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It Is Only Skin Cancer

Hello friends, well, the" C" word has struck again. 

 This time in the form of skin cancer...Melanoma. I am beginning to wonder why I am bombarded with cancer. Each time, I fight to survive and end up beating this deadly disease. Most of you know I am a three time cancer survivor.  Ovarian cancer twice and thyroid cancer and now, skin cancer.
You can read about some of my cancer experiences here and here.

Born and raised in sunny California

I was born and raised in Southern California.  During my youth, my sister and I baked in the sun, sometimes using baby oil with iodine to get that rich tan color.
We would get burned and then turn tan.  We also fought those awful mouth sores...actually herpes when we baked our faces too.  Most people get HSV-1 (herpes simplex type 1) as an infant or child. This virus can be spread by skin-to-skin contact with an adult who carries the virus. An adult does not have to have sores to spread the virus. Sunlight is an important causative factor of recurrent herpes simplex.

My sister and I actually piled on zinc oxide on our nose and lips to avoid those terrible core sores.  We looked like clowns, but it did protect our face. I eventually started covering my face with a hat or towel, which I am extremely grateful.

What is Melanoma Cancer

Melanoma is skin cancer on face, hands, legs, and body. One of the most common skin diseases but, when malignant, it can be highly fatal as it can travel and affect other organs of the body. It is considered to be the most dangerous form of cancer, all over the world.  Remember the skin is the largest organ of the body.

Dermatologist visit

I went to my dermatologist and showed her a spot on my chest that looked suspicious.  She took a good look and said it mostly likely was melanoma.
She did a shave biopsy. A shave biopsy is a diagnostic test where a thin piece of skin is removed from the surface using a sharp blade. The skin is then examined under a microscope.

 She told me if I heard from her, it would be bad news.I received a call from her in two days and she informed me, it was a melanoma. The treatment is to see Moh's surgeon to remove the melanoma and any borders around the melanoma on my chest.  Meaning I will be in his office for 6 hours.

What happens During Moh's Surgery

The procedure is done in stages, all in one visit, while the patient waits between microscope in an on site lab.  If any cancer cells remain, you are called back into the surgery room to remove another layer of tissue, sparing as much as healthy tissue as possible. The doctor repeats this process until NO cancer cells remain.
My doctor is also certified as a plastic surgeon.

Some People think that skin cancer is not really a legitimate form of cancer.

Wrong!  Many people have died from skin cancer. Just because some haven't gone through chemotherapy or radiation doesn't mean their skin cancer is not in the class as cancer.

The key is to find it early and to find treatment. It is just as scary as any other form of cancer.  We have to start thinking seriously about this cancer.

Skin cancer is not a joke

It is legit! People die from it!  Just sharing my story once again. My appointment is July 10th for surgery and I shall keep you posted. Stay protected from the sun.  Use your sun block.

May is Skin Cancer  Awareness month, so share the important of protecting your skin. Have you experienced skin cancer.  If so, please share your story.

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  1. prayers for you Linda...thank you for sharing your experiences.

  2. Hi Linda, oh I am so sorry to hear about the skin cancer. I do hope and pray that the surgery goes well. It's good that you discovered that spot on your skin.
    I do see my doctor every year for a skin check up. I have had spots removed on my skin too from years of baking in the sun as I lived one minute from the beach. Take care.

  3. I am so so sorry that, once again, you have to fight cancer. You are certainly an 'overcomer' and a fighter. I, too, baked in the sun as a kid and my skin is not nearly as nice as it could have been. Did the baby oil & iodine,too. We were crazy, weren't we? BUT- that is what most of the girls did at that time of life---sought out a tan.

    You are in my prayers, Linda. I am so sorry....xo Diana

  4. I'm praying for you Linda! You are so strong and will get through this successfully, once again. I am so sorry you have to go through this. I've lost immediate family members to different forms of cancer but none had skin cancer. My very best friend did the very same things you and your sister did as young ladies by bathing in the sun and using iodine and other methods to get tanned. She was diagnosed with late stage cancers of so many forms when they finally discovered it. Unfortunately, she didn't make it and I often think of the times she sat in the sun trying to get darker and wondered if that was the beginning. You're a fighter and you're going to beat this!

  5. Linda, I'm so sorry to hear about your latest cancer. That is not even fair! It sounds like you caught it in early stages and that is a good thing. My son-in-law just had a spot removed and it was melanoma also. Doc says he got all of it. You are a survivor and my thoughts are with you. We all did such stupid things when we were young..xxoJudy

  6. Oh Linda I am so sorry. I was like you as a kid we would slather on the baby oil and lay out in the sun. I was fair and freckled and blonde as a kid so I go every year to make sure I do not have anything popping up anywhere for that reason alone. They say skin cancer can sometimes start when we are teens and stay dormant until adults when the cells mature. So thinking about those days of burning and using baby oil with no sunscreen is scary to me too. I will keep you in my prayers that the surgery will not take long and they can get all the margins easily. Keeping good thoughts and prayers.

  7. Oh no! That's is so scary! I have always been a sun worshiper. I admit, I never used sunscreen until recently. I just wanted to prevent peeling and wrinkles. Sun cancer is something I never worried about until I reached my older age. I have never been checked.

  8. Prayers for you Linda. I am going back and read your other posts.
    Please know I am a prayer warrior.

  9. Linda,
    Thinking of you as you go through this upcoming procedure.
    Our generation was the worst ever. We were such sun worshipers and the darker the better.
    My husband has repeated issues with skin cancer as well and has gone through Moh's surgery about 5 times. So far so good with him and I am praying for the same with you.

  10. Linda, I'm so sorry to hear this! You are doing a wonderful service to let everyone know all the dangers of skin cancer and especially melanoma. My prayers are with you. xo

  11. My dear sweet prayers are with you. I understand how unfair it is that these cancers keep invading your body. I also know that you are strong and positive which "they" say is half the battle. The other half is just "the ugly C" and so very dangerous. Please let us know how your surgery makes out...and know that you have many prayer warriors praying for you and loving you. Blessings always my friend. Kari

  12. Oh Linda, I am so sorry to hear you are facing this again and sending you prayers and hugs. Skin cancer is no joke. I have had so many things removed and biopsied over the years as I am very fair and abused my skin throughout my life living on an island. Now I hide under the umbrella. I hope the surgery is quick and not too painful. Hugs...

  13. Linda, I am so very sorry to read that you have to fight cancer once again. I have had the Mohs surgery on my nose a little over two years ago. It went very well, they had to get a second layer. I didn’t have stitches so it healed without a visible scar. My prayers will be with you.

  14. AnonymousMay 28, 2019

    Prayers for you Linda.

  15. Oh, Linda, bless your heart! You are a trooper for sure! Remembering you in prayer.

  16. Oh Linda I am sorry to read this but I’m confident they’ll get it all and you’ll recover. I worshipped the sun when I was in my late teens like so many others. Prayers for you and big hugs!

  17. Well, Linda, this is distressing news. I'm certainly sending you every wish for a successful surgical removal and a speedy and full recovery. And thanks for all the important info re melanoma which you shared here today. Hugs!

  18. So sorry to hear this news, but fear not, you will get through this also!! He is with you and will fight this battle for you. Keeping you in prayer.....xoxoxo

  19. Oh Linda, I am so sorry, you have had to deal with more than your share...I live in fear of skin cancer, I grew up in So Cal too, doing the very same damage to my body! I go to the dermatologist every 6 months for a complete body scan, and have had 2 small out patient removals. I pray that your procedure will be smooth and a success, you are in my heart...

  20. Linda. You are in my prayers for a speedy recovery. I have had numerous MOHS surgery and the waiting for the Dr to return is the toughest! I am hoping all goes well for you!! Chin up!

  21. I am so sorry Linda that you have to go through this. You will certainly be in my prayers for an easy and successful procedure and full speedy recovery. Thank you for sharing your news so we can support you throughout. 🙏🏻

  22. Linda, needless to say it is distressing to read this news. My heart goes out to you as you face yet another battle with C. I'm grateful that you caught this and can immediately have the procedure. I pray all goes quickly, that the cancer is not deep, and that you recover quickly. Like you, I'm blonde, fair, and grew up near the beach. During the 60s, everyone seemed to lathered up with baby oil and of course blondes soaked their hair in lemon juice before laying in the sun. My father was very proactive though. He was not happy if we returned from the beach burned, so I do remember taking care to cover up. If we did return with burned skin, we faced the treaded apple cider vineger routine. That smell was not pleasant! All the same, I often laid out in the sun just for a tan. As a young adult with a sailboat, I spent hours on end out on the lake. I get checked every year, just recently had five pre-cancer spots burned off. I'm sad you are faced with this, Linda. You do not need more stress, and having to fight cancer a fourth time is grossly unfair. I will keep you close in thought, sending positive energy your way everyday. Thanks for this extremely thoughtful and informative post. It is important information for all of us. Hugs to you, sweet friend!

  23. Oh Linda, sorry to hear about the Melanoma. I will keep you in my prayers. I am off to the derm this week for a check up. Thank you for using your personal experience to remind people to get check ups. Stay strong.

  24. Oh Linda, I am so sorry to hear this news! I will be PRAYING for a successful surgery and healing! Skin cancer scares the heck out of me, but I have not been checked. I have GOT to do that. I, too, baked in the sun as a child, teen etc. Yup, used the baby oil and iodine too. Had no idea the damage I was doing to myself. Thanks for sharing all this info. XO, Pinky

  25. Oh Linda, I am so very sorry to hear this news. I am praying you caught it early and all layers can be removed during your surgery. I'm a very fair skinned redhead that spent way too much time in the sun unprotected as a child. I also spent many years in the cockpit of a airplane baking the sides of my face and arms with no protection. I've been fortunate to not have melanoma, but have had two other forms of skin cancers. I went through a full facial efudex treatment a few years ago. It removed many cancers and precancer damage areas. Sadly, I need to do it again and absolutely dread it. Living here in So. FL I wear wide brimmed hats and cover up like a bee keeper most days. The damage is already done, but I don't want to create more. I will say many prayers for you and I know you are fighter and will beat the heck out of melanoma.

  26. Oh Linda, I am so sorry to hear this and to know that you have to deal with melanoma. I was like you and used to bake in the sun, but back then we didn't know about sunscreen, only sun tan lotion. I used baby oil and crisco, too, along with the iodine. I fought cold sores constantly, especially when I was a teen, and into adulthood. I rarely get cold sores now, but they were awful. I hope you know that I pray for you every single day, and I will continue to do so. You are an inspiration in all that you've gone through and all that you do. Love and hugs are sent to you!

  27. I am sorry I missed this and want you to know Iam thinking of you and sending good wishes🙏🏻

  28. I have no words. I do have prayers for you. I am bombarding the doors of heaven asking for healing and health for you. Thank you for sharing your story with so many. You are a difference maker. CherryKay

  29. So sorry to hear this Linda, thank you for spreading awareness.

  30. Prayers for positive thoughts for you my dear friend. xo

  31. Oh Linda, I am so very sorry to read that you have melanoma. I've always been afraid of that one because I used to cook myself out in the sun, and I have a LOT of moles now. If only I had listened to my parents. Ironically, I had a basal cell carcenoma removed from my face back in February. A Mohs doctor here did the procedure, and those surgeons really are amazing. I wish you the best of luck with yours and am praying for you. I just hate that you have to go through this stuff again. You're a strong lady with a positive attitude and an inspiration to the rest of us!

    Take care Linda, and have a good week!

    Warm hugs,



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