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Tales of The Traveling Tote #21 & Giveaway

Happy December.  The time is flying by so fast. This post is our quarterly post for The Tales of The Traveling Tote.  Miss Lola and I ventured out a few times. We have a lovely giveaway toward the bottom of this post.  In January, we have a special giveaway  from Mackenzie Childs that will thrill some reader.

In October we visited the Flower Farm.  Miss Lola posing with pumpkins.

 This darling cow was so accommodating.  makes for a cute picture.

Love this floral fountain.
Apple Time.  Apple Hill has lots of orchards and activities.

How about some Apple Blackberry Wine?

The Pumpkin Patch and a beautiful view.

I haven't posted about our pool remodel.  Since the plaster was lifting, it was time for a new surface.  We chose a Pebble Tec Catalina Blue and finally we have lights.  For years I whined about how our pool was so dark at night.  Now, it is glowing and we are both ecstatic about the new look.

Last month many of you know how we suffered through the power outage. We are in the process of getting a generator.
Our Thanksgiving was wonderful.  We spent it with friends this year.

Since my mom moved down to Southern California, I flew down to visit and decorate her house for Christmas. We had a lovely visit together.  Miss Lola wanted to be included.

My mom had a bay window installed and it made a perfect spot for her Winter wonderland look.

Now for the Giveaway. Be sure to visit Emily's blog, The French Hutch for a chance to win these darling Christmas towels. Leave a comment on her blog for a chance to win.

The Traveling Totes would love you to stop by for a visit.

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Don't forget to also join us January 15th for a very special post and a grand giveaway to some lucky reader.  Here's a hint!

Join us in March for another Tale of the Traveling Tote plus giveaway. 
We share these posts every three months.

Stay tuned for a Christmas Tablescape Blog Hop. I shall be joining some talented bloggers who are sharing this year's Christmas tablescapes. My day of posting is Wednesday.

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  1. You know I lovee what you did at your mom's:)
    I must say your pool looks like a 5 star tropical resort:)I love looking at a lit pool too.Dreamy.

    1. Thank you Monique. My mom is so happy. I love how the pool turned out.

  2. Is there an actual tree under all those decorations, lol? Looks fab!

    1. Debra, you are so funny. yes, indeed there is a tree there.

  3. Wow, Linda! Your pool looks fabulous! I'm glad you are happy with it.
    You have done so much for your Mom! I know she is thrilled with her home all decorated.
    Your MCK tree is amazing! Happy December!

  4. How nice to visit your mom and help out with her Christmas decorating. I love your moms decorations and your pool and tree look so nice. Have a nice week Linda.

  5. I sighed when I saw the view at the pumpkin patch, Linda...so pretty!! Mmmmmm, I'm thinking that I would love a sip of that apple blackberry wine. You did such a wonderful job of decorating your mom's new home for the holidays. I know she must think that she's in a Winter Wonderland!

  6. You gals always take the best trips! And I love your mom's tree. Wow, now that's what I call decorating!!

  7. Visiting your mom must have been a nice getaway and I am sure she enjoyed your decorating talent - her home looks lovely and festive!! I love all of the fall photos - out totes looks so great with fall colors! Your pool is dreamy - makes me want to dive in! Thanks for taking us along on your adventures!!

  8. Linda, your tote looked super cute with the cow in fall, but Miss Lola looks outstanding with your mom's Christmas decor! I bet she was stuffed to the max for the trip there.
    Your pool looks great, and you are going to love how your generator kicks in within seconds after PG&E decides it's time to turn out the lights.

  9. What a fun and cute series! I love it; looks like you had a great quarter.

  10. Linda, your tote had a fun three months! I know your mom was thrilled to have you visit and decorate for the holidays. What a beauutiful gift to your mom! The generator is an excellent idea, and the new pool lighting is gorgeous. Every time I see a photo of your dining room, I'm envious of all the dish storage. I know you appreciate it.
    Love seeing your Christmas tree all decorated. I hope to get our tree up and decorated tomorrow.

  11. Oh wow Linda, you and Miss Lola have been busy and and accomplished a lot. What a fun visit to the flower farm, love that cow! Gorgeous fall color and scenes. The pool is absolutely glowing and must look stunning after the sun goes down with the lights. Hope you get the generator before the power company starts to cut the power again. I love the white mantle, I have similar owls from PB, yours is stunning as is the decorating you did for your mom. Happy December sweet Linda.......

  12. Stunning! Your decorations and decor are fun and make me smile.

  13. Oh Linda, your pool looks gorgeous! I am so glad you're getting a generator! The power outages had to be so frustrating and scary...Your mother's home looks so beautiful and I know she was thrilled to have your magic touch! The photo of the pumpkin patch in the sunset is outstanding! I loved the cow pic, and of course your fabulous MKC tree! Happy December!

  14. Hi Linda,
    You have had a very busy month. Glad you had fun visiting and decorating with your mom. Apple Blackberry Wine sounds pretty yummy. I would love to try that one. I cannot wait to see all your decor for Christmas. The traveling tote looks really cute with the cow!!!!
    Big Hugs,

  15. Linda, Miss Lola sure got around, didn't she? Love her posing with the cow. Your pool is absolutely beautiful and glad you got your generator. Now, are we going to be able to use them? Thanks for your visit, I always appreciate kind words, but especially at Christmas..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  16. Miss Lola does get around and looked cute with the cow! Your mom’s tree looks wonderful and the pool looks grand!

  17. Glad your mom is happy and you were able to decorate for her. Miss Lola could invite Miss Aurora to hang out by the pool :-) Glad you got the generator, and hope you won't have to deal with the power outages on a regular basis. I absolutely love the sunset at the pumpkin patch.
    Happy December!

  18. I just love your pool lighting. The pebble tec is so wonderful too. I just love what your moms house looks like. I didn’t know Miss Lola got to come along too. I am sure you are all decked out for Christmas or will be soon.

  19. Oh- I am so jealous that you have a traveling tote. You can't get that one anymore. I love all your posts and seeing your beautiful home..and now your beautiful POOL! That turned out great and I bet it is just gorgeous at nighttime.

    I hope you have a great week,Linda. xo xo xo

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