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Special Edition - Tales of The Traveling Tote + GIVEWAY

Hello friends,  welcome to a special edition of Tales of The Traveling Tote. Our group is celebrating 5 years of fun adventures and travel.  Sometimes around town or around the globe. 

Patti, our group's founder has done a wonderful job making sure we were noticed. If you are interested hearing about how it all started click HERE.

We each share our travels be near or far every three months with a fun Giveaway
In case you want to know more about Mackenzie Childs, you can watch the video below.
Toward the end of November the ten of us gals from Tales of the Traveling Tote were surprised with a custom tote made special for each one of us by Mackenzie Childs.  
Below is the custom tote for each of the gals in our group.  We knew a surprise was coming for each of us so we all waited with excitement.

I happened to be away when my custom tote was delivered.  I was visiting my Mom and decorating her house for Christmas.  I had my hubby open it up and send me a photo.  So cute and one of a kind designed just for me.

With each custom tote, we all received a personalized card The tote was made custom for each gal.  How sweet this is!

    We all decided take a photo of ourselves and our new tote bags on a carousel.

Paul and I went to the Roseville mall to take a photo of me and Miss Gigi on a carousel.  Actually the operator was out taking a bank break, so I snuck in to grab a few photos.  I was so worried I would be caught....LOL Luckily we got out of there before the operator came back. 

I named my custom tote Miss Gigi.

Isn't she gorgeous?  The tassel is so fun and the gold name plate with Mackenzie Childs is lovely. My bag is floral with blingy brown and tan stripes.  It has lots of pockets for  storing those much needed  accessories we all carry.  I am so very grateful to belong to this wonderful group of ladies.

A collage of photos.

This picture, Paul and I ventured out to Grass Valley.  A lovely waterfall as a backdrop.

Would you like a chance to win this adorable Mackenzie Childs tote? This One of a kind custom bag was given to us by Mackenzie Childs. 
Leave a comment below (if you sign in as "anonymous", make sure you leave an email address). Please also leave a comment on each of the other 9 Traveling Tote blogs for additional chances to win.

Here are the ladies and their new tote bags names and links.
Debbie with Miss Tassie @ Mountain Breaths
Emily with Miss Lulu @ The French Hutch
Patti with Miss Tizzy@ Pandora's Box
Jenna with Miss  Hello Gorgeous @ The Painted Apron
Linda P with Miss Gigi @ Life and Linda
Rita with Miss Penny @ Panoply
Sarah with Miss  Poppy @ Hyacinths for the Soul
Jackie with Miss  Pansy @ Purple Chocolat Home
Ricki Jill with Miss Square Peggy @The Sketchy Reader
Cherry Kay with Miss Waverly  @ Entertaining Women

The winner shall be selected on January 27th.  Good luck!

I also want to thank the lovely sisters , Julie & Joan who personally designed each of our custom tote bags plus a big thank you to Mackenzie Childs for sending us a beautiful tote to give away to some lucky reader.

Our next adventure will be March 1st.

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  1. Good morning, dear Linda! I love Miss Gigi's name. It fits her well. Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  2. Wow! Personalized custom totes -- that's so special! Miss Gigi suits you, you carousel scofflaw!

  3. Such a pretty bag!! Enjoy it and the places it takes you!

  4. Beautiful. I hope you enjoy.

  5. Congratulations! What a fun celebration for friends and how kind of MKC to celebrate you all!

  6. Oh Linda, Miss Gigi is so perfect for you! Rich patterns and a bit of bling is so you. I love that they put pockets in it too. Enjoy her in good health!

  7. Linda..it's YOU! A great group of friends you all are.Incredibly thoughtful of MKC but so well deserved.
    Happy for you.

  8. How cute you look with your uniquely created tote, Linda! I laughed when I read that you snuck on the carousel!!!! How wonderful of MKC to also send a tote for some lucky recipient.

  9. Oh Linda, Miss Gigi is a perfect match for her lovely owner. LOL, how funny you did what I wanted to do at our carousel but didn't do, my luck, would have been caught!!! Glad you made a clean getaway :) Have fun and safe travels with your new tote......

  10. What a fun and wonderful way to celebrate five years of traveling totes adventures! And to receive personalized totes for the event is quite amazing! Congratulations and may you all enjoy another five years of MKC traveling totes and adventures!

  11. Your tote is a real treasure. It will continue to make memories for many years to come.
    Love that you ladies share with us.

  12. Love the tote. Love the look. I am sure that it will be a great companion on all the travels.

  13. Wasn't this a magical surprise Linda! I can't believe MKC took the time to design a unique tote for each of us! It is so much fun to see the new totes matched to their owners and Miss Gigi is perfect for you! I hope you have many wonderful adventures to tell with Miss Gigi in the future!

  14. What a great surprise to receive Linda. I only know you and Rita and Ricki Jill and they were spot on with designing the new totes for each of you. So cute. I always look forward to your travels with your totes. I bet Miss Gigi will have many fun adventures with you.

  15. Miss GiGi is adorable. What a wonderful surprise for the group! I am visiting from my friend Debbie's blog and will take some time to look around :-).

  16. Linda, MKC matched you and your unique tote perfectly. What a fabulous gift for each of you ladies and I am sure quite the surprise. Love the photo of you on the carousel, so glad you were able to “sneak” it in! I know you and Miss Gigi will have loads of fun in the future!

  17. Miss Gigi is beautiful, Linda. I love the pretty tapestry fabric at the top! I also liked looking at your collage photos. :D

    I know y'all will have many wonderful adventures together. I am so touched that MacKenzie-Childs did this for us. I am very grateful to them and to Patti for promoting our little group! I also want to thank you for being the very best blog fairy godmother ever.

    Happy New Year!
    Ricki Jill

  18. Love this! Love her name! and would love to have my own to enjoy!! I follow Jackie @ Purple Chocolate home. Matt621hew@yahoo.com

  19. It's such fun to see the individuality in each bag. Enjoy!

  20. Wow what a pretty bag! Love that they were designed for each of you personally! That’s a cute name you gave it too!

  21. What a sweet gift Linda. So, so cute! I will have to read about how this all got started. So neat that you gals do this. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  22. Hi Linda, congrats on being in this fun group for five years. I love the pretty bag and it's name. I hope you enjoy your travels and your new bag.

  23. Linda, I smiled as you recalled how the bags made their way across the country "from sea to shining sea". I feel so fortunate to be a part of this group, sharing a friendship and a love for MacKenzie-Chids. Miss Gigi is a stunne, and I know she will be a faithful companion. Love seeing all your photos!

  24. Gosh your bag is gorgeous also, I haven't seen a bag I didn't like
    That is Oh soooooooooo special for you all to receive those special bags
    ( I want one ) whining LOL

  25. Linda I am so happy we share this connection. When I saw the glam stripes I guessed right away that that was yours! You look adorable carrying it. These are going to get great use - they're so light. Someone else is going to get to share that pleasure too. Thanks MKC!

  26. What a wonderful surprise!

  27. What a beautiful thing to win. It is lovely.

  28. Miss Gigi is so perfect for you. I’m so impressed with each tote and the fabric that was chosen to reflect our individual tastes and personalities. I know Miss Gigi is in good company and there are will be many outings together. Glad you didn't get in trouble with Miss Gigi on the carousel. LOL Happy and Healthy travels Linda!

  29. What a fun group, Linda. I also received Mackenzie Childs for Christmas - a beautiful tea kettle! It makes drinking tea so delightful! Loved your story and looking forward to hearing about your travels with Miss Gigi!

  30. As I said to Sarah, how wonderful to have these designed especially for you.

    I hope you have many more travels with your totes


  31. Linda, Miss Gigi is so you! I know you girls were thrilled and honored to receive your MKC custom tote. I love that you snuck on the carousel :)...great photo! Wishing you many safe travels with your tote and adventures in 2020. ♥

  32. Wow, what more can I say, love them.

  33. Sweet Linda,
    I LOVE those Travelling-Totes, they are gorgeous!
    Wishing you a lovely rest of the week!
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  34. OOOOOOOOOOOOOO how wonderful. What a great surprise and gift from MC. They are such great folks.

  35. Linda, MC certainly did you all up in style. Amazes me how personality fitted each bag seems to be. Thank you for the chance to participate in such a fun event!!

  36. How nice for each of you to receive a tote from MKC.

    Thanks to you all for the give-away.


  37. Wow! Such a beautiful bag! “She” is definitely going to go places! Enjoy your adventures with this new addition!

  38. That's really amazing that they made them all for you! I love this story. Can't wait to see where you all go next!

  39. Enter me please! Love the tote!

  40. Miss GiGi is lovely, and what a special gift. I'd really love to win the lovely giveaway tote.

  41. I would love to win the tote

  42. Miss Gigi is a looker! I guessed yours - without any help! It was definitely so glamorous, it had to be yours! It was hard being the last ones to receive it, and then we were both gone when it arrived - that is so funny! I can't wait to see who is the lucky winner - this is quite the giveaway prize! Woohoo! Thanks for the great carousel collage picture for all of us! And thanks for taking care of me while I was gone!

  43. Miss Gigi is adorable. What excitement to know that Julie and Joan from Mackenzie-Childs designed such fun totes for you and the ladies of Tales of the Traveling Tote. I know I would jump for joy to have a custom tote from my favorite brand - Mackenzie-Childs. Please count me in for the giveaway. I love your tablescape designs. Geaux Mackenzie-Childs. Geaux Tales of the Traveling Tote.

  44. Miss Gigi is gorgeous and I know you'll make great traveling partners!

  45. What a wonderful personized bag! I love your design. I love the table scapes and all your posts.


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