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Valley Fire Update

I want to thank all who commented and sent prayers and  healing thoughts and a big thank you for the hard working firemen. It means so much to me and my family.  The fire has destroyed so much and five people have perished in this horrible fire. My heart breaks for the people who have suffered and lost so much!
I wanted to give some kind of update, because people have been asking me.

My son just contacted me.  He is home!  His home is as he left it.  Unfortuately almost 500 houses burned.  So sad to see the devastation.  Now, he needs a vehicle.  I know his insurance company is trying to lowball him.  Makes me angry!  A drunk driver hits him and has no insurance, so my son's insurance has to cover it.  They want to give him half of what he still owes on the truck. It's been quite a struggle for him, because he had those awful issues with his legs and feet and trying to  get  diagnosed.  He is ok now....One never knows when that will flare up again. Also the VA is still non-existent.  How long does it take to find military records?

This is so sad.  A Middletown home that burned.
Time does heal all, but to some, this sadness will go on for awhile.

I have been feeling stressed from worrying about all of this.  I am very thankful everyone is safe.
My son told me this morning, he can go back into HVL today at noon.
They let Middletown people go back  yesterday.  Some of the stores are opening today.
It has been bittersweet for some people.

On top of the fire, there have been people looting some of the residences.
Talk about low of the lowest.  Thankfully they have arrested most.
A few motels have been fined for raising their prices during the fire.  Another low for people.  Taking advantage of people when they are down.

My family members have been volunteering at the  Moose Lodge in Clearlake Oaks.
Happy to help and keep their mind off the fire situation.
The Moose Lodge is a like tent city. It's so nice to hear of stories like these, when tragedy happens, people come together.  So many have helped and donated to those who need it.
My daughter's head was seen in a ABC news video.  She was serving food to evacuees.

Even well know TV Chef, Guy Fieri donated food for 400 people.  Very generous on his part to help so many. May volunteers are nurses, chiropractors and an acupuncturist.

My younger son is helping out at the Youth Center. It's probably the only place with showers.

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.   Hugs, Linda



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  1. Lind..I am happy your family is safe..the devastation is so obvious..what a poignant pic..This Is Where I Belong..
    I will click to see your daughetr's head:) How kind of all to help..I must tell Jacques ..he like Guy Fieri:)

    Like what you have done here:)

    1. Thank you Monique. Yes, that sign is truly sad...Guy is doing a great job on supporting the people. He is from Santa Rosa, so he is not far away.

  2. Thank you for the update...I know how worried you have been, Linda. My heart breaks for the families that have lost everything, especially loved least a house can be rebuilt, but not a life. My niece lives in Weed and their home came within feet of being burned last September in the Boles Fire. My daughter was up there a month later and took photos...such horrible devastation.

  3. Good Evening Linda, Oh my word, this is so very sad. I am so sorry to hear about the fire and that so many homes have been destroyed. My prayers are with the families who have lost a loved one in this tragedy. It is marvellous to know that people have banded together to help others in time of need, but I am saddened by people looting homes.... I really do not understand this behaviour.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    With warmest wishes.

  4. So horrible for some to take advantage of those in hard times. I agree. It is low. In my neck of the woods, people call that "sorry" behavior. And they say that someone is just "sorry" because of their horrible behavior. Those who gouge others are just "sorry." Saying prayers for all who lost so much! Sheila

  5. Crises always seem to bring out the best in people and, unfortunately, the worst too.

  6. My goodness- it's so sad to see how much destruction has occured. It's wonderful to see how other's do come together in the worst of times. Shame on those who take advantage but it happens all the time. I hope your son's place is ok and he didn't loose anything. I think I spotted your daughter with the hot pink on in the video. Good of her to get in there and help. My cousin just moved to Santa Rosa and I guess they're somewhat near all of this but all they had were ashes on the house and shrubs.

  7. What a huge blessing your son's home is intact. I know it will take a long time for healing in this area. It is amazing how people help each other. Thank you Linda, for letting us know. Will still be remembering this area in prayer.

  8. Linda,
    Thank you for this update, you know I have been worried too- when a Mother's children are in danger we all unite together. I am just so, so sorry my heart hurts for the devastation that has happened here. Continued prayers for you and your family and this community.

  9. Thank you for the update, Linda. I'm happy that your family is ok, but how sad about your son's car and the insurance offer. What a terrible loss of lives and such sadness, but how wonderful of those who volunteer and offer their services and help. Blessings to all.

  10. Hello linda. Good to hear your son is safe but so much needs to get done! I hope you will be able rest and feel safe. Blessings to you all!

  11. Thank you for the update -- I had been wondering. I do hope the VA gets with it. That whole organization needs an overhaul, pronto. Insurance companies can be very troublesome to deal with. I hope your son gets all this resolved, soon. Glad his home was intact. Hang in there -- we are all hoping for the best.

  12. Hi Linda, So glad to hear the news that your family is safe and able to go home again. So sad for the many who lost homes. The Moose Lodge is a blessing bringing comfort to those misplaced. So wonderful for your son and daughter to help out too. It is heartwarming to see how folks come together to help a neighbor. Shame on the ones taking advantage of the situation. I hope things work out for your son and his car. Makes us ask, why do we pay so much for insurance?

    I know you've been very stressed over this and I hope going forward you find some peace and calm. Relax and take good care.
    Prayers continue. Hugs, cm

  13. I just wanted to add a note for your son who is dealing with the VA. As the wife of a 100% disabled Veteran, I am (unfortunately!) very acquainted with how the VA works. One of the best things your son can do is contact a local DAV center and ask them for help in getting what he needs. He does not have to join to get their help, and they will be glad to help him plow through the machine that is the VA. Depending on what he has going on, if he needs to file a disability claim and be his advocate, and tell him how to proceed with every paper that the VA churns out to him. The key thing is to NEVER, NEVER give up. Don't be put off by their delays - it's part of the game to frustrate him enough to just give up in disgust. Don't do it. Don't quit. If he does, they win. He's risked his life in service for this country and he deserves his benefits. The guys at the DAV are trained to help Vets through this process and will aid him in getting what he deserves. Please thank you son for his service, and tell him to get that help, and to never give up.

    1. You are full of information we need badly. Thank you for your kindness. I will pass this info on to my son. Thank your husband for his service. I love the never give up attitude.

  14. Oh my goodness Linda...I'm glad your son's home is ok. I hope everything works out with his truck and his health too.

    We lived in Oklahoma City during the two worst tornadoes and the Murrah bombing. We did not sustain damage in any of those events but we did witness the way communities pull together. It's a blessing in hard times.

  15. Thank God your family is safe and their home is o.k. It is just so sad to see such tragedy. Also, it is so sad how some people try and hurt already hurting people...which is also another tragedy. The heart of man is wicked. That's why we must always guard it. My prayers goes out to those people and your family, Linda.

  16. I'm so glad you and your family are okay, Linda! This is such a terrible tragedy for so many! My thoughts and prayers are with you and the others! I'm so very sorry that your son was hit by a drunk driver! Sending prayers of restoration for him!

  17. Linda, I am so glad your son's house is still there, and am so proud of all that your children are doing to help. There are shining moments in tragedy when people come together to help in any way they can. And there will always be those who look for ways to steal even from those who are already suffering, I guess. You have so much to be proud of in your own children's actions.

  18. Big hugs to you, Linda. Onward and upward, my friend. It's lovely that your kids donated their time to others during their waiting. A big heart like their mom. Love you, Wonder Woman, xoxo


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