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Healing Thoughts for My Son

I wanted to share my son John's situation.  He really needs your  healing thoughts.
He is a vet, a former Marine.  He has been trying to get his VA medical benefits kicked in.
It's been a year now and still no progress.  They keep saying it's takes time.  They still cannot locate his records.  Now that he desperately needs his medical benefits, he  is suffering from Gouty Arthritis.

 He went to the ER last night and the doctor who saw him, also suffers from this ailment.
He recommended Lyrica, which he says is very expensive.
Correction - The drug is actually Uloric.  My son gave me the wrong name after coming home from the Er.
We have all probably seen the  commercial on tv about it and it's many side effects.

My son John is suffering from painful swollen legs and feet.  He has been off work for over a week now.
If anyone has any knowledge on how to get some action from the VA, please notify me.
He has no case number as of yet.  We have even looked into his state representative as of yesterday
to see if we can expedite things.

It's difficult to understand why our country is not treating our vets better. I know it's been in the news lately and a lot of heads are rolling.


Thanks for hearing  me vent and also your support.

I have been busy with a few blogs.... I set a table. so I will soon post it.
I will be visiting my family soon.  It will be great to see the little ones.

Both of my sons, daughter and grandchildren all live in the same area, so it will be great to visit with them all.
One of my granddaughters is expecting a little boy the day before Christmas.  They have already chosen Logan for his name.  He will have his big sister Lilly to play with.

Lilly is taking ballet classes and is quite the princess.

Jacob is our cute little redhead.  He is quite the boy!

I hope you are having a great weekend.

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  1. Praying your son will quickly get his benefits - also praying for healing of his ailments.


  2. Hello from Spain: I am sorry to read the bad news about the health of your son. I pray for him. The government of your country should take care to veterans. Nice pictures of your grandchildren. Much encouragement. Keep in touch

  3. I am sorry to hear about your son and his difficulties. Have you thought of contacting some veterans charities to see if they can provide any assistance? If not, speaking to your state representatives might also help, it certainly won't do any harm. I wish him all the best. xx

  4. Bureaucracy and red tape are disgraceful. Best wishes and good luck to your son John. I hope he gets some relief from his pain soon.

  5. I can get "riled up" so to speak when it comes to our military personnel! The current administration does not care and that is deplorable!! Contact at least one of your local TV stations that does research and reports their findings via broadcasts. Of course, contact all representatives that you can, the governor and the top of the ladder of the Marines. If you need us to help you, I'm there! There is absolutely NO reason for this to happen.

    I just had another "event" with AT&T ~ no TV service for 4 days...long story. Went back to the Executive Office...the guy assigned to my case was doing nothing. I left him a voice mail and emailed all of them advising that if my service was not restored by 5pm on Tuesday, I was going to the BBB and WFAA ~ ABC affiliate in this area. They do exposes on various & sundry situations and always get results. The ATT guy called me the following morning, had someone out and my service was back on before noon. It's so sad that situations get to this point but the lack of customer service causes so much strife and frustration.

    I will be praying for your son ~ he's quite handsome! The grands are adorable too. I know you're going to love visiting with everyone. Enjoy and share photos when you return. :)


  6. I'll certainly pray for your son, Linda. What a sad situation for John. I will tell you that my son takes an old version meds, before Lyrica came out and it's called gabepentin. It is much less expensive. Maybe he could ask about taking it.

  7. When my Vietnam vet husband needed to be given a number in the VA system, it seemed to take forever. Turned out an old college buddy was a retired general...long story short....his friend made one phone call, and hubby's work up was hand carried through the system...he had his credentials in one day. Check with your church family, etc., someone is there that you're not even aware of. Start asking people to ask other people. You'll get there! Your grand babies are wonderful. Blessings for that new grandson's arrival! Cherry Kay

  8. I'm thinking with all the troubles with the VA, John should get in touch with his congressman to see if he can get some action that way. God bless.

  9. Linda, Praying for your son. Maybe if you can get a local news re[porter involve...you know that squeaky wheel saying...to draw attention to your son's situation. All the grands are cute. I have a red headed grandson named Jacob. He is 23 . Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  10. I'm sorry that your son is having so much difficulties, it seems our country has never quite taken care of them who risk their lives so we can sit home Hummm, wish I had a answer to help. Prayer and ask for Gods help is all I can offer .. Much love and many blessings with love Janice

  11. I cannot understand how we do not adequately support the men and women who serve our country. It is so sad, and I hope your son gets this matter cleared up soon. Prayers! xo

  12. So sorry to hear this. It is disgrace how veterans are treated by this government. No answer really. I would suggest getting in touch with an assemblyman or congressman and explaining his situation.

  13. Looks like you're getting some good advice. I hope this can be resolved quickly for him. Prayers and good thoughts going up!

  14. Either a Congressman or Senator from your state, send email and mark it urgent. Explain the entire situation this is terrible. Just how much is this medication?

  15. Hoping your son's situation will be resolved quickly. This is deployable that help has been so slow. Praying for a quick resolution.

  16. Oh Linda, I'm so sorry for what you and your family is going through.you all going through.
    My prayers will go for your son to get his situation resolved ASAP and for his ailment to be cured. God always listens, you'll see.
    Your grands are just too adorable. Happy you will soon have another cutie in the family.

  17. Linda, I will be lifting your son up in prayer. I again with the sentiments of the others, it is deplorable how our veterans are being treated. My brother is a marine, so this hits close to home!

  18. I will keep your son and the situation in my prayers, Linda.

  19. I am so sorry!!! Louis Dean often rants over how the country should take better care of our veterans!! My nephew was injured in Afghanistan - a head injury - not by explosives but the tank door shut on his head. It took forever and a friend of a friend who works for the VA assigning benefits who took him under her wings. She had to call Washington and it took HER several weeks but at long last he was able to leave the service and receive benefits. His captain had told him he had to reenlist to get them! They do NOT tell our soldiers the truth!

    Your grands are adorable!!!! You will have so much fun!!! Looking forward to seeing all the things you will do together!

  20. Linda, I am so sorry to hear about your son. Definitely contact your state representative and some of the other suggestions above. How about also using social media to bring attention to how our veterans are being treated? Maybe some shout outs on different media sites will help (FB, Twtter, etc.) #veterans #vavetbenefits

  21. Dear Linda. I will be remembering your son in my prayers that all his needs will be met. You have a lovely family and beautiful grandchildren with another one on the way, which is wonderful. I hope you enjoy your time with them. Every blessing to you and your loved ones. Linda P.

  22. Morning Linda,
    So sorry to hear of the physical situation with your son. Bless his heart!
    We have a friend who was a Viet Nam vet and needed help and he went to our state Senator,
    and he got things done.............so think you are headed in the right direction.
    It is terrible how they are treating our vets..............that is because we don't have any true Patriots at the helm...........unfortunately. Hoping and Praying this past election might help some
    of that, but they can only do so much...........
    Will be praying for your son hon, Know as a Mom that has to be hard on you too.
    Your grandchildren are adorable, and hope you have a wonderful time with your visit to see them all.
    Blessings, Nellie

  23. Sending positive thoughts ..living with pain is not easy.
    And he is young..has a whole lot of life ahead of him.. I have no idea how your system works so I cannot offer any insight..jut hope it gets resolved soon.
    I cannot imagine you are a nana to someone who will have a child!

    Enjoy your visits.
    Jacob reminds me of our Noah:) Superhero.

  24. Dear Linda, I pray your son gets the health benefits he so deserves. And, thank him for serving our country. It is sad the lack of proper help for our Vets. Our country can and should do better!!! I have no help answers but you have my prayers.

    The little ones are so cute!

  25. That's why I can't stand so many shows who are put up around Vets. Because when and where it matters they are so out of luck for having served the Country.
    I'll pray for him but I'd like to tell he can beat - or at least smooth the pain and have less episodes - that disease with proper car and diet - diet is very very important. My Dad also had it and we'd know he misbehaved when an episode stroke. ;)
    Kids are impossibly cute and sweet. You're Blessed.

  26. Oh- I am so sorry to hear this about your son. Thanks him for me and my family for his service to our country. I am just going to start working at the big new vet clinic that opened here a year ago. My heart aches for each and every one of these men and women...and what they have been thought. There is so much red tape and hoops to jump through to get proper treatment- it just makes me feel sick.
    God bless and I am praying for your boy. xo Diana

  27. Good afternoon dearest Linda! I was out all day long and am barely getting to my computer; I pray that SOMETHING is done quickly. I am saddened to learn constantly how this country treats its citizens. From health care to pension and education, I wish our government would learn from other world models. A county's citizens should be taken care of especially its veterans who put life and limb on the line. Praying for you all. Anita

  28. Boy, I hope things get sorted for your boy really soon. All the best from Carole's Chatter

  29. I will be praying that this mess gets cleated up FAST and John gets the help he needs! This is ridiculous that our vets have to suffer like this. It all has to change!!! Praying, Linda. XO

  30. I'm so sorry to hear all of the problems your son is having. I will definitely keep him in my prayers.

    Makes me realize how lucky my father was because as far as I know, he never had any problems with the VA and he used them a lot.

    You're so right, we really do need to treat our vets better.

  31. If you have a responsive Congress person that's the way I would go. My prayers for your son.

  32. Oh that little red head boy...what a doll! Thank you Linda, for coming by last night! Hugs and prayers to you all, Anita

  33. Enjoy your Grand time, Linda; what precious little people! I'm embarrassed for the VA that they are not springing into action for your son. Please extend my thanks to him for his service. I also have a veteran, an Army Sgt. I hope and pray for a resolution for him, and soon.

  34. I hope your son, John, can get some answers and help very soon, Linda. The way the US and Canada treat their veterans is nothing short of scandalous. He'll be in my prayers each night.
    Your grandkids are so adorable! I bet you can hardly wait to visit! I'll call this week and hopefully catch you when you're in :)

  35. I will keep him in my prayers, too. I have four sons....so I know how we worry. Sweet hugs, Diane

  36. We desire restoration and wholeness in every cell your of your son's body. Wellness for soul and spirit too. That's what we ask for.


  37. Hi, Linda. I worked for several years as an legislative aide to a Missouri Congressman, and this was just the sort of dilemma I worked with on a daily basis. You said you have already contacted your state rep, and I strongly suggest you hang in there and "bug" their office for help. The more of a "pest" you are, the more likely you are to stay in the forefront of their minds and, therefore, see results faster. If you can, physically go to the state rep's office. Try to work with just one person in that office so that you don't feel like anything might slip through the cracks.

    It is a national shame the way our veterans are treated. Don't let me get on my soapbox, because I'll never come down from it!!! It just makes me sick that they sit up there on their perches on Capitol Hill bickering about everything crazy and still don't give a hot damn about the ones who gave of themselves to protect and defend this country. Ugh! So sickening!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I pray for great and swift healing for your son. His service to our country is appreciated and lauded by this citizen.

  38. Of course, I will be praying for your son, Linda! I hope the situation gets resolved quickly & I agree with Gypsy...call the news reporters & get them to feature it. That usually gets more results than phone calls.
    Your sweet grands are adorable too. Enjoy your time with them.

  39. This makes my blood boil! I feel like this country is broken. You've gotten good advice and I hope everything works out soon.


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