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Summer Flowers and June Garden Link Up

Hello friends, it's time to share your garden posts again.  Now that summer has arrived, I am sure you all have some fabulous blooms. We love seeing your lovely gardens, so feel free to link up.

Lily of the Nile.

Some mini petunias
I love this shot of our steps. The trumpet vine is in full bloom.

Pathway to spa by pool.

Gotta love the tropical Hibiscus/
Agastache Blue Boa, Hummingbird Mint plus our new Flamingo solar light.

I planted more tropical plants in the planter by the pool.

I wanted to share the changes I made in the front.  The Plum tree was looking pretty sad, worse than this picture, so we cut it down.  Almost 3/4 of it was dead and this year, no pretty blooms.  The other thing I did was remove the rock rose, which was all dead underneath. Taking the tree out and the rock rose really opened up the area.

Dante snuck into this photo, the little stinker.

This palm was hidden in with the former rock rose.  Now, it is a shining star with newly planted garlic.

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  1. Linda, I just can't wait for our flower beds and gardens to become as beautiful and lush as yours! We planted agapanthus or Lily of the's struggling but is a native to Texas plant so hopefully it will come around.

  2. Oh how lovely Linda. Your gardens are so lush and beautiful. I see why you enjoy walking there. The steps with the arbor and trumpet vine and path to the pool will have guests slowing down to enjoy the the flowers and the view. Have a wonderful Fourth....

  3. Good Morning Linda,
    Your garden Oasis is tucked so beautifully among the native landscape. Whenever I see photos of your gardens I feel as though I've traveled abroad. So beautiful! You are such a talented lady in so many areas of life! Love it all!
    So great sharing this monthly link up with you!

  4. Isn't it amazing how the view changes when you open it up? I love the new, clean appearance where you took out the rock rose especially. We need to do more of that, what I consider major maintenance! Love the trumpet vine and the fully covered arbor. I completely understand your garden being your sanctuary!

  5. Oh my Linda how pretty. I love the views you have. Also love your little photo bomber too. Happy Friday Linda.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Such abundance! It seems..always:) Lucky garden girl..Hope your mom is doing well.

  7. Love seeing your garden shots Linda! So tropical and lush in appearance and I love your flamingo solar light!

  8. Your garden area is magical. Love the shot looking through the arbor. It's hard to have to remove a tree/shrub etc., but sometimes it's necessary. I know since I've done that a bit over the past few years. Eventually the outcome is worth it. Love that big palm! I have an elephants ear that is finally growing- I feel like I've added a tropical addition to my northern Michigan garden! Dante is the cutest- I just want to pick him up and hug him!

  9. Your garden looks fabulous. It is a huge garden! How do you keep everything? Love all your stone walkways and borders. Your garden has great bones. Tweaking is always necessary. I am captivated by your views every time I view your garden!
    Thanks for hosting. This has been a very busy week!

  10. Pretty gardens - must keep you busy!!

  11. It really looks like a tropical paradise Linda! I love Agapanthus and usually plant 2 o 3 each year. They are an annual here. I never did run across any this year. The flamingo lights are so fun and I love the new open look without the tree. So happy to co-host with you!

  12. Your garden is gorgeous! I love all your tropical flowers. I don't get to see too many of those in NY!

  13. Gorgeous Linda! As with everything you do...absolutely lovely!

  14. You have a very extensive garden. Beautiful plants and flowers to go with your view. I used to live in Southern California until I retired and moved north to British Columbia. I just discovered the link party so I am sharing for the first time. It is my floating garden with raised beds where I grow flowers (a few) and vegetables. - Margy


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