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Staying Busy-Blogs and Mailchimp

Many of you know Feedburner is going away, so this Fairy Blog Mother has been moving bloggers over to Mailchimp. I have been quite busy, so excuse me if I haven't had a chance to visit. I have also done a few blog makeovers as well.

I want to thank those who have referred me to so many.  Word of mouth is the very best advertising and referrals.  You made it all possible.

Since Monique referred me to Marie from The English Kitchen, I bid you a sweet thank you Monique.  This Fairy Blog Mother waved her magic wand to give Marie's blog a makeover.   Marie wanted something that was easy to navigate but also showcase her recipes. Marie has tons of wonderful recipes on her blog. Marie has worked as a personal chef for many years. If you are looking for some great recipes, hop on over.

I also gave Lulu's blog a makeover.  She writes about life in your final chapters.
Lulu wanted a sunset for her blog header and a honey brown for the blog accents.

Rita from WV Panoply reached out to me to move her over to Mailchimp.
I also designed her a new header.  Rita sent me a cartoon picture of a flapper, so off I went to enhance her.
I also moved Rita over to Mailchimp and designed a new signup form to match her blog. Rita graciously wrote a post about me changing her over to Mailchimp.  Thank you Rita.

Jeanie contacted me for a Mailchimp transfer.  I also created a new header for her.  Thanks Jeanie for also writing a post about your experience.

I designed a  new header for Debra- her blog is:

Diana also wrote a post about the Feedburner change and gave kudos to me for switching her over to Mailchimp.  Thank you Diana.

There are others who also wrote a post on the Feedburner switch, Julie from Julie Creative Lifestyle, Judy from Gold Country Cottage, Lulu from The Final Chapters.   Missy from This N That.  Many thanks to all who have asked me to switch you over.
Happy blogging!

I am getting ready to host a Birthday party down under our newly renovated palapa for a girlfriend. It shall be the mermaid theme.  The heat wave is over and now we can enjoy some nice weather poolside.

I shall be sharing the lunch menu on another post.  Happy summer.
This  above link is the short video I shared on  Instagram.

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  1. You do beautiful work Linda. Thank you for helping all of us out. Happy Tuesday have a great day today. xoxo Kris

  2. Yes, I agree with Kris, you do a great job with the blog makeovers, and the Feedburner transfer. Thanks Linda for mentioning me, and for helping set up the new MailChimp email subscription service. I will check out and see some of the blogs you worked on. I hope you have a great time celebrating your friends birthday and have a nice week.

  3. We are fortunate to have you as a resource..We all have different levels of tech capabilities. I appreciate and need those who are more tech savvy than I...Thanks so much..

  4. Ok fairy Blog mother. I need to get in on this mail chimp stuff. I want to stay in the loop. Email me!

  5. Everyone loves my new blog header! Thanks, Linda!

  6. In the best hands possible:)You are an angel.When I lost my blog 2 Novembers ago you gave me hope...and courage..and fixed it so I could continue.

  7. Everyone's blogs look darling....You are so talented, My Friend! Thanks for being our Fairy Blog Mother....I appreciate how many times you've helped me out of sticky situations with my blog.

  8. I love everything you do - you are certainly a wealth of knowledge and a great resource for all of us bloggers!

  9. I can’t say enough good things about Linda and her work on my blog!! If you are thinking about a blog makeover- I highly recommend her!!! She has the best communication and response time of anyone I have ever worked with. Thank you so much My Fairy Blog Mother!!! You are the best!!

  10. Linda, I don't know what we would do without our fairy blog mother! I know how busy you must be with Feedburner going away. Everything is looking fabulous...........thank you!

  11. You’re always the best Fairy Blog Mother lovely Linda, and I so appreciate your patience and kindness to me. You know that I’m not that tech savvy and I appreciate that YOU are! 😘

  12. Linda, I have received so many wonderful compliments on my new header and look. Thank you. (And for the mention, too!) You rock and I don't know how you've pulled off all of this with just having a life too! I'll be eager to see your birthday party!

  13. Hello Linda, I was wondering if you work on people's blogs other than those who live in the States! I am an Australian blogger.

  14. Thank you for getting me fixed up with mailchimp. I can always count on you and appreciate your patience with me.

  15. You are so kind, generous and gifted Linda to share you abilities and talents with us, so appreciated! Many blessings to you :)


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