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Enjoying Spring Blooms

This time of year is so pretty.  The bees are busy.  The birds are building nests and we get to enjoy our beautiful gardens.

The Lady bank Roses are in full bloom.  They look so lovely trailing over our fence

Lavender, Lilacs, Wisteria and Rosemary are all blooming now.  The weather has been quite nice.

It smells so lovely outdoors.  I love watching the bird. bees and butterflies.
I will definitely have to do some trimming later.
I had to share this tiny hummingbird nest.  The nest is in a rose bush at my Mom's house.

We have birds that come back every year to use their nests.  One is in the large sun and we also have birds making nests in an awning.
I  haven't posted too much this week, due to my dad not feeling well.  Thank you for your prayers.
He is in the hospital again. They drained two quarts of fluid off his lungs.  He also has heart failure...meaning his heart muscle is not squeezing hard enough.  My mom and I spent many hours at the hospital yesterday, trying to get some answers.  My dad feels like someone has pulled a plug.

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  1. Wow, how beautiful your gardens are!!! Love the tiny nest too..... Am praying for your dad.....bless you and your family.....

  2. Linda!!!!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful and stunning wisteria!

  3. Wow the wisteria, roses and lilacs are amazing! I can imagine how good it smells outside there!
    So sorry about your dad- prayers for his comfort and for all of you at this time.

  4. Those flowers are incredible! That's so special that you discovered a hummingbird nest. Sorry about your dad being in hospital and feeling so unwell. I hope there are some ways to make him more comfortable. -Jenn

  5. Wow Linda what a beautiful garden my God
    Have a happy Easter

  6. It looks so free and natural..I am sorry about your dad..my dad suffered with pulmonary edema too and heart problems....

    not easy at all..poor man..

    take care Linda...

  7. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Lilacs and wisteria are among my favorite flowers. I adore hummingbirds and that nest is amazing! I'm excited to see them return to my yard this year. I am sorry to hear your dad is not doing well. I will certainly keep him in my prayers.


  8. Awe, how beautiful! vI love wisteria. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Hi Linda, sweet friend, your Garden looks wonderful ! Your Wisteria is such a Beauty!
    Thank you for all those wonderful pictures ... I got the smell in my nose now from Wisteria , Lavender and Roses ...
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead,
    sending much Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xoxo

    1. P.S. So sorry to hear about your dad, back in hospital! I will pray for him too and hope, he will get weel soon! All the best wishes from me to your dear dad!

  10. Linda, your gardens look amazing. I love the roses on your fence--so pretty. I'm so sorry that your Dad is having difficulties. It's so hard when our loved ones aren't doing well. Hugs to you all. ♥

  11. Your Spring flowers are so pretty. You are so much further ahead of us. Our lilacs bloom the end of June. This is the first time I see a hummingbird nest. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm sorry your Dad is not doing well. God Bless you all. xo

  12. Oh, Linda, your garden is gorgeous. The Lady Banks roses, lilacs, wisteria,rosemary blooming beautifully are so lovely. Delighted to see the tiny hummingbirds nest. That would have been a thrill. I've seen pictures but not see one in person. How exciting. I know the fragrance is divine in your garden. Truly beautiful.

  13. Remembering your Dad too.

  14. Hi Linda, your garden is magnificent. So pretty and lush this time of year. I imagine the scent is amazing. I'm sorry your dad is not doing so well. Keeping him and your family in prayers. Take care and have a nice weekend ahead. xo

  15. Linda - Your grounds are some of the most beautiful I have seen anywhere. I love that everything is so lush and lovely there already. You can grow plants that we can only dream of here. Lucky you!
    I hope you have a blessed, wonderful rest of the week! xo Diana

  16. I'm so sorry about your dad. I hope you get some answers. Your garden is gorgeous.

  17. OMG - I can't believe you found a hummingbird nest!!! Here, ours come back about the first part of May and I always try to watch where they go...I've never found them. So cool!


  18. Linda, your garden is breathtaking! It belongs in a magazine. It is just gorgeous. I am sorry that your Dad is not well. I hope that you get answers and that he is feeling better soon.

  19. Absolutely gorgeous gardens you have Linda! Praying your father feels better soon :)

  20. Beautiful garden! I love Wisteria! All I have is a butterfly bush. I love watching the bees, butterflies and hummming birds feast from it each year.
    Prayer going up for your dad, your mom and you!

  21. Good afternoon Linda, you have a stunning garden, filled with so much colour and perfume. It must be a joy to sit in your garden.
    I adore roses, they are my favourite flower. We have to wait quite some time for our flowers to bloom, so it was such a treat to enjoy your garden.
    I am so sorry to hear that your father is unwell. You are in my thoughts.
    With warmest wishes.

  22. Hi again, I sure miss no. Ca's beautiful trees~we have lilac here and some nice trees, but I always remember how beautiful it is when we are back. We were in Santa Rosa two weeks ago and while I miss the beauty, I don't miss the traffic.
    Your yard is breath-taking.

  23. Beautiful photos! We are not quite at that point in our Spring yet but, getting there :). I love the hummingbird nest!!!


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