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Why So Many California Fires

I really don't understand why California has so many fires.  It is heart breaking to know so many people have lost their lives and their homes.

My Granddaughter lives in Upper Lake, Ca where the Mendocino Complex fire is. She was evacuated the other night.  Her work graciously paid for them to stay in a hotel in Ukiah.  They are safe and sound for now. More than 15,000 people had evacuation orders.

Such a scary feeling to know the fire is practically at your door.
We are safe, although with our acreage, the thought of a fire is on our minds.

Can you believe how many fires are in California?

What is causing these awful fires?  Careless people?  I know California can be dry during the summer months.  We rarely get rain. Sometimes you read about people using blades during the hot summer months to cut their grass or fields...instant fire.  It's very scary to think about the devastation.

The  California Carr fire has taken the lives of a Great Grandma and her two young Great-grandchildren, along with two firefighters. It is now one of the worst in the state's history.

Remember last year's fire, the Tubbs Fire?  When will it end?

Many of you know a few back, my sons were in the midst of the Lake County fire.  Thankfully, their home and lives were spared.  Many people were displaced.

We cannot thank these brave men and women who are risking their lives to fight these deadly fires.

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  1. I know Linda...those fires are so sad. Even though we know material things can usually be replaced, I think of the tornado we were in (over 40 years ago).... where we lost pictures and things that couldn't be replaced, like locks of hair from our babies, etc. I call all these precious items my "heart aches"..... because my heart aches when I look at them.

  2. Oops, I forgot to add...I'm glad your family is safe at the moment.

  3. My heart goes out to all of you at this time, Linda. I can't imagine....♥

  4. So scary. I remember my SIL being in Ft. Hill Ranch (pregnant and with a deployed husband) and fires were so close! They just recently moved back to Santa Clarita. Praying for all who have evacuated, those who are in the path, those who have lost their life or those of a loved one and especially for those brave men and women fighting the fires!

  5. It is very sad. My son-in-law is a firefighter and has, in the past, traveled west to help firefighting. The brotherhood of the men in that occupation (along with other first responders, healthcare workers, and service men & women) is incredible. I'm so thankful for them all. Best wishes for you and your family members staying safe.

  6. I have been thinking of you Linda during this horrible fire break out...I remember all too well evacuating when we were in fire danger several times in Southern Calif, terrifying! I pray you and your family remain safe.

  7. It is quite devastating to hear about the fires that seem to happening all over the west coast. I'm glad you and your family are ok and hopefully your daughter doesn't experience any damage to her home. My sister lives in Long Beach and I worry about her whenever I hear of fires breaking out. You just never know. It's happening all over - last week, in Greece. Too many have lost lives because of fires. Stay safe!

  8. I am truly horrified by these fires, Linda. I know my college roommate who lives outside Nevada City in a wooded area like yours worries about fires so often. It's terrible what people go through with the fires; no, it's absolutely heartbreaking. I am glad your family is safe, however. I remember when they were in the fire previously.

  9. I do remember your fires:( Tragic..We hear about them of course..QC has news from all over the world and the US figures prominently.
    I am so sorry for all these fires in California.:(

  10. PS..Ontario..right next to me..awful fires also.:(

  11. Wow this is aweful! Such devistation. Prayer to all those in the area. Glad your grand daughter is out of harms way.
    Prayers for rain.

  12. Oh Linda I am so sorry about your daughter having to be evacuated. I hope their home will be ok. You do get so many fires out in California. It is probably from the dry conditions and the dryness in the air that starts these. My husband is a fire chief and said those fires out in California are so dangerous because of how hard they are to contain. I am glad to hear you are ok with your beautiful home. Prayers to all of those in the line of the fires.

  13. It is so sad - what devastation! The evacuations must be so scary, not knowing what is happening to their homes....Hopefully they can contain them soon - or that heavy rains will come!

  14. Every time I see an update on the news I am shocked. I surely hope they get these under control and that your property won’t ever be in any jeopardy. I feel so sorry for people that loose their homes and don’t have proper insurance to get them taken care of afterwards. So so sad about the lives lost. That story about the great grandmother and great grandchildren perishing from it was the worst. Prayers for all and thankful for these brave men and woman fighting the fires and rescuing those in need.

  15. Dear Linda, sweet friend,
    oh, I have ssen reports in the TV-News, but I did not know, that there are so many fires!
    It is good to have such brave mes, who are fighting against those fires so hard!
    Take care, my friend,
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  16. Thank you, dear Linda, for answering me yesterday about your family, and then this update. Prayers are with all of you in California and the firefighters who bravely do their job.

  17. Jim and I are thinking about you and Paul and hope the fires stay far away. Glad your granddaughter is safe and hope her home is as welll. So sad for so many to loose everything in those fires. It's so scary. Prayers for all.......

  18. Thank you all for your concerns. My granddaughter is still evacuated. Time will tell.


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