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May Garden Party

Hello friends, it's time for a garden party. We hope you enjoy all of the gardening posts.  beautiful blooms, lovely outdoor areas and so much more.  We can't wait to see what you share.

I have been busy tackling the garden.  My poor back is so sore. I decided to take out the rock rose at the top of our walk down to the pool.  The bush has been looking sad for the last few years.  We have a beautiful palm that was hidden.  So now, it has opened up beautifully.

To start with, I am sharing a few roses bushes from my Mother's garden. I am also sharing a neighbor's beautiful peonies and of course a few photos from our yard.

Moving on, I am sharing our neighbor's flowers. Karen grows peonies and ranunculus in the foothills of Sierra Nevada.

Mrs. FDR
Peonies are a classic flower of the perennial border.  They have been in cultivation for 2000 years plus.  Their beauty is gorgeous. They greet us with a delightful fragrance and lovely blooms.

On to our garden, some photos from our yard.

The pool cabana is in progress.  The guys have started framing....yea!   My husband has been busy staining the beams for the cabana. The pool is in great shape, so maybe Tuesday when It's in the 90's I will take a dip.

Yellow Hibiscus Flower - a very feminine flower.  Yellow means happiness, energy and joy.  Be sure to visit the other hosts and do share your garden posts, past or present.  Enjoy!

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  1. Oh Linda, my sweet friend, your Roses and Flowers are georgeous! Isn't it a most beautiful time of the year now?
    Have a happy and wonderful weekend, my sweet friend!
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  2. Just gorgeous Linda! Our peonies have just finished blooming...*sniff*. I keep hoping some botanist or nursery will develop a hybrid with a longer blooming season. Your pool looks so inviting...our humidity has been off the charts! I know you'll enjoy your cabana when it's complete. Thanks for the party and sharing those beautiful blooms. ♥

  3. Beautiful flowers, Linda! They all look very regal in their glory!

  4. Wow so many beautiful blooms! I envy the gorgeous weather you have out there. We can only grow rananculus as an annual and they don’t bloom for long but I sure love their prettiness! Your mother’s roses are the prettiest color and I adore peonies. Mine are coming up fast but I won’t see flowers for a little while yet. Thanks for sharing- let’s party!

  5. Wow Linda, you've shared so much beauty with us! I know you'll be enjoying your pool since your poor back will need a break from all the work you're doing.

  6. What magnificent roses and peonies! Love the hibiscus too. Always makes me think of Hawaii.

  7. My peonies are in peak bloom and a few roses have opened up! What fabulous blossoms you have! I will be over for a dip in your stunning pool! That looks like an oasis.

  8. Such abundance everywhere!!!I hear you re your back;(

  9. Oh goodness, I love these gorgeous blooms from your gardens and those which you have shared from family and friends. I can tell you keep great company with these other talented green thumb growers! I am really thinking that you get just the right amount of cool and warmth for these spectacular displays. Peonies, roses, ranunculus all gorgeous bodacious blooms! I am wondering if your friend lives along the Minden side of the Mountain-gorgeous country Linda! I am so happy to be sharing gardening joys with you!
    XO Jemma

  10. Linda, your gardens are such a joy to view! It's lovely to see the beautiful roses in your mother's garden. I hear you on the back issue--I was out this morning pulling up millions of rudbeckia seedlings that are taking over my perennial bed. Pacing myself is the key. I'm sure a swim in your pool will relieve those aches you are feeling. ♥

  11. Lina, your mom's roses are gorgeous! I always love strolling your amazing garden. I'm just a tad envious of all the pretty blooms you have in your garden. Thanks for hosting!

  12. Linda, Always love your yard! I recognize the Peonies, because we have the same color. Ours haven't bloomed yet, but once they do all the Wasps will leave-yeah! I can't wait to get back to northern Ca. the end of June, miss the beauty. Have a fantastic Memorial Day!

  13. Your garden is so beautiful. I love all the gorgeous flowers!

  14. Linda, it is always a delight to see your beautiful gardens and pool area. I can’t wait to see the cabana reveal. The roses and peonies are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for,hosting and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  15. Linda, your garden is so beautiful! Oh, to have a pool to dip in now and then. :) Can't wait to see the cabana! I loved all of those gorgeous roses. Mine are just in bud. Peonies are one of my favorites. I'll have 4 colors in my June garden, can't wait! I'm just now getting around to visiting. Wanted to thanks for the darling May Garden graphic!

    1. Thank you Jann. It's always great to have the pool, so I can cool off. I am so glad you love the garden graphic.

  16. Fantastic blooms, Linda. I love your mom's roses.

  17. Hi Linda and Ladies!!!!!! Thank you for hosting the May Garden Party!! I've shared a favorite garden post from the Texas Tulip Farm and one of my own, Spring Afternoons, with you all today. Happily going around and visiting with you all and other bloggers as I can ~ will pin as I go. Thank you again. :)

    Happy gardening,
    Barb :)

  18. AnonymousMay 27, 2018

    Absolutely stunning florals. The peonies are gorgeous. I never tire of beautiful roses.

  19. Fabulous post!Just breathtaking!Hugs!

  20. Checking for my comment email notification

  21. Your garden is so lovely with so many beautiful flowers!! Thanks so much for sharing and for hosting this charming Garden Party!!

  22. Love you beautiful garden party flowers...lovely.


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