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What Was Your Dream Job

Since it's a new year, I thought I would share a fun dream job I had when I was in my 20's.  This job was a blast and so interesting! How wonderful it would be to be 20 again. Over the years I’ve had many jobs. 

I was working at a May Co. store, starting in the gift wrap department. I learned how to wrap presents the right way.  Not sure if I am keeping that up...ha ha. I got promoted to the fine gift department.  Crystal, china and more.

I did rather well and it was fun.  One day a woman called me into her office and asked me if I wanted to work at La Costa Resort & Spa.  I am sure May Co. wouldn't have approved of this, since it would be taking me away from their store.  I had no idea what La Costa Country club was.  She told me about it and then I said yes.

It seems this woman had a sister who managed La Costa Resort and they wanted someone to work in the Pro Shop and sometimes the gift shop.  I agreed!  This photo is when I was in my 30's.

The resort is located in Carlsbad, California. I lived in Carlsbad with my first husband. The resort is gorgeous.  Celebrities and golfers hang out there. In the 70's, La Costa had become more than a resort.  It was a lifestyle. La costa quickly established itself as a top destination for the Hollywood Elite. The golf course received worldwide praise by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bob Hope. This a legacy of the historic 37 PGA events.

How exciting to see Celebrities every single day I worked. I call it my dream job, because I dressed up every day and I worked in a gorgeous place.  Surrounded by beauty and celebrities, many whom I met and chatted with.
Selling golf clothing and accessories was easy peasy, especially to the pros and celebrities. Sometimes I worked in the gift shop, located where the guests checked in.  I ate my meals in the main dining room.  Great perks!
I got to know the guys who ran the limos and sometimes, they would pick me up for work.  How fun to ride in a limo to go to work.

Vogue Magazine called La Costa “the super spa in California” when it opened in the 60's. Jackie Kennedy and former President Richard Nixon were among the jetsetters who stayed at the property.

I met so many stars such as Andy Williams, Dean Martin, Robert and Rosemary Stack plus Peter Falk.  Once I was mistaken for Dean Martin's girlfriend....lol I had a long conversation with Peter Falk.  A dream job I thoroughly enjoyed.

They have this beautiful spa.  What gal doesn't love to be pampered?
In 2003, La Costa received a #140 million restoration.  A $12 million spa.

Aren't the gardens lovely?  California living at it's best.

Truly a dream job that I looked forward to going to work each day.  I wish I had my photos to share with you, however there was a fire in the attic and all photos were burned.

I have had many jobs in my life.  Yes, I was a hair stylist, owning my own salon, along with being a medical assistant and then a real estate agent.

I have has other jobs that were also fun, working at Disneyland Hotel, also meeting celebs, and also a model for BearTracks.  I was the model sitting on those boats at boat shows, dressed with gold hot pants, remember those?

Tell me about your dream job. I would love to read about your adventures.

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  1. How exciting! I have been to La Costa twice for my husband's work trips and have so many fond memories of that beautiful place. I think we were there in the late 90s or early 2000s but I know it was before the big renovation. We were there when they hosted the World Golf tournaments and it was so much fun seeing all the famous golfers. Such a gorgeous place and I am sure it's even a more amazing place now. I would love to go back someday!

    1. Shelley, how special you got to visit La Costa. A beautiful place. One day, I need to get back and visit and be a customer...World golf tournaments were always happening.

  2. Wow, your dream job is so much better than any job I ever had, LOL! Your runner-up fun jobs too!

    1. Debra, you are so funny. I was fortunate to have some awesome jobs. Not all were dreamy...LOL

  3. Now that sounds like a great dream job! What a beautiful place. I don't think I have ever worked a dream job...not yet anyway!

    1. Yes Gina, a beautiful place indeed. A job should be fun. It would be awful to hate a job you have.

  4. Oh my, sounds like you had a wonderful and fabulous time back then in your dream job! I've never had a dream job but I do think I've had or am having a dream life that I'm very thankful for!

  5. Dear Linda,
    what a wonderful post about all your jobs and your dream job!
    My dreamjob was, when I owned a little Craft-shop for a couple of years, there I started makeing Teddybears, started sewing and many other handcrafts :O)
    My main job was beeing a kindergarden-teacher, this job I loved too, I did this for 17 years ...Had some other jobs too, but it is noht worth talking about ;O)
    Have a lovely weekend, my dear friend,
    Lots of Love, Claudia xo

  6. What a fun life that must have been. I must say that I have never worked a dream job and so I really can't say I have ever worked anyplace like those.

  7. Wow Linda, I guess you are bored these days after such a glamorous life! And you certainly sound like a woman who can do everything! Growing up in California, I met many celebrities too, not uncommon at all back then when life was a lot less complicated...even sat with John Hamilton on an airplane in first class on a flight to NYC! Love Carlsbad, one of the most beautiful spots ever, it truly must have been dreamy working there!

  8. Oh Linda..do I remember hot pants? I had black velvet and suede..lol..and over the knee boots..I still have a pair of those but wear them w/ leggings and long sweaters and coats..:)so it's like..well monoboots:)Is that an oxymoron?

    You look exactly like Knots Landing girls:)I have similar pics:)Donna Mills..Abby:)
    These photos represent what I see California like.

    The opposite of here..in winter.
    I bet you had a ball..
    Looking forward to Chapter2.

  9. Sounds like an exciting place to work!! I also have had some great jobs in the past and they bring back great memories!! Love your "glamour" photo!!

  10. I enjoyed reading about your dream job! I never had one other than one involving politics, and half your readers would probably hate me so I'd rather not say!

  11. What a fun and interesting lifestyle you led back in the 70s, Linda! This was really fun reading.oh man, those 70s - a wild decade, wasn't it?! I had fun, but sure wouldn't want to revisit it, lol.

  12. We went to San Diego over Carlsbad , but never stopped there. :) it is a very beautiful resort.

  13. You have had some fun jobs! I have always wanted to be a nurse but now that Im older and that dream might be too late to take on, I dream now of sitting on the beach while getting paid to blog. Haha.

  14. Wow, your jobs were dreamy! And, you looked like a star and still do! I had very boring jobs, accounting! What a fun post.........

  15. What fun to read about your dream job, Linda, and to see the picture of you. I guess I never had a dream job. I was a Home Ec teacher back in the 70's, and then had my four kids.

  16. Well that sounds like it was a ton of fun...actually all your jobs sound interesting. I've had a ton of jobs, too. My favorite was teaching, my most interesting was working in the PR department of a television museum in NYC when I was in my early 20's....lots of galas, lots of celebrities, lots of fun...but no money! I guess you can't have it all! Ha!

  17. Linda you had some dreamy jobs!! My career job has been 34 years with the same company, and I must say a lot of fun since I did travel quite a bit for sales meetings. I still look forward to going to work each day, so that must say something. I am in HR and payroll, and it is rewarding having the knowledge to help people.

  18. How fun Linda. I see you’ve always beef a beautiful woman! It really does sound like a dream job. Meeting celebrities and working in such a gorgeous location had to be surreal. I am totally in love with the gardens there. That’s my vision of gardens in California! I worked at a big fancy bank in Chicago when we lived there. We weren’t there but a couple of years but I always looked forward to going to work there. I got to dress nicely and dealt with prominent businessmen.

  19. What a fun life and what amazing jobs you have had! The job at La Costa must have been amazing every day! My jobs have not been nearly as fascinating. Probably the most likely one for fascinating is a job working with the characters at Disney World.

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