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Reviewing The Bouqs

When The Bouqs reached out to me to write a review for their flowers, I immediately was interested.
I have had bad experiences with many companies.  I am sure I am not alone.
We were promised something from a picture on other floral company's website and yet when the flowers were delivered, they didn't look like what we ordered.

Flowers play such a big important  part in our lives.  People send them for a new baby, weddings, birthdays, engagements and funeral, plus many more events or holidays.

They brighten our days and it is a joy to send and receive them.  I love setting a beautiful table with china, crystal and gorgeous flowers.

I love making my guests feel comfortable and special.
I selected the  BBQ'N bouquet  from The Bouqs to review.

I usually stay away from ordering roses, because in the past,  most of the roses I have received have a broken neck in a few days.  I am not sure what they call this condition, but they look like their necks just droop and never blossom.

I wasn't at home when my flowers arrived, so my husband signed for them.  They suggest signing for your flowers to make sure they are fresh and go to the proper party.
My husband opened the box and followed the instructions regarding cutting the stems and then placing them in water.

The flowers come in a very nice box with instructions.  They are secured in two bundles to make sure they aren't crushed and stay fresh.  Unfortunately my husband didn't take pictures when he unpackaged them.  Thank you honey for taking care of the flowers......

 My bouquet was a little different than the pictured bunch.  The Freesia in my bouquet wasn't as vibrant as the  pictured bouquet and my roses need to open a little more.
All and all, I am very pleased with these beautiful roses.  I am writing a true review sugar coating.  We all want what we order.
Day three, the roses are still gorgeous.  I set a pretty table by the fire.


Flowers from The Bouqs grown on a side of a volcano in South America and some California farms.
They offer free delivery if you register on the site prior to ordering.

This time of year is so warm and cozy by our fire.  We spend time in there, relaxing and watching tv.
The dishes are Parchment Red by Mikasa, followed by gold goblets and gold napkins.
The flowers look fabulous on our small cozy setting.  It looks like flowers galore with the two fall floral displays.

Go ahead and try them out for yourself.  I am impressed how well they were packaged, in addition to being beautiful.  It will interesting to see how long they last.  There's my opinion on The Bouqs.

I want to thank the many bloggers who commented, prayed and shared their knowledge for helping my son, John.  We all appreciate your kindness and prayers.
I went to visit him and the family recently.  He is on the mend......Hugs....

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  1. I love flowers! I have had some bad experiences when receiving flowers that do not last, or come in poor condition. I like to go pick out my own flowers and I always ask how fresh they are. These are really pretty roses. I know you will enjoy them.

  2. Hi Linda! Oh, I'm so glad you're please with these roses - they are beautiful! I've never ordered flowers like this to my house, just ordered from florists for occasions to other people. Your home is so beautiful and every time you show us a little bit of it - I want to see more! I wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Hi Linda! Your roses are gorgoues! I, too, just reviewed some roses for The Bouqs - I chose 'Dawn' and am very happy with my bouquet. I've had mine for almost 8 days and they are still fresh and pretty :)

    Have a lovely weekend, sweet lady, and enjoy your flowers. Hugs to you!

  4. Beautiful roses and glad that they were just as you hoped they would be since they were ordered by choosing from a photograph. To me the place where the roses are grown sounds very exotic! Your dinner for two by the fire looks very cozy enhanced by the lovely vases of flowers. I'm thankful that prayer is being answered for your son, John, and he's so much better.

  5. I had read Stephanie's review of her gorgeous roses and now yours, Linda! Your roses are so pretty and I love seeing more of your home. I'm thankful that John is on the mend!

  6. Linda, I had no idea this company even existed so I'm really glad you blogged about them!
    The flowers are gorgeous & you certainly put them to good use in that beautiful fireside table setting. I have just acquired those same "rouge" dishes & can't wait to set a pretty holiday table with them.
    I'm really happy to hear your son is on the mend. Let's hope the VA steps up to the plate & does right by him. He earned it!!

  7. I too am always searching for a company who delivers the flowers in the same condition as their website. I am glad your flowers held up nicely. They are pretty.
    I have found that some of the best flowers I bought were from Whole Foods. xo

  8. Hi Linda, your roses are gorgeous and I enjoyed reading this review. I too am always searching for a company that delivers what they promise. They look beautiful at your table for two setting by the fire. Sure love your gorgeous dishes. They sure make a beautiful table setting,
    Thanks for sharing about this company.
    Have a nice weekend and Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Hi Linda. The roses are just beautiful as well as your tablesetting. I had read Stephanie's review on her bouquet also and was very impressed. She said they were still brilliant after a full week. I am impressed and their prices seem very reasonable compared to the florist. I am going to use them and see for myself..Happy Thanksgiving..Judy

  10. Such beautiful roses and your beautiful home as a backdrop as well! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  11. The roses look so nice. I, too, am wary of roses. They seem to fade so fast, but these are lovely. Thanks for your very honest review.

  12. Good morning dear Linda! Thank God your son is recovering, and just in time for Thanksgiving, you will have so much to bring to the table of gratitude. So many hugs of joy to you my dear! And flowers....ahhhhhhhhh.....I rarely get them, but when I have, they have been lovely. I imagine it would be tricky to get just what you want from a delivery service; to me, flowers have to be seen and carried off with great care! How gorgeous your home must be with the array of flowers you grace your table with.

    Sending you greetings for a lovely Thanksgiving! Anita

  13. I have had so many bad experiences with ordering flowers for others, especially in other cities. And, it's been awhile, but receiving some were less than pleasant. So much money just ignored. :( I'm glad you were happy with yours...they are beautiful and I'm glad they are lasting. Even though they're not like the photo, they are nice!

    So glad your son is doing better!

  14. Pretty Pretty. I'll have to remember Bouqs next time I want to order flowers.


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