooming this early and whether they'll last, but they are oh, so beautiful. I love plum trees too. After the bloom they are still pretty. And hummingbirds...
    I would love to tour your garden and just spend time sitting there. I'd even help with a task or too as admission!

  8. Gorgeous Linda! Thank you for the flower therapy on freezing morning in NC. Your outdoor living area with your pool, kitchen and landscaping looks like a resort! Your garden booties are adorable and I would love to have hummers year round! ♥

  9. Your property always looks like a 5 star resort tome Linda.Breathtaking.

  10. It certainly looks like spring -- and it looks fabulous! It's cold and snowy here, so thank you for the reminder that spring will, indeed, come again.

  11. Oh Linda, your gardens are so beautiful with spring knocking on the door! I'm sure you are enjoying all the spring like weather there. We are having some unusual cold temps here so nothing bursting out yet, except my daffodils. I will be breaking out my new garden boots soon, I hope. Your outside hutch will be a great addition to your garden, can't wait to see how you dress her. Have a wonderful Saturday.......

  12. It looks like it's showing signs of spring early there. I enjoyed looking at the photos of your beautiful property. It's so nice to see hummingbirds and the sunset is just gorgeous! I hope you have a nice weekend Linda.

  13. Always a delight to visit your home and gardens Linda. Since my illness, I have watched many chores go by the wayside, but this Spring I am hoping to get back in the main problem is I run out of energy real fast. Your plum trees are so beautiful, I am jealous! The closest I have is crepe myrtle and it is very slow in blooming this year. Thanks for sharing. Simply gorgeous.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  14. Oh lucky you! Beautiful Spring blooms! I have spotted daffodils and hoping the worst of our winter weather is over. Your new hutch by the pool is going to be such fun to style and decorate...have fun gardening in your pretty MKC boots!

  15. I guess it's spring somewhere..We are still freezing although the bulbs are starting to come up..It's a bit early..
    Cute boots..Your Plum is gorgeous..Enjoy..We'll just have to wait..

  16. Linda, spring happens early where you live. The plum tree and Lady Banks roses are both stunning. The hutch will be a wonderful spot to style when it is completed. I love the MKC boots…Happy Gardening!

  17. Linda, your spring photos are breathtaking! Spring is still two months away in NJ. The sunset photo is gorgeous!

  18. Linda, your backyard looks like a true sanctuary! Spring is such a magical time, I love being outside during these months of perfect, sunny weather! Hummingbirds are so sweet to watch. Love those garden boots!! 💛

  19. Beautiful photos! We just more snow this weekend so I am loving all your signs of spring!!

  20. So gorgeous Linda! I may spend the day just gazing at your pictures... it's -3 degrees right now as I sit here by the fire under my electric blanket! Thanks for sharing! Hurry spring!


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