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Themed Diaper Cakes

Diapers cakes are pretty easy to make.  They make a great gift for a baby shower present or an awesome centerpiece.  You can get  as creative as you want.
I like using a theme.  I usually shop the stores to see what is popular.  I try to coordinate the baby items.

My Tigger cake I made for my Great-Grandson, Jacob.  The shower was a jungle theme. Notice I spelled out Jacob's name.  I hand colored the  alphabet letters to match.  Winnie the Pooh had to get into the theme too.

The diaper cake I made for Baby Logan.  It was great fun finding jungle theme items to add to the cake.  I thought the palm tree at the top was fun and creative.
See the little hanging monkey?

I made this cake recently for my mom to take to a baby shower.  Elmo is so cute, plus Cookie Monster.

There are lots of tutorials online on how to make a diaper cake.
By all means, have fun!

Stay tuned for another Valentine table.  My mom is having a few ladies over for a Valentine lunch, so we set a pretty table at her house.  I am doing all of the cooking, so she can just relax and enjoy herself.

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  1. Your diaper cakes are just adorable, Linda! I have never made one, but now I want to!!

  2. Those are all super cute! I love all the extras you attach to them. How nice of you to help your mom with a Valentine’s luncheon. ❤️

  3. Super cute, Linda, but you're too young to be a Great-Grandma!!

  4. These are all super cute Linda! I especially love the jungle one with the palm tree!

  5. I am always the one that brings a diaper cake to the shower. lol Yours are darling...really, really cute! Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana

  6. are GREAT at these..all showstoppers!

  7. These are super cute Linda. What a great daughter you are to cook for your mom and her friends. I know you will make the lunch special for all of them.

  8. I remember the first time I ever saw a diaper cake at a baby shower. I thought it was SO clever and creative!

  9. Those are ADORABLE. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Adorable Linda! How fun and personalized too. However, no way that you are a great grandmother!
    Love to you and Happy Saturday!

  11. Darling!!!!! I’ve seen diaper cakes before, but not this creative!

  12. Hi Linda, oh I love this idea of bringing a themed diaper cake to a baby shower! I will have to remember this the next time I go to one. :0)
    Hope you have a nice week and a Happy Valentine's Day.
    Julie xo


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