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Tales of The Traveling Tote #24

Sorry we have not been anywhere to share.  We have been staying close to home.
The summer has been quite hot.  In the last 2 weeks, we did not venture outside due to the smoke from so many fires in California.  Ash was all over the place. We have since caught a break.  The ash is gone, but there is still a smoky haze in the sky.

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In August our group TTT got together for another Zoom call.  Some were not able to attend and were missed. We try to meet monthly. A chance to connect and share.

We have been busy with a new puppy we named Bella.  Puppies are a bundle of energy.  We are spending time potty training her.  Dante still acts like a little old man, tolerating her.  Sometimes he does play with her.

Lilly Dot did spend a week with us. I set up a tea party for the two of us. 
Lilly loves posing for the camera.  Here she fits right in with the sunflower and checks table.

Logan is also full of energy.  He is 5 years old and quite the ham.
My Great Grandkids love coming over to swim.  Michael, their mom brought Logan's quad this time so he could ride around.  Lilly Dot and Logan smiling for the camera with Miss Lola.  The green on the quad goes nicely with the green on Miss Lola.

Logan took a few swimming lessons at home and now he is swimming up a storm in our pool. 
Bella and Dante Poolside.
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Our next adventure is December 1st.

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  1. LIke you..we have stayed so put it isnt funny..

    Love your new doggie..and those grandchildren♥♥♥

  2. If I lived on your beautiful property, I would probably stay put, too. The G-kids must love coming to visit! Lily-Dot is adorable and Logan has a smile that would brighten any room!! Lucky you! Happy September and Happy Travels!

  3. Linda, with your gorgeous resort like property, no need for you to travel! I know you enjoy sharing your pool and beautiful home with your grands and greatgrands. How special that Lilly and Logan are going to grow up with an appreciationn for Courtly Check.
    I know Bella is filling your life with lots of joy. She is adorable!!!

  4. hi Linda, even though you didn't get to travel much, your home is like a resort, with lovely pool patio and gardens to enjoy! Plus a new puppy, that is like having a baby in the house and requires a lot of work! I am so glad to hear that the air has improved...it must have been so scary to have ash all over the place and air to smokey to breathe. How nice your ggrands could visit, I know they brightened your world! I have been telling my granddaughter about tea parties and how we should have one and she's so excited about it, so we'll be doing that soon. I love seeing all your Courtly Check! Happy September and cheers to new adventures!

  5. I love seeing your sweet great grand kiddos. Cannot even believe you have great great grands!!! I bet they love coming over to swim and see you. Your backyard is like a resort so that is so great that you had that this summer to enjoy. Of course minus the fire ash days! My fave pic you posted is Bella in your Tote. That face I tell ya is too adorable. Have a wonderful start to the new week. xoxo Kris

  6. Happy September Linda! I agree with Jenna, your home is a five-star resort and a gorgeous place to shelter in place. Your new puppy is adorable and the great-grands, Lilly Dot and Logan are darling! I can’t imagine the fires with smoke and ash.

  7. I love Lilly Dot's colourful Crocs!

  8. Linda, your home and gardens are the perfect staycationing fun! Great for the little ones to enjoy with swimming and fun rides. They are so darn cute. Love seeing Logan riding and Miss Lilly looks like a little model. Sorry about the smoke and ash from the fires, hope that's gone now. The pup is darling and yes they do require a lot to keep up with them but so worth it. I always enjoy seeing photos from your resort :) You have such a beautiful home and gardens. Happy September Linda.......

  9. Who needs to go anywhere when you have a little piece of heaven right where you live?! I know Lily Dot and Logan had a great time. Bella is such a cutie, and I hope Dante is getting used to her. I do hope the smoky haze and the ash subsides soon. I know you always have to worry about fires in California.
    Happy September, Linda!

  10. Hi Linda, I'm about the wildfires and the smoke.

    Bella us adorable, I love the puppy times. I'm sure Dante will become her best friend.

    The kids sure are cute.


  11. WE have had a lot of fires here too and you can't see the mountains well because of them. They haven't been as bad as yours, as we have been able to be outside!
    Adorable Bella! A lot of work, but a lot of fun too.
    I bet you have loved the pool - some place to have a ton of fun during this summer. How great to have the kids over and enjoy them too. We hesitated on that one for the first 6 weeks, but have relaxed it now. We need their company!

  12. Linda, sounds like Logan and Bella need some scheduled play dates to burn some of that energy, lol! Love his quad and how it coordinates with Miss Lola. And I'm enjoying seeing the antics of Miss Bella and Dante. The fires in CA have to be extremely frightening. I'm so glad you have been spared so far, and hope the air quality soon improves for everyone. God bless the first responders. Happy September.

  13. Bella and the great-grands are the very cutest! I loved seeing the photos of them. I hate I missed the ZOOM call, but I learned my lesson: I will tell the family when I have one planned!!!
    I also LOVE seeing all the Courtly Check in and around your beautiful home. It makes me happy! I also enjoy your tablescapes, always. I have to say that y'all are encouraging me to build a pool! :D

    Ricki Jill

  14. Hi Linda, we didn't go anywhere on vacation this summer either. It's so nice that your great grandchildren were able to spend time with you and spend time in the pool. Your new dog Bella is just precious and I know will bring you a lot of happiness. Your bag looks so cute on the bike.

  15. Linda, your home is so lovely who needs to go anywhere.Your grands are adorable and you make things so nice for them. The tea party for Lilly Dot was so special. I'm sure the pool has been a great blessing during Covid and the stress of it all. Having a new puppy I bet there is never a dull moment. I enjoyed your post and hope there will be no more fires. I also hope fall will give us all a lift and Covid will improve greatly.

  16. Linda, even though you didn't get to travel much, your home has all the amenities to enjoy! Plus a new puppy is so special, like having a newborn from my experience. I am so glad to hear that the air has improved. Your great-grand children are so sweet, and I know they bring much happiness. Xavier and I have been having tea parties this summer, and he really enjoys them. Wishing you a happy and healthy rest of your summer. 💜

  17. Bella is such a dear. I'm sure she and Dante will be great friends. And I love it that you can spend time with your grands. They're darling!

  18. Well you’ve made the best of your time having the great-grands come over! I love those two big toads/frogs by the gate. Whimsical and fun! That’s quite something all those fire out there. Glad the ashes have stopped, hopefully the air will clear soon. Bella is adorable and I’m sure soon enough Dante will accept her. “Hey this is my territory”!

  19. I'm happy to know that the ask and smoke has cleared up, hopefully for the many months ahead. So enjoyed seeing the photos of your g.grandkids and that adorable new puppy. BTW, I've been trying to find a way to leave comments on my Blogger friends sites and hopefully this will go through.

  20. Still fun pictures and times even if you aren't able to really travel with your traveling tote!


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