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Tales of The Traveling Tote #22 & Giveaway

Hello friends, time for another Tales of The Traveling Tote adventure and Giveaway.Quarterly, a group of us tote gals share a connected post about the places we have been. We have made some wonderful friendships and some of us have met in person.  We hope you find our posts as fun as we do. You can find more about the Giveaway at the bottom of this post. To read how this group began, you can read HERE*I am posting a day early due to my Love Your Creativity Link Party on Sunday. You can leave a comment on Jenna's blog on Sunday March 1st.

Paul and I ventured out with friends to enjoy a special dinner and a magician afterwards.  It is called Mystique Dining. The dining room is all decked out like an old castle.  A huge table that is extra wide seats 18 people.
Be prepared, this is a long post.

Here I am with Miss Lola getting a photo opportunity while waiting for friends to show up.  As you can tell I love leopard print.

Paul has a funny look on his face.  He always tell me he hates his smile.

Miss Lola snuck in a photo with the armored knight. He needs to eat more...LOL Can you see his face?

The doors opens to a lovely dining room for 18 people.  There is a butler and an hostess.  The magician comes in after dinner and dessert.

 This is what we see as soon as the double doors open.   The king or queen throne chair was empty so, I talked some friends into taking photos.
The ceiling is quite unique with lights and a gauzy fabric. Each plate setting has it's own light that creates a spotlight on the charger. The great dining room is decked out formally, complete with a chandelier.
Here we are all seated.  I grabbed the vip tickets, so we could sit next to the magician.

Matt Donnelly and I after the show.  Miss Lola of course had to be included.

My girlfriend June and I sitting in the throne chair.

Here's the video I created with the photos from our night out at Mystique.

Our next adventure was A Chef's Table dinner for Valentine at Tess's Kitchen. A three story store complete with a gourmet kitchen. Eating at a Chef's table is a true culinary experience..  You can see the chef cooking right before your eyes.  
Our chef is Alan Tangren.  Chef Alan Tangren spent 22 years as a chef in the kitchens of Chez Panisse in Berkeley,  CA. Eight of those years spent as the Chez Panisse forager. He teaches cooking classes and directs monthly Chef’s Tables at Tess’ Kitchen Store Typically a Chef's Table is a table in a restaurant reserved for vips and guests of the chef.

My place setting.

Our wonderful dinner was a feast for our eyes and stomach. I forgot to bring Miss Lola and Miss Gigi, shame on me.  They missed this wonderful dining experience. I am thinking about signing up for some cooking classes.

Below is a video about the Chef's Table with Alan Tangren.

Now for the Giveaway!  Jenna from The Painted Apron is hosting this giveaway.  To enter, leave a comment on her blog.  Good luck!

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Join us for our next exciting adventure. on June 1st.

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  1. Wow, Linda, you looked fabulous at the Mystique event, and how much fun was that?! You make me want to get dressed up for going out, but I so frequently take the easy and fast approach (my mother probably rolls in her grave at the sight. She ALWAYS dressed to the nines). Miss Lola is the perfect accessory to the huge banquet room. The chef's table looked to be an great experience too. I could easily be a foodie, but Mr. P. eats like a kid, lol, so he'd be that one sitting there, making fun of all the foods he didn't want to try. I think cooking classes would be great fun, especially with girlfriends.

  2. What fun you and Paul have, Linda. I’ll bet the Mystique Event was wonderful. I always love seeing foodie items, and I would be taking some classes with you. Thanks for sharing your outings with us.

  3. Linda, first of all I think Paul has a nice smile. The Mystique Event looks amazing, and being a foodie, I would have enjoyed the menu and evening very much. You look fabulous in leopard! Cooking classes sounds wonderful too. We attended one in Italy, and I was in awe of the chef.

  4. Wow, two fabulous dining experiences! Thanks for taking us along via photos!

  5. Nice dining experiences! I am so glad that you traveling tote made it to one of these experiences.

  6. Hi Linda,
    Oh this place looks like a great time. I wish we had something like this by me. What fun. You guys are so cute and looked like you were all having so much fun. The food menu looked really good too.
    Happy Weekend.

  7. You look quite lovely sitting on that purple couch - especially with Miss Lola! Looks like everyone had a fabulous time at the Mystique Event!

  8. Wow Linda you and Miss Lola do get around to some fun places! Love the dress you had on! I bet the the magic show was so fun! That cooking class looked like a great adventure!

  9. Love the pic of you ...and Paul, too at Mystique. This looks like it was a fun dinner!! Love the long table and setting! The cooking class also looks fun. Happy to see your tote got out this winter!!

  10. Linda you and Miss Lola look fabulous for your evening with friends at the Mystique event. What a lavish table and I'm sure the dinner was outstanding. I love the setting for A Chef's Table dinner. This must have been a fun experience. Cooking class there would be amazing. Don't feel bad, Miss Courtney was left behind a lot too this winter. What was I thinking I'd think!

  11. Linda you look fabulous along with Miss Lola at the Mystique and what a fun night it must have been. Sitting at a Chef’s Table is a wonderful experience! Happy Weekend !

  12. looks ike fun..GREAT pics of you two Linda!!

  13. Wow Linda, the Mystique evening must have been amazing! The dining room is over the top! What fun to get all dressed up and enjoy such a special evening. I love how you get people to pose with Miss Lola, I never have the courage to do that! The Valentine dinner looked like another very special evening too... Paul is such a great Tote Tribe supporter :)
    ❤️ Jenna

  14. What a fabulous event, Linda...and you two look great. You look like you both know how to really have fun!!

  15. I enjoyed your video of your evening at Mystique! You truly have mad skills, My Sweet Fairy Blog Mother!!! The venue looks like a lot of fun. The decor is definitely over the top! And you do look great in leopard print! Have a blessed Sunday!


  16. Linda. Your video was great !! I love the setting for A Chef's Table dinner. This must have been a fun experience for you all..

  17. How awesome Linda that you, your husband and friends went out for dinner and the magic show and the other dinner with the chef! It's great to get out to places like that for good food and friendship.

  18. Linda, you have enjoyed some fabulous foodie adventures! I love seeing these photos and reading about your dining adventures. You look terrific, and kudos to Paul for getting into the photo shoot here. Looks like a fun time for all.
    Happy March!

  19. Oh my! You look so true mystique yourself! That is such a fabulous photo of you in your leopard dress! You truly get younger looking every year! Just Beautiful!!
    That dining table - I would love one myself! What a fun and fabulous place to go! I enjoyed coming along with you two romantics!

  20. Linda,
    Wow! You look amazing and your evening looks amazing too. What a fun group of gals you all are to share the traveling totes adventure together and then share it with all of us too!
    Happy March!

  21. Oh wow; those both sound like excellent evenings.

  22. Looks like fun events. I would really like the dinner with the chef. Sounds like lots of fun.

  23. This sounds just divine. I'm not sure which of these experiences I'd rather enjoy most -- the fabulous Mystique dinner or the Chef dinner. Both are delightful and I'm sure delicious. And you look delovely in your cute dress!


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