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Photobucket Has Left Blogs With Broken Images

Some of you are using PhotoBucket. As of June 26th  PhotoBucket has decided to do away with the FREE photo hosting.  For years, anyone could upload and store their images on their servers. Many users were unaware of the charge, and were surprised to find their images had been replaced with error messages.  If any of you have photos hosted on their servers, you will see the dreaded photo below.

Photobucket have decided to start charging their users a fee of $39.99 a month or $399.00 a year.
Users claims Photobucket never gave it's users notice of the TOS changes. 

Hotlinking is a term used on the Internet that means displaying an image on a website by linking to another site to obtain the source data of the photo each time it is needed, rather than saving a copy of it on the website on which the image will be shown. So, instead of loading image.jpg on to their own website, a website owner uses a link to the photo as

Billions of photos spanned across the web are now showing this error photo, including forums.

I have been working with some bloggers to restore their blog images.

Can you imagine waking up to this on your blog?  My pet peeve is when Blog designers use Photobucket for storing their clients' blog images.  I recommend storing them on your own blog and or creating a folder with the blog images on your own computer.

One blog looked like this, until I restored everything. 

If you need assistance with your blog, feel free to contact me.

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  1. That is incredible that the company would just come out with this new payment requirement without any advance warning. You are doing a great service to blog owners affected, and a very insightful post too. Thanks and greetings!

  2. Oh yes, many of my posts now have those ugly photobucket images staring me in the face. Bad business. I'm slowly working through my posts to get rid of their ugly mark!

  3. Oh my! That sounds even worse than what I experienced. Thanks heavens for the fairy blog mother. I'm not kidding!

  4. Good to know. I know I've used them for something but cannot remember what, will have to look for their horrid image.

  5. I thought it was just me when I got up the other day to the grey boxes of doom! Then I started googling frantically to see how I could fix it.
    Have you an alternative place to recommend to hold photos so getting a url for them is easy? At the moment I've tucked the images away on my blog but I figure there must be a better way.
    I used to use google back when it was Picasa but since it changed to google pics it's not the same (unless I'm missing something)
    Honestly Linda, people like you who can swoop in a fix things for the less technically minded are an absolute godsend!

  6. Hi Linda,
    This just seems so wrong to me, thank goodness you are here to help and thank goodness I did not store my photos there.
    Great information for those who have questions, you always do such a great job with that!

  7. I can't thank you enough! I panicked when I woke up recently to those awful images from Photobucket. I had no idea how to correct the situation. I appreciate you so much!!

  8. Hi Linda!

    Thank you SO much for helping me fix my blog! I really, really appreciate it! I don't know how but you did it, but your fixes made it look better than before I had the photobucket issue! You are amazing!

    Thank you Fairy Blog Mother!!

  9. Hi Linda - you popped up first in my frantic Google search on "How can I easily move my photobucket images to Blogspot and fix all the broken links?" Congrats on that primo search ranking, by the way. LOL Thankfully (???) only half my blog was broken since I started uploading my photos directly to Blogspot years ago as I wrote my entries. Is there an easy fix for all those broken links?

  10. Hello Becky, I could not find an email to contact you. It is something you really need to add to your blog. I did not see any broken images. Did you remove some Photobucket images?

  11. I am just now getting around to fixing my images, which isn't a huge deal because it was mostly in my blog signature which is an easy fix. BUT, my blog's theme seems to have a photobucket image that is showing up at the end of every blog post and I have no clue how to get rid of it. And the shop I bought the theme from is out of business so I can't go to them. Any ideas on how I can figure this out? I'm totally lost. Here's a link to a post as an example

  12. I was hoping you can email a price on how much you charge to fix a blog that photobucket broke. I tried a few things but can’t get rid of the ugly back 8mage of the word photobucket all over it. I am just trying tonchanevthe background.

  13. Sorry small buttons. Trying to change the background to get rid of photobucket ugly pic

  14. Thank you for sharing the information about Photobucket . Keep posting amazing article like this....

  15. No chance you are still helping people? I just went to print my family blog and got a ton of these messages. Im heartbroken.

    1. Yes, I am still helping people. I cannot email you because you are a no-reply blogger. You have no email on your Blogger profile.


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