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Blogger - More Changes

I am sharing some widgets in  Blogger, that they have changed. 
Well Blogger is at it again.  In January they disabled the quick edit pencil and then it was reversed.  Then it disappeared! The wrench  would show on some of your templates. when you were logged into your blog. Third party templates did not display those pencils and wrenches.

It used to be in Blog Posts Setting in your Layout.

If you go to your Settings in Blog Posts, you will notice the Show Quick Editing is not there.
So long Quick Edits.

Another change is the Text widget.  It used to have options for changing the text color, italic Bold/ From Rich Text to HTML.

Now it looks like this. My advice since most of you do not know coding, is to use a post or page on your blog to type and create the text for your widget. Title it something like Testing, Trash, etc.  It's a place to format your text the way you want it. Create your text formatting, switch to HTML and copy and paste into your text widget like this.
When you look at your blog, the new Text widget is there, exactly the way you designed it. Photo as well as text.

Another issue with Blogger, they also changed the Javascript widget, meaning, the formatting tools are missing , such as color, bold, italics and a hyperlink. Just use the same method of the text widget to add what you want.

When you Follow a blog, the blog feed is added, as a subscription, to your dashboard Reading List.
The last issue is missing Reading Lists in Blogger.  For quite some time, many bloggers are experiencing their Reading Lists have nothing. it simply says hasn't published any posts. When publishes a post it will show up here.

Now we all know these bloggers do have new published posts. You can click Manage and see the blogs you are following. Granted some of these blogs have not published in a very long time, but some have.  My advice is to go through each one and check to see their last published date. If they haven't published in years, it's time to delete them. I do not know if our Reading List will return.  Some do still show. 
*Good news, my Reading List has returned!

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  1. Thanks for all this great information Linda. It does make me wonder, as others have mentioned to me, that Google may possibly be doing away with Blogger at some point in the future? It seems all these changes are more discouraging, than encouraging to blogging with blogger. What are your thoughts on that? Blessings to you, we sure appreciate all your insight!

    1. You are welcome. I don't see Blogger going away. It does make me wonder who is working on Blogger since there are so many problems.

  2. So appreciative of your updates on Blogger. I can't keep up with, or understand all of the changes, so I'm grateful that you do!

    1. My pleasure Amy. I try to share what I have learned to help us all.

  3. I am extremely annoyed by my "disappeared" reading list, so thank you for this post explaining that it is a widespread problem with no solution at the moment. I sure hope Blogger rectifies things soon. There's ALWAYS SOMETHING with Blogger, isn't there? Sheesh!

    1. I get it Debra. I am not sure what is happening.

    2. My reading list just came back! After a full week MIA! Hallelujah, I hope it's here to stay.

  4. Linda, all your helpful information for changes on Blogger does not go unnoticed and it is so appreciated. Keeping us updated on these changes is so helpful! So, thank you so much..........


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