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What is NEW with the Blogger Update

So many bloggers are asking what is different about the New Blogger, where it says, Try the new blogger! There are three new updates. 

The first once you click over to Try the New Blogger is Stats. One is in Stats, which gives you a better look of your posts, Your Follower count, Number of comments, Post Number and how many Posts you have made. After all of that, you will see your Lifetime views. 

The second change is the look of your comments.

The third update is the Theme. If you are on Blogger, you may have seen the big orange button  in Theme that says" Try the new Blogger."

Once you click to try the New Blogger, you will see this below:

Click continue. You will see the Stats page which looks totally different than the old Blogger Stats page.

Now click Theme. It will show you a page similar to this one.

To Customize your blog, simply click CUSTOMIZE.  The page is pretty much the same as before allowing you to customize your Blogger theme with fonts, colors, etc.

Ok, let's get to the Theme editing.
Those three little dots to the right, you click.  You will see a menu like this:

To back up your blog, click Backup.  To restore, you click Restore and find the html template on your pc to upload.

there is another option to go back to the Classic theme. The next one is where you can edit your blog's html. The last one is Mobile Settings.

Click Edit HTML.  To find a code in the HTML, you can hold down Ctr+F

After you are done editing, there are 5 symbols at the bottom.

If you do not like this updated New Blogger look, you can click Back to Classic Blogger.

I did encounter an issue on one blog. We changed to the New Blogger. Everything was fine, however when we tried to go back to Classic Blogger, it took us way back to an old blog look.  After feeling some panic, there a button to upgrade.  Everything came back. 

*I personally do not recommend you try this now.  Let's wait for them to work out the bugs. I hope this helps some people who are curious about the New Blogger.


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  1. I wondered what that “try the new blogger” was about!

  2. Good to know. I have seen that "try the new blogger". Thanks for explaining Linda.
    Hugs and Have a great weekend.

  3. I'm going to be a total stick in the mud and stay with my old, classic, simple blog format. It's good enough for me, so long as Blogger continues to support it.

  4. Thanks for sharing with us. I wish I knew html in order to customize my blog a little more.

  5. So scared I am not touching a thing ..ever:)♥

  6. Linda,
    Thanks so much for explaining this!!

  7. It all just makes me nervous, Linda! You know me!

  8. Thanks for checking this out for us, Linda! I tend to stick with the old ways - not unless they eliminate them and we have no choice but to use the new ones. I use Picmonkey for photo editing and they have a new version which I dislike and fortunately they have the old version available, too. Thank goodness!

  9. Thanks for the info, Linda. I kept seeing that update & thought if I click this & it all goes terribly wrong, I'm going to need Linda! haha

  10. Thanks Linda for taking the time to explain the new blogger for us. This post was very helpful.

  11. Thank you for sharing this, Linda. I, too am a fan of waiting until the bugs are worked out!

  12. Thank you for writing this! I'm been afraid to click on that 'Try the New Blogger' button. Still am but now I feel comfortable waiting until we are forced to do it.

  13. Thanks for this. I always wonder what New Blogger is and I've hesitated to click. I think I'll wait.

    On another note, on Marmelade Gypsy I posted about a fellow blogger's problem and several people said, "Check Life and Linda!" and I had to do that! Of course, I realized I'd been here before with traveling totes but now I'm a new follower!

  14. Muchas gracias Linda , siempre me gusta ver nuevas opciones, pero como tu deces esperaré un poco a utilizarlo. Un beso


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