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Tragic Fire in Lake County

This is not a happy post, sorry.   I am having a difficult time writing about pretty things at the moment. The #ValleyFire is in Lake County, California.  My three children live there.  My two sons live in the Hidden Valley Lake area.  They were evacuated Sunday night due to the fire being so close.  They could see the flames from the top of their driveway.  They are all safe.

My children grew up in Cobb Mountain where the fire wiped out so many  areas.
Cobb Mountain is the tallest mountain in the Mayacamas Mountains of California.
Heart breaking!  An historic Lodge burned to the  ground.  Hoberg's  Historic Lodge is gone.

This picture below is Hoberg's Lodge from 1950.

I am relieved to hear some of the business and homes were spared. The frustrating thing about all of this is the waiting and wondering about your family, friends and if your house is still standing.

The fire chief from Monte Rio said the fire just blew up on them.  Four fire fighters substained second degree burns. My heart goes out to all of these people.  Fire fighters are doing a wonderful job. We cannot thank them enough!

This is a house in Middletown, California where the fire moved and ravaged so many homes and lansdscape.  Hidden Valley Lake is adjacent to Middletown, Ca..  Middletown is about half an hour from the famous Calistoga area.   The fire  burned many homes and some busineeses.  The school survived. It also burned down to the ground the  famous Harbin Hot Springs Resort.  The fire spread to Hidden Valley Lake

My oldest son was driving yesterday to see if he could find out about his house and a drunk driver hit him head-on.  Thank God, he is ok.  He texted me to tell me, so I wouldn't worry if I heard something. To top things off, the drunk driver does not have insurance.
This drunk driver was just released from jail.  He was  out on bail from a DUI.

This is from that head-on accident.  Unbelievable my son is ok.  He is emotionally beat up.  Between the fire and now this!  It doesn't make a happy Mom.  I have been obsessed with this whole mess since it started.

Hidden Valley Lake Subdivison is also a mess.  Many houses have burned.  Like I stated, my sons do not know if their house is standing.  Waiting!

I am sorry again for such a sad post.  I feel writing about  this, does ease the  pain and worry.
I must say this year has been tough.

 I woke up  around 2:00 am. to the sound of rain. I felt compelled to write this post.  Rain is what we all need to put out this raging fires.

All of my children and Grandchildren live in lake County.  They are all safe.
I hope all of you are  safe and sound.  One never knows when disaster  will happen.  We have to live life like there is no tomorrow.  Be safe my friends.

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  1. Linda, my goodness, what a horrible time you all are having. And his truck! That alone would be draining. Do take care. I hope things turn around for you all soon. That's really too much stress.

  2. God be with all of you there, what a horrible disaster. We are all praying for you here in Texas.
    Miz Helen

  3. I am so sorry. I have been reading about the fires and it is all so awful...I pray this drought will cease in the West.

  4. Hello from Spain: fires are terrible. A great catastrophe. I'm glad you and your family you are well and safe. Keep in touch

  5. Hugs Linda! The important thing is that everyone is safe! Hang on to that. God will take care of you and everything else. Praying...

    Jan ♥

  6. Hello Linda I'm sorry for this horrible time in your family, thank God your son is safe in the accident .
    Linda life come first the important thing is the you all are safe.
    you all on prayer.
    God bless you all!

  7. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about all the devastation that is happening your way!
    Thank goodness your children and grands are ok. That is the important thing. Homes and furnishings are just things families can't be replaced. Hugs, Linda

  8. What a string of bad luck but thank goodness everyone is okay! That's what truly matters. But I hope their homes survive the fires and all will be well.

  9. Oh my.. I would be worried sick also..

    and on top of that..the accident.
    Thank God for that miracle..his life was spared..
    yes,in a can turn..
    Take care Linda.
    Thinking of you.

  10. Linda, I'm so sorry about the fires and your son's accident. What a terrible time for your family. I thankful that your family is safe...that's the important thing, but then you know that. I'll remember you in my prayers.

  11. Linda- I am so sorry to hear all of this. CA needs some rain badly. I pray for all those affected. xo

  12. Sending all affected and your handsome boys my prayers and warm hug.
    So glad you told us. It gives a personal dimension to drama.
    They will be ok. They're rebuild if needed and keep making you proud of them, their resilience and faith.
    Holding you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. Oh Linda this is so sad. I'm sorry so much of your family is affected. Thank God your son wasn't injured from that drunk driver. How foolish of a society we have that let these people out of jail so easily. They never have insurance and someone else always pays. Seeing that picture of the resort that's gone is shocking. I hope you are safe where you live from this kind of disaster. Prayers for all.

  14. Linda, I am so sorry you and your family are living this nightmare...thankfully their lives have been spared. Your son is very lucky he wasn't injured in the auto accident...hopefully the DUI driver will be jailed for a long, long, time.
    My prayers your sons' homes will still be standing.

  15. I am extremely sorry to read this post. One disaster follows another disaster. My prayers and best wishes. May the Almighty God give your the courage and strength to withstand and overcome thes terrible times. I also hope your sons house is safe and he can move into it without much delay and carry on his life.

  16. Dear Linda, I am so sorry to read this but I am glad you took the time to write this post. We can't pray for things we don't know about. I am so thankful you children and grands are safe and I also pray their homes are spared from these awful fires. I've been watching it on the news and it is heartbreaking. Yes the firefighters are heros.
    Thank God your son was not hurt seriously in this head on collision. My goodness the angels were with him for sure.
    Praying for you, your family and the rains come soon.
    Sending you a Great Big Texas Hug, cm

  17. Dear friend I am on my lunch break at scjool. My heart and prayers are with you. Thank god you are all well. Yes you all need a good rain to bring back hope. We stand with you!

  18. Oh my goodness Linda, my heart goes out to you and your sons and their families and all those affected by the fires. Your poor son being hit by a drunk driver while the driver was out on bail from a DUI! Thank heavens that he is ok!!! I hope your sons find out soon about their homes. Please keep us updated and prayers will be said. Love and hugs are sent to you.

  19. Linda,

    I feel so so bad about what you are going through, we never stop worrying about our kids and something like this would have me a complete wreck. Writing is good therapy.

    I'm so glad that the son who was in the car accident is okay. I am disgusted that the drunk driver was out on bail and still couldn't keep it together.

    I'm going to keep you and your family in my prayers. I really hope your son's home is okay. Keep us posted and get some rest.

    Jane xx

  20. I am so glad every one is safe....what a sad warm hugs from je Ria x

  21. How upsetting, Linda! Thankfully, your son wasn't hurt in the crash but I can't begin to imagine the stress level for everyone & you certainly didn't need that on top of everything else. prayers being said for your entire family.

  22. What a disaster! You know you have the prayers and support of all of us! I am so glad everyone is safe and your son was not seriously injured or worse. I have wondered about you during all this, because it looks like you live in a wooded mountainous area. I wonder what it is going to take before stupid judges stop letting habitual drunks out of jail to drink and drive again?

  23. Just said a prayer for all those people and for a heavy rainfall. Glad your children are safe and pray their home is ok.
    So sorry for your heartache. Glad your son is ok after the accident.

  24. This is SO, so sad, for everuone involved. My heart breaks for everyone waiting, wondering and suffering. So hard to undersatnd. Sending you a big hug. XO

  25. So sorry Linda, glad everyone is safe, your poor son I hope they put that driver in jail obviously he is going to keep driving drunk.

  26. I am so sorry, Linda. Sorry for the people who have lost so much in the fires and sorry for your son being in that terrible accident. Will the drunk driver ever learn? Ever? Or will someone have to die first? So glad your family member are all okay. Remember, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Susan

  27. It's ok to write when you're sad or worried! It's your blog and we all love you. :) I'm just so sorry about everything...the fires, the accident and such loss for all those people. Our first responders put their lives on the line daily and I pray for everyone's safety. Losing your home and beautiful resorts, etc. is so sad. May rain continue to fall!

    I've thought about that drunk driver all day and it's infuriating to see so many of them out of jail and continuing their unfortunate ways. A drunk ran into a family about 6 years ago in Ft. Worth. The couple's 2 year old son was severely injured and lived in a vegetative state until this spring. He passed away shortly before the guy's trial and the mother was able to make a statement to the drunk. One's heart breaks at the loss this mother suffered...really for 6 years. Sorry for rambling! I'm so grateful that your son is ok and the other 2 are safe.


  28. Hi sweet lady.
    Oh my goodness Linda, my heart goes out to you and your sons and their families and all those affected by the fires. Thank heavens that he is OK!!! I hope your sons find out soon about their homes. Please keep us updated and prayers will be said. Love and hugs are sent to you and your family. God Bless you all..

  29. Dearest Linda,
    My heart and soul shudder at the thought of having this happen to you, yours and this beautiful and historic area. I just know that as a Mother, your worry and care is nearly overwhelming for you. I am thankful that your children and grandchildren are safe.
    I am sending much love and prayers for you and your family tonight.

  30. Oh, how awful! This is so sad and makes my heart hurt. We have friends who travel the nation for these kinds of fires and it is so scary for the homes but also the firemen. And then to have the car accident too! I am so sorry that all of this has piled on top of each other. So glad that he is safe as the head on accidents are so scary.

  31. Linda, I'm so sorry to hear about the devastation and property loss. The accident is all the more terrible for the uncertainty over their home. The most important thing is that all your loved ones have come through this terrible time okay. It's a good thing you wrote about it and shared the load you have been carrying.

  32. I am sorry for all that you and your family are going through. So glad that they are all safe… I hope that this nightmare will end soon…
    Wishing all of you all the best!

  33. Do you have an update on your son's homes yet? I have been worried.

    1. No update yet. Thanks for thinking of us. As soon as I hear, I will post.

  34. I didn't take the time to read most of the posts so I will start out by saying if any of you also have homes there, I am truly sorry for your loss should you have lost homes or animals.

    My husband and I have three houses and a lot in Hidden Valley Lake. All the houses are rented, the lot just sits thee as it is pretty much worthless, we cannot build on it because of the lack of water.

    We know for sure that two of the houses are ok, however we are unsure about the third, we have heard rumors that the third house is also ok, but we have no real proof, only hear say, so and so told so and so who told my neighbor....that sort of thing.

    Linda, I know first hand how horrible all this is, my husband was up in Hidden Valley Lake playing golf with one of our renters when the fires broke out. He and Darrel watched the fire jump from valley to valley. They were 'playing' the 19th hole when someone asked John if he planned on going home that night. He usually stays the night because the 19th hole is not kind to him. The person that was asking told him if he was planning on going home he had better go NOW as they were going to close HWY 29.

    With that John picked up his cell phone and off he went, heading for home. He made it home safe and sound. Ten minutes after I talked to him one of our tenants called to say they had to vacate as the sheriff had come down the street ordering everyone OUT.

    We are still waiting for them to open HWY 29 up and over Mt. St. Helena. We have hung on every word that the news reports have to say. Linda, what street does your family live on? Our house that we are concerned about is on Powder Horn.

    As my husband drove out of town last Saturday, he snapped pictures with his phone of fire on the side of the road in Middletown as he was SURE I wouldn't believe him. The whole thing is so unbelievable.

    My husband wants to move back up there, I am scared to death of fire and he is going to have a hard time getting me to agree to it. I honestly do not know what I am going to do, it may come down to a choice of deal with my fear or make a decision about my marriage....

    I pray daily for all the people up there that have lost everything.


  35. Prayers for you and yours during all these dangers!!!

  36. I am saying a prayer that everything is going to be ok for so many who that live there. I hope your ons home is ok and the DUI drivers gets the maximum....But unfortunately don't be surprised if he gets probation and a slap on the wrist. I went with a GF once to court, and a woman was there....she had 5 DUI's! and a lawyer. She got a permit to drive during work hours, and 2 years probation for her 5th DUI. I was stunned, absolutely stunned. I am just glad your son is ok and a vehicle can be fixed....

  37. Oh, Linda, I just saw this now. My goodness, have you heard from your sons yet? Thank goodness he was ok after that terrible crash! Well, ok physically but I can understand why he would be shaken up and he sure didn't need that happening in the middle of everything. I'll give you a call today to check in, my sweet friend. Lots of love to you. I hope you get some good news soon. Hugs!

  38. Oh my, you certainly put some of my problems into perspective. Thinking of you all and hoping for the best. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  39. Oh my gosh, I sorry for all your going through....
    But on that same not it's great to hear that your family is safe, I hope and pray that their homes are intact......
    Thanks for coming by and leaving a sweet comment.


  40. This is so sad. Thanks God your family is safe.

  41. I cannot even imagine the anguish you must be feeling with all of this going on, Linda. I'm so thankful that your children and grandchildren are safe....but that accident with your son! That drunk driver should be sent over to AZ where our wacky sheriff would toss him into "Tent City".....yes, certain offenders do spend their time living in tents in our extreme heat. Not something I agree with most of the time, but in your son's situation.....YES!

  42. So sad all of this destruction by fire. Such a horrible year for fires. I pray for rain, and a change in weather patterns so that there is relief. Sorry to hear about your son's accident.

  43. Linda, so sorry I am just now seeing this. My prayers go out to all and especially your son. Thank God he is okay. As you may be aware our daughter was involved in a horrific accident in June. I know the feeling. May God protect each of your children.

  44. This looks terrible. I am reallly sorry, thanks God your children are safe. Be strong. I send you my love xxx

  45. That accident was just the topping on the cake. My heart aches for your family and the other families that have to cope with the devastation or possibility of devastation. Texas has out fires once a few years ago and that was plenty. We could see the flames and the ash was raining down on us. Very Scary God Bless

  46. Linda, I am so sorry to hear this. How worried and concerned for all the families but especially for what your sons are going through. And then to have this accident happen, oh my goodness, my heart goes out to you and your family. I will go now to read newer posts, but will be thinking of you and praying for rain for that area.


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