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Aruba - A Tropical Island Getaway

Aruba is located in the beautiful happy island located in the warm  waters of the Caribbean.  It is outside the hurricane belt. It located just miles off the coast of Venezuela.  it is one of the Lesser Antilles islands.  Some other islands are Virgin islands, Saint Martin, Grenada, Barbados, Trinidad, etc.

I loved visiting this lovely tropical paradise.  I hope to return one day. We have a timeshare in Kauai and it would be nice to trade and go back to Aruba. It also has an exciting nightlife.

The weather is always in the 80's with tropical breezes.  You can relax to your heart's content or explore the island, which is part desert and part tropical. 

The official language spoken here is Dutch and Papiamento, although Spanish and English is also spoken.

Beautiful pristine white sandy beaches are truly paradise.  You can walk comfortably on the sand with bare feet. I noticed a lot of people sun bathing naked, topless and changing their clothes in front of everyone.  Something I am not used to.....
Lots of water activities to enjoy, whether it's boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, kite and windsurfing. Excellent weather plus crystal clear azure blue water.

Lots of grass umbrellas, or palapas as I like to call them.  We have one down by our pool.

Great swimming at Baby Beach. A beautiful paradise in the southern part of Aruba, close to San Nicolas. It is a half moon shape and has shallow waters.  Perfect for snorkeling.

Eagle beach  2019  was voted the 3rd best Beach in the world. With pristine and soft white sands, it offers the most gorgeous views of the Caribbean.

You will find Divi Divi trees on this tropical island.  Lovely trees that look wind blown.
It's best to rent a jeep and explore. There are spectacular caves, original Indian rock drawings, unusual rock formations made from lava plus more.

There are over 300 prehistoric pictographs to be discovered on the island.
Here I am at the Natural Bridge .

The ruins have a very interesting history.  I was able to climb and explore these amazing ruins.  You can go on your tour or hire out.  Lots of options for exloring this fun island. ATV tours, horseback riding, jeep safari and boat.


The Dutch influence is very prominent in Oranjestad. Lovely vibrant colors with intricate details. Oranjestad is the Aruba's capital.

There is lots of shopping, dining, etc .You can take advantage of duty free shopping while visiting.  Large cruise ships come in weekly. Aruba is a shopper's paradise for locally made crafts and specialty items plus International brands.

I brought home a carved wood vase.

A lush tropical rain forest filled with flowers, trees and pons and beautiful butterflies flying among you. A must see if you visit Aruba. Hundreds of exotic butterflies flying freely.


Dining is everything you desire from exotic dining, local Caribbean cuisine or your usual Northern American fare. Asian, Indian, Thai, Central, South American, Italian,  European and Dutch.


Gorgeous sunsets.
I hope you have enjoyed my tropical destination. This year we were suppose to go to Kauai, but with Covid, we just banked our trip.

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  1. Wow, spectacular photos and look at you, bathing beauty! Gorgeous. Aruba was my mom's favorite island and she went often. I've never been, but it looks amazing.

  2. I have been to Aruba once and want to go back. It is a small really sweet island to visit and relax. Good food, Good People and beautiful beaches.

  3. We were in Aruba last March 2020 as one of the last visitors there before Covid! I love seeing your lovely photos of a truly beautiful spot on earth. You look beautiful, Linda! I believe that the Natural Bridge has now collapsed!

  4. Oh my goodness, Aruba looks amazing!! The butterfly garden I’ll bet, was spectacular. You look so cute in the pictures, Linda.

  5. Gorgeous pictures! We went to Aruba once, about 13 years ago. Except for going to Oranjestad, we stayed near the resort area. Looks like we missed a lot of beautiful places! But, we met a family on that vacation, and we're still friends!

  6. What a lovely trip Linda. So many places to explore, love the butterfly farm, so beautiful. You look fabulous.......Love seeing your trips!

  7. What a paradise, it sounds amazing!

  8. Looks gorgeous Linda! I had cut off shorts too:):)I would not look the same now w/ gravity;)

  9. Wow, what a fabulous vacay! Love the architecture in Oranjestad. Those Divi Divi trees make me think of Japanese bonsai trees, only bigger! Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos!

  10. Our last cruise took us to the ABC islands and Aruba was my least favorite. Bonaire and Curacao were more interesting to me - And I quickly found out why they are called the WINDY islands - wow, what it windy. All three have very colorful ports, but I think there are prettier islands in the Caribbean! I hope you have a chance to return!

  11. What a wonderful series of photos..I never made it to Aruba but have friends who go regularly..My sisters sister in law just moved there with her family..It has a reputation for being windy with blowing sand but supposedly that depends on which side of the island you are on..Looks lovely..Thanks for sharing..Enjoy your weekend..

  12. Wow that was a great vacation! I had a girlfriend high school that often went there and she loved it. Beautiful scenery. Hurricane free, that’s a big bonus and the consistent temps sound marvelous!

  13. I'm enjoying your travel posts, Linda. The water in Aruba is so lovely! I'm sorry you tabled your trip to Kauai, but hopefully you can go in a few months.

  14. Wow! If that's the "third best beach in the world", I'd love to see the first! What a beautiful tour you gave us, Linda. It really would be paradise what with the 80 degree temperature year round. (sigh). Have a great weekend! xx

  15. I have never been to a tropical island but it looks like the one to pick might be Aruba! What a marvelous time you had. And I so enjoy seeing these spots new to me!

  16. Well, I'm pretty sure I need to go there! :o)) Have a great new week Linda!

  17. I've been to Aruba twice and absolutely LOVE it! For a small island it has so much to offer.

  18. OH wow; those beaches are stunning!

  19. If all goes well, we will be on a 14 day cruise to celebrate our anniversary next February in the Caribbean and Aruba will be one of our ports of call. I really enjoyed your photos and am now more excited than ever.


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