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Latest Update on Pool Cabana

The cabinets are being painted and should be ready by Friday.  I am hoping the cabinet installers get us on their calendar for a next week install.
As soon as the cabinets are installed the granite fabricator can come and measure. My husband and I primed the pool cabana yesterday, so we can paint.

Unfortunately we had to select another granite. We love that Azul Macaubas, but it was a small slab and they could not match the movement. We are bummed!  It was a perfect fit for the pool cabana.

The new granite selection is Taj Mahal.

We painted the small bathroom a light aqua blue.

Below is the bathroom light bar.  

Brushed nickel faucet
Small Kohler pedestal sink.

Beachy mirror.

My hubby stained the alder bathroom door and hung it. The bathroom is fully functional now.

We received some bad news from our mason.  His hod carrier broke his ankle, so now he cannot do the job with no helper.  We are having to find another mason.  More waiting!

My mom is slowly improving.  I believe she has another week in the skilled rehab. I am sure she will be happy to be in her own home.  My brother is flying in August 2 for two weeks to help.

I am participating in an Alfresco tablescape blog hop.Tomorrow, I shall be posting my tablescape. The blog hop is live now.

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  1. Linda, the cabana is looking good. And good news on your mom's improvement! So sorry for your mason - that skill is hard to find, especially in the middle of a job. My niece broke her ankle three weeks ago and it's quite debilitating - surgery, no weight bearing for weeks, and then rehab. That poor guy will be without work for a while. I really feel for hard workers like him. I hope he can recover financially too.

  2. Ooh I love the aqua blue paint color and the blue accented light fixture- how pretty! Too bad about the granite but this new choice is beautiful too. That’s unfortunate about the mason. Too bad he can’t find another helper for the interim. Good to hear your mom is progressing nicely!

  3. Linda, your pool cabana is really coming together. I can visualize how it will look and I’m sure it will be gorgeous. It is such good news your mom has improved and planning to go home soon. I know it will be wonderful for her to be home. Sorry about your first choice granite but I think the second choice is lovely too. Oh I really hate to hear about your mason. Terrible for you both. I hope he recovers quickly and you find someone to replace him. Hope you get your cabinets installed next week. It seems you really have a lot going on. Hang in there, you’ll be entertaining there soon.........

  4. Oh, your cabana is going to be so lovely. I love the colors and the granite will work perfectly with the color. Glad your Mom is making progress. As I've said before, you balance so much and do it all so well. Blessings!

  5. Love the pop of color in the bathroom. Perfect for by the pool. Glad to hear your mom is improving.

  6. The cabana is looking great! I love the progress being made.

  7. So very pretty, Linda! Happy to hear your mom is going better.

  8. Your cabana is looking good, Linda. I love the pretty aqua color that you painted the bathroom, and the fixtures are perfect. Too bad about the mason, though. I hope you find another one. Great news on your mom!

  9. Looking great! That ceiling is beautiful.Glad your mom will be home soon:)

  10. I love everything you have picked out for the cabana Linda and it is going to look so beautiful!! :) Glad to hear about your mom and that she will be home soon.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of the week and weekend.

  11. Linda it's going to be wonderful. I know you're anxious to get it completed. It'll be sooooo worth the waiting when it's all finished. Hang in there.

  12. What an exciting project. I see you have a bathroom, but what will you do with the rest of the space? We have a guest house attached to our garage we are getting ready to renovate, I am anxious to get back to Florida and get started. I certainly know how things go with contractors, and the different issues that come up, but it is always worth it in the end, isn't it?

  13. You are going to love this space! I can just imagine how useful it will be when you have your parties outside too.

  14. Wonderful transformation and I love it! Thanks for sharing this amazing post.


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