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Precious Memories of Chloe

I am sorry I haven't written a post in awhile.  A  week ago, we lost our sweet Chloe, our toy Schnauzer who was 11 1/2 years old.  We miss you dearly.
Excuse me while I grieve. I cannot go into details right now, because it is breaking my heart.

“Animals have come to mean so much in our lives. We live in a fragmented and disconnected culture. Politics are ugly, religion is struggling, technology is stressful, and the economy is unfortunate plus now we have the Corona virus. What’s one thing that we have in our lives that we can depend on? A dog or a cat loving us unconditionally, every day, very faithfully.” – Jon Katz
Chloe had a very sweet personality.  She was a routine dog who was excited about  eating her meals and always running down the hall to go on a Gator ride.
We had a routine.  After they have their dinner, we get the look from them both. We all go to the Gator vehicle and give them a ride down the long driveway to the cul de sac.  They always are on the look-out for wildlife.  The highlight of their day.
Chloe was a joy.  Always gentle and sweet. Fur babies love us unconditionally.
They are always excited to see you and give you so much love.

My sweet Chloe girl.

Chloe was quite the adventurer.  She loved to sit on the deck or front porch and look out.
All puppies are so cute, Chloe was no exception.

Chloe lives on in Dante, her son. She was quite the permissive mom who always gave in to Dante, whether it was a toy or treat.
Baby Dante.  He is now going on 7 years old.  He is not adventurous in which we are thankful.  He is my shadow.  As I am writing this post, he is sleeping on my lap.
Sir Dante - Chloe's son.
Lady Chloe Primrose passed over Rainbow Bridge on April 22, 2020
We miss miss our sweet girl and I know Dante must be missing his mom.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss Linda. No words for a loss of a dear pet and they are members of our family. Just know I am thinking about you and hope soon all you will think about are the sweet memories. Take care...........

  2. Linda I know this is a very hard time for you. I am so sorry for this loss. There is nothing I can say to make you feel better after a loss like this. Please know I feel for you and wish you more better days during your grieving. Our fur kiddos give us unconditional love which is such a beautiful gift. You have some very special pictures of Chole to remember the good times. I am glad you have Dante to hold and hug when you are missing Chole so much. Prayers for you and virtual hugs.

  3. What a beautiful companion, Linda. I'm so deeply sorry you had to say farewell to Chloe. They grab onto our hearts, don't they? And when we say goodbye, they take a little bit of your heart with them and like all wounds, it hurts unbearably, slowly heals but always leaves a bit of a scar and reminder that acts up every now and then when you'll least expect it. Dante is wonderful and I'm glad you have him. Remember, animals grieve, too, so take note of appetite changes, excessive grooming and other signs. Biggest hugs.

  4. I am so sorry Linda. We’ve lost pets and it’s a heartbreak. So sorry.

  5. Oh that’s so sad, Linda. I know you miss Chloe, but then Dante misses her, too. Thankfully you do have Dante to help as you grieve. What an endearing post you wrote about your beloved Chloe. Hugs and blessings to you......

  6. We lost our Sadie about 2 years ago, and still see her in many dogs we see being walked. I'm not sure we will ever find another Sadie, I do hope to.

  7. I am so sorry for your loss of Chloe and such a beautiful tribute to her. Dogs are the best and I am glad you have Dante to help you grieve. You will have many wonderful memories of Chloe. Sending prayers and hugs your way.

  8. I am so sorry, Linda. My heart hurts for you. Beautiful pictorial tribute.
    I am glad you have Dante to cuddle and love.
    Thinking of you.

  9. My condolences, Linda. Chloe looks like a truly wonderful dog and devoted companion. You certainly provided her with a long and wonderful life, every little dog's dream.

  10. I’m so sorry for loss. Linda. Losing a furbaby is such a profound loss. Looks like Chloe had an excellent life with you.


  11. What a sweet tribute post. Chloe was a very cute dog and Sir Dante is too. I’m so sad for you about this and I’m sending lots of love and hope as time goes by your pain will soften.

  12. Oh Linda, my sweet friend, I am so sorry for your loss!
    Chloe was such a beautiful and sweet dog, thank you for sharin those lovely memories with us!
    Pain will go, but all the lovely memories you will keep in your heart forever!
    Lots of Love and hugs, dear friend,
    Claudia xoxo

  13. So sorry you have lost this precious companion.....what a doll she was !! Love to you....xoxoxo

  14. Oh Linda, I'm so sorry to hear this and feel your pain. We said goodbye to our Chloe in 2018 and Gracie in 2019. I know Dante is grieving for her along with you and your hubby. Lots of love to you and doggie kisses to Dante. “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” ♥

  15. So sorry Linda:( My sympathies to both of you...

  16. So sorry Linda and Paul. Joe and I will grieve our special Kiki our entire life. They are family.

    Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

  17. I am so sorry you had to lose your Chloe, but you do have Dante, who does need alot of love now.
    I lost my cat Milo 2 years ago, and I still miss him very much.

  18. I am so very sorry Linda. Hugs and blessings to you. Cindy

  19. Sweet blessings.....I am sure Dante will also miss her! Keep the memories close to heart!

  20. I am so sorry for your loss. Our dogs become such a huge part of our lives and often time a loss of a pet is overlooked as a loss of a dear loved one. May your wonderful memories of Chloe sustain you and Dante's love hold you through. Hugs to you. Ann

  21. Dear Linda, I love these pictures of your precious Chloe. I am still reeling that she is no longer with you. Hearts broken. Love, Karen

  22. Oh dear Linda, I know your heart is broken. I'm so sorry. Do take care of yourself and darling Dante.

  23. So sorry for for your loss. I know how you feel. I lost my Peanut after 14 yrs. Hugs.

  24. Hello Dear Linda,
    You and Chloe have been in my thoughts all week long. Our fur babies bring us so much joy and I am thankful that you have Dante to ease some of your sorrow. Keeping you and your family close in my heart and sending up prayers of comfort too.

  25. This is so sad. I know you miss Chloe so much, and it must've been really hard to create this post. I'm sure Dante is somewhat lost. Hug your baby dog. Sending love for your loss.

  26. I'm so sorry Linda. It is so hard to lose a pet. Stay strong and stay healthy, dear Linda.

  27. I'm so very sorry that you've lost Chloe. Take care of yourself and Dante.
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  28. No estés triste por favor Linda, piensa que ahora Chloe está en el cielo de los perros, que fue feliz porque tuvo una familia que la quería y la cuidaba, que compartía con ella las alegrías y las penas, hay tanto perro abandonado y peor aún maltratado, ella fue feliz con vosotros y eso te ha de llenar de alegría. Mucho ánimo y un beso grande


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