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2021 Keeper of the Shamrock Cloth

Top of the morning to you! Welcome to a fun  St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop. Many thanks to Debbee from Debbee's Buzz for organizing this fun hop. You will find the Blog Hop links at the bottom of this post. Welcome if you are coming from My Hubbard Home who is sharing her pretty yellow and green table.

With the title being Keeper of The Shamrock Cloth, this is the vintage Shamrock Cloth.  I have provided a story about the vintage Shamrock Cloth Topper, which my table is proudly showing below.  Sorry this post may be long due to the history of the cloth.

 This lovely vintage topper with Shamrocks and Celtic knots was originated from Marigene at In The Middle of Nowhere.  She passed it along to Cuisine Kathleen with the stipulation that the cloth topper would be passed along to another blogger each year.  Then that blogger would create a tablescape with the topper and then pass it to someone else. 

2013 Rett of The Gazebo House was the next recipient after Kathleen.  In 2014, Mary of Home is Where the Boat Is added the darling little leprechaun  and he has been traveling with the Shamrock Cloth ever since.

Mary then sent it to Sarah from, Hyacinths for The Soul. Kitty from Kitty's Kozy Kitchen received the topper from Sarah and then it was passed on to Debbie from Mountain Breaths. a next was Jenna from The Painted Apron who passed it to Pam from Everyday Living. Rita from Panoply received it from Pam and this year Rita surprised me with the vintage topper.

*I have provided the links to all of the bloggers who have held the honor of keeping the Shamrock Cloth since Marigene started it in 2010.

Bordallo Pinheriro Cabbage plates on top of my white Pier 1 chargers topped by a green and white salad plate and the the Temptation shamrock dish.  The little Irish hats with shamrocks are the finishing touch.

My two leprechauns are here to wish you a happy St. Patrick's Day.  The larger one is by Mark Roberts says Kiss me, I'm Irish.

Look at that face?

This little guy is definitely making the rounds on this table.  I think we are never too old to feel like a kid again.  I am having so much much with my little leprechaun that Mary from Home is Where the Boat Is added with the cloth.

 I had my DNA tested and I am 31%  Irish/Scottish/Wales

My Family Crest......McCaskell is my Maiden name.  I have an extended family tree I have been working on. 

Next up is Ann from Corner of Paisley and Plaid
Ok, now for the Blog Hop.  I hope you visit each blogger and get inspired by their lovely St. Patrick's day posts. It  is always a pleasure to see how each talented tablescaper decorates their tables for this fun holiday.

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Hello, welcome to LifeandLinda. I am from Northern California. I enjoy blogging, Designing Blogs, Decorating, cooking, entertaining, gardening and clogging. I hope you enjoy your visit.


  1. Linda, How fun to see the progression of the Shamrock Cloth with the thumbnails you provided! Such a fun tradition started by Marigene. I’m glad to see the little leprechaun is still up to his shenanigans and travelling with it and he looks like he’s happy to have found a partner in crime to join the fun at your table! He’s so festive sitting atop your shamrock dish. I have the same MKC watering can and love it! It makes such a pretty centerpiece with the flowers you’ve chosen for your table. My hubby’s family is Scots-Irish so I can’t let St. Paddy’s Day pass by without a shamrock or 12. ‘-) Thanks so much for the fun this morning. It’s always a pleasure to hop with you and join you at the table. ♥

  2. Linda, I am laughing at that little leprechaun, still up to his antics on the table. It is so much fun to see this cloth over eleven years now, making its way back and forth across states. I'm so happy you embraced the fun too. Turns out it was a great decision, sending from one Irish lass to another. ;) I love your take on the table right from the start, with your pandemic forbiddance of the traditional 'kiss me, I'm Irish' slogan. The Mark Roberts character is adorable, and I didn't realize he had one for this holiday (I have a few Christmas ones). Your use of the Mrs McGregor watering can is just perfect here, for both your arrangement and that zany leprechaun. Perfect! ♣

  3. Qué divertidos tus duendes y que bonita y adecuada para la ocasión ha quedado tu mesa, espero que paseis un magnífico día de San Patricio. Un abrazo

  4. So much mischievous leprechaun fun Linda! I am so thrilled you are this year's Keeper of the Cloth! I love the MKC watering can and all your shamrock things. The plate stack is wonderful with the cute shamrock dishes and the green and white napkins, thank you for the smiles today!

  5. What a very cool and fun tradition!

  6. Your cute little leprechaun reminds me of the elf that visits my granddaughters with all of the antics he is up to! How delightful it is that you have all shared that beautiful and beloved tablecloth over the years! The green and white check is a great base for your table too!

  7. Linda, it makes me smile to see you are the 2021 Keeper of the Cloth! I had to giggle at the antics of the leprechaun! I remember my delight when I received the cloth and this little guy from Mary. What fun it is to be a part of this blogging team to carry on the Keeper of the Cloth tradition! Your table is green perfection! I know you will enjoy celebrating at this festive table. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  8. I love your watering can as a centerpiece with all of the leprechauns. It was fun hopping with you today.

  9. How wonderful that you are the Keeper of the 🍀cloth🍀 this year, Linda! You did a beautiful job with your Irish table and a I love the shenanigans of the leprechaun. I agree, we are never too old to have fun. I have Irish heritage, too, and am proud of my roots.

  10. Linda, I've enjoyed watching the procession of the topper on Irish theme tables over the years. It's always fun to see how each stylist utilizes it; incorporating the cloth with their own tableware. Love those shamrock shape little casseroles/dishes! They really look wonderful on top of your layered plate stack. A truly delightful holiday table sure to bring smiles.

  11. What a fun tradition - and you did a beautiful job decorating with it! It's always nice to see how each person adds their own personality. Love your festive table!

  12. Linda, thank you for sharing the Shamrock Cloth journey along with the pictures. This really is a great way to connect with others. And the little leprechaun had my Irish eyes shining!
    It's always a pleasure table hopping with you.

  13. Such a fun story about the shamrock topper. Such a fun group. Hmm wonder where it will show up next year.

    It's fun about your heritage and love your family crest.

    My husband is all Irish.


  14. Oh Linda what a cute table! That's so neat that the table topper has been shared from one blogger to another, quite a journey! Everything looks so good starting with the green checked tablecloth. Love the watering can for your flowers and your Mark Roberts Leprechaun! I got my first Mark Roberts for Christmas and plan to add on! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  15. Adorable Linda....and I love the keeper of the cloth pics.
    I, too have the temp-tation shamrock bowls as well as the heart, Easter and shells. Ok, I am a temp-tation-a-holic. I have most of what Tara has produced. LOL
    The leprechaun is so precious and his antics make me smile and I love what you did with the watering can. As usual you have come up with yet another inspirational table setting. I always look forward to what you have in store for us at each hop.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  16. I so love your tradition of passing on the Shamrock cloth. Isn't the blog world wonderful that way? Your table is really adorable. I love the Anna Lee leprechaun especially. Happy Green month!

  17. How fun about the tablecloth. The table is so cute for St. Patty's day. Love your sweet little leprechauns. xoxo

  18. This is truly amazing about the story of the Shamrock cloth! What a fun item and reason to pass it along! Perhaps it should be called the traveling Shamrock cloth, lol! Your table looks gorgeous as usual! We just might be related Linda since my DNA says I'm 45% from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. My uncle visited Ireland years ago to find his roots and to write a book.

  19. What a fabulous journey that this traveling Shamrock cloth has been on!!! You ladies have each honored it well. Your table is so fun, beautiful place setting and lots of shenanigans from the leprechauns!!! I am not a bit Irish, just pretend to be because I was born on St. Patrick’s Day!! 🍀 I hope you have a fun day celebrating your heritage.

  20. Linda, I am so excited to see that you are “the keeper of the cloth” as it traveled from WV to CA. I love this tradition and I will be interested to see where it lands next year. I love your table, it is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. I missed being with you ladies, but I am enjoying seeing your posts.

  21. This is so much fun! I love hoe the topper has traveled all over the US! I also like your tablescape! My family is Scotch Ulster with a wee bit of Swiss thrown in. I love all things Irish, and one of the best movies we've seen in a long time is set in Ireland:Wild Mountain Thyme. Have you seen it?

  22. This is such a fabulous post on the journey of the Shamrock cloth. This was fun to look back and see where she's traveled to. Gorgeous St. Patrick's table. This girl is of Irish heritage and will be celebrating as well. Happy March and Happy St. Patrick's Day.......

  23. What a fun St. Patrick's Day tradition, Linda! Thanks for sharing the story of the traveling vintage shamrock cloth! I love how Mary's leprechaun now travels along with the cloth...he has a cute mischievous face. You styled a very festive St. Patty's Day table. I love the green and white buffalo check tablecloth as a base for the shamrock cloth. The flowers in the green watering can are perfect for spring! I love those white Pier One chargers and wish I'd bought some before it closed. I chuckled at the sight of your masked and socially distant leprechaun! It was fun to blog hop with you again. Happy St. Patricks' Day!

  24. That is a crazy fun tradition. Blogging really offers so many wonderful opportunities to make new friends and build long lasting relationships with people who share our passions. Thanks for sharing this lovely tale and all that pretty green! I needed a little spring boost.

  25. Linda, I always love your tables and this one is made extra special with the story of the vintage tablecloth! The wee leprechaun is adorable too! Love your plate stack, and your floral centerpiece is gorgeous! Happy to be hopping with you!

  26. I have followed this tablecloth for years and it’s always fun to see how each woman has decorated with it! As always you have a very festive table and you cute leprechauns add to the joy!

  27. That is such an amazing story about the tablecloth Linda. I love the pretty St. Patrick's Day table you decorated. I like each place setting too. Hope you have a nice week Linda.

  28. I’m so happy the cloth landed with you and it’s so much fun to see how each recipient uses it. You’ve done a great job with your table! Right now I am between homes and all my things are in storage. Maybe next year I will be able to do the Blog crawl again, God willing!☘️☘️☘️

    1. Hello Kathleen, so good to see you. Thank you for the lovely compliment. I do hope next year you can get back to blogging.

  29. You did a great job as the Keeper of the vintage Shamrock Cloth this year. I had so much fun with it when I had it! Where will it show up next year? :-) It would be fun to see Kathleen end up with again xo

    1. Thanks Deb. It was an honor to be the Keeper of the Shamrock Cloth. I wonder where it shall end up next year. It's good to hear from Kathleen. xo

  30. Beautiful table, Linda! I had lost track of who had the Shamrock Cloth after Debbie. I am so happy you have chronicled each year, so I can go check out the years I missed. That cloth sure has traveled the country! It will be fun to see where it ends up next year. Thanks. ♥


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