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Spring Projects and Blooms

Our California poppies down by the pool. I have been busy working in the yard every day now.  Mostly pressure washing the patios and walkways.  Also trimming hedges.  I love how it looks when finished.  My hubby sprayed a coating on some of the patios that gives it a rich look.  
Our Japanese Maple is gorgeous this year.
Our very own man made stream

The Iris down by the pool is blooming.
Today Paul is going to hang two hanging lanterns on each side of the pool cabana.  We bought two that match the front of the cabana.  The pavers are completed.  Yea!   We had the copper planter in the back sitting on a block wall, so I asked Paul to hang it below the  cabana window.

The next thing is building the outdoor shower enclosure. We found some cool palm leaves panels at Home Depot. It's a small area to frame in.  I also want him to build in a bench.  My ideas never cease! 

The above photo is what the palm leaf panel look like.  I added these palm leaves panel  in paint shop to show you what we are going to do. It will be fully enclosed with a gate.  Dante my supervisor seems to be everywhere.

The pool is looking great!  We love the new finish and of course those awesome lights at night.  A lovely light show of colors we can choose.  We went out to use our spa the other night and noticed a big bull frog swimming in our pool....too funny.  He loves the ambiance too.
 Here is the watering can with  fairy lights that Paul and I created.  It is very easy to make. You need a watering can with a removable head and large holes.  You could drill them larger.   Solar Fairy lights and a  Shepard's hook.

Here's the hedge I was trimming.  Today I am going to trim the Nandina hedge by our spa.  The sun should dry up the moss.

I am loving all of the blooms in  our yard. Just last week, I was bitten by something on my head.  My forehead and eyes were all swollen and itchy.  I am now wearing a black netted piece with my visor when working outdoors.
I just ordered this netted hat.  Paul loves to tease me about being miss Hollywood.

We are staying home and keeping busy with the yard and projects.  I hope you are doing the same.  Hobbies are a great way of making satisfying projects.

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  1. It looks like your climate is far warmer than mine. What a lovely spot in which to quarantine. Heaven blessed!

  2. Just heaven Linda. Glad you have such a beautiful space to be Shelter in Place. Love the black netting hat lol! Happy Friday. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. You and Paul make the best team, Linda! Everything looks so beautiful. That’s too bad about getting bitten by something, but now you’re protected. Happy weekend! 💕

  4. Your gardens look great and all your work certainly shows! Beautiful plants and shrubs. The pool looks so exotic with all the plants too. It must feel great to relax there with laps. Love the pavers, Paul did a great job installing them and they certainly add so much to the patio. Stay well and safe Linda.......

  5. Beautiful home and surrounding gardens, Linda! Looks like you and your husband are really keeping busy and doing a wonderful job at it. I love the light fixtures...well, I loved it all!

  6. It's all quite lovely, Linda! And makes me long for some warm weather. It's cold here in Maryland and they're calling for snow showers tonight. I think mother nature is quite confused right now. Thank goodness it's suppose to get warmer next week! I'd like to get out in my yard, too! Continue to stay safe!

  7. Oh so beautiful! Your yard is just gorgeous and the weather looks lovely as well. Enjoy it.

  8. Your gardens surrounding your pool and cabana are lovely! Your trimming looks very nice. I love it that you and your husband do all the work around your large property! So sorry you were bitten by something. Be careful and enjoy a safe weekend.

  9. Linda, I'm always in awe when I see photos of your property. It looks like a huge undertaking and every inch is beautiful. Happy Spring!

  10. Everything is so very beautiful !! Good for you to get a protective hat, can't be too careful....

  11. I have one of those bug hats also, and there is no fashion show in the garden for me. Can never be too careful. Your pool is one of the nicest I have seen since it is so natural looking. Enjoy it.

  12. Your grounds are spectacular, Linda. I can only imagine the ongoing lists of projects you continue to think of. With that much property, there are likely always maintenance as well as new ideas. Scary to be bitten or have any sort of poisonous reaction right now! I like the hat, and you need to complete the suit!

  13. Linda,

    Your yard is always amazing. You have a paradise with so many gorgeous plants. Your cabana is pretty and love the palm boards.

    Dante is a cutie. Our two follow me everywhere but no complaints from me. We are obsessed with our pups.

    Enjoy your haven


  14. Linda, your gardens and grounds look like a resort...beautiful! I think the protective hat is a good idea, and I need to order one. Enjoy your stunning outdoor spaces and Happy Weekend!

  15. What a fabulous Eden Lockdown.You work so hard on your home and it shows..I think the hat is perfect!

  16. What huge job both you and Paul are doing to make your property and pool area look like a resort. It's so gorgeous and you will both have a great time this summer. Lucky you. Be careful of the bugs and insects and hope you are feeling better! My husband has been doing for days the power washing in our yard! :) I can't wait for warmer weather and the summer. Take care.
    Have a nice weekend Linda.

  17. Everything looks great! The shrubs look beautifully groomed. Love the poppies and your pool! Those panels should make for a nice showering area. The pavers look good and I’m sure Paul is glad to get it done!

  18. Linda,
    This post transported me to your California Oasis. So thankful you have this beautiful retreat where you can be safe and soothed from the troubles of our world. All of your handwork, diligent maintenance and wonderful and creative ideas are evident around every beautiful bend!
    I am so enjoying my mini-blog makeover. It makes me happy, so thank you again SO much!

  19. What a lovely oasis....it's so nice to see sun and blooms...so happy you are enjoying staying home and safe!

  20. You truly have created your very own private resort there Linda, everything looks gorgeous! I love the fish in your man made stream and the watering can over your pot! No hardship for you to stay home, I would never leave :)

  21. A beautiful labor of love... Why would you ever want to leave home!?! The little stream is so wonderful and that pool is amazing. The outdoor shower is a great idea! Everything is just lush and green. It just rained for a few minutes here and I eas nearly jumping up and down! I so enjoyed the tour I bet every season it changes a little bit!
    Hugs, Roxy xoxo

  22. Linda, your yard is absolutely gorgeous. Everything is so established and beautiful. That watering can is such a cute idea and little Dante is precious..Keep well and, obviously, busy!..xxoJudy


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