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Busy with Blog Designs

Hello everyone...I have been busy with blog re-designs.  Several bloggers have asked me to give their blogs a new look.  I enjoy designing and it gives me great pleasure when  my fellow bloggers are extremely pleased with their new look.
I thought I would do a post on some of these and share what I  have been up to.
My husband told me yesterday, he thought my  latest post.....purple and green tablescapes was stale. ha ha
I am also back at clogging...
I have always given, Infuse With Liz new looks for her blog.  She was practically my first friend from RMS.
I talked her into getting rid of Blogspot and go to .com
I have designed many headers over the past for Liz.
Liz enjoys decorating, tablescapes and gardening.
She also has  a garden blog....Sit With me in my Garden


Betty, a friend of Liz asked me to build her a blog.
I have changed her design several times. 
Betty Marie's
  Betty has  lives in a 2-story Colonial and she is always gardening, redecorating or changing something.
Betty is lucky enough to have her lovely home featured in home tours.


Barbara from Two Birdies and a B. asked me to give her blog a new look.

She emailed me during the Thanksgiving holiday.
She wanted a Christmas design for her blog.
it was ready to go the day after Thanksgiving.

After Christmas, Barbara asked me to give her
a fresh look.
Barbara enjoys many things. She also shares recipes, tablescapes.
I added the navigation menu, designed her header, added LinkWithin,  added some Tablescapes to her navigation menu.
I also set up Recipage for her and added some recipes as a guideline, as well as a signature.
The whole template was widened.

Debbie from Mountain Breaths chatted with Barbara
about her design and decided she too, was ready for a new look. 
She didn't want a background image.

 Debbie has a huge collection of MacKenzie Child.
I love her lovely treasures. 
Debbie  enjoys hiking, kayaking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the Adirondack Mountains (thus the name, Mountain Breaths).
I also gave Debbie a widened template, custom header, signature, post divider and set up her pages.
I set up Recipage for her and also added recipes.
I then added some of her tablescapes and gave her instruction on how to add more to each tab.
I suggested to Debbie to get a domain name through Blogger
for $10.00 a year.  They automatically re-direct your blog.spot address to your new one.  in Debbie's case, her blog is now

Kitty  from Kitty's Kozy Kitchen commented on Debbie's blog,
and asked about her blog design.  Debbie gave her my contact info.
Kitty wanted a new look also.
 Kitty started her love of cooking when she was in the second grade and received her first cook book.
Since then, finding the best recipe has been a passion for Kitty.  Cooking for my family is a joy to me. The recipes that she shares through this blog can be passed on to my family and friends, for as we all know--Food=Love! 

I gave her a widened template, navigation, custom header, signature, pages for her menu and background.
I also added LinkWithin....set up her Blogroll page...
set up her recipage and added recipes.

So, now you can see how busy I am. 
I am getting ready to do a tablescape for Girls Wanna Have Fun!

Thank you for visiting and enjoy the rest of the week.   

About Linda @ Life and Linda

Hello, welcome to LifeandLinda. I am from Northern California. I enjoy blogging, Designing Blogs, Decorating, cooking, entertaining, gardening and clogging. I hope you enjoy your visit.


  1. You are doing some beautiful work~I really enjoyed some the new headers~what talent!

  2. Happy client here!!! I could never learn what is needed to do all these things on my own. I am happy with all you've done, Linda, thanks again. xo

  3. You are in high demand! You've done alot of work lately! You know you are my blog angel!I love all the new designs you've come up with. You might say I broke you in!! LOL... Lord knows I've had you do mine over more than once!! Thanks for being so patient and helpful! You're the best!

  4. Great work! Each blog design is just beautiful.


  5. Great work! Each blog design is just beautiful.


  6. Besides been a gorgeous g-grand, you are one talented and computer savvy lady! Gosh! Wish I had a crumb of what you know! Your admirer,

  7. You have been a busy girl! You've done a wonderful job on all the blogs! I noticed you redesigned yours as well...it looks great. That's a gorgeous picture of you!

  8. LOVE each design is just gorgeous!! love them all!!

  9. I think you redid my header too, right??? Thank you again!!!!!

  10. Hi Linda, your a wonderful lady,
    you being so helpful.
    Great job!

  11. What beautiful work, Linda! I follow a few of those blogs and noticed the changes! You've done a great job!

  12. Of course you could hear me squealing from down here in Texas about how happy I was with my new blog design, dear Linda! You're not only fast, but you have ESP. You truly are a Fairy Blogmother. Somehow you waved your creativity wand and presto....a fabulous new look!!!!! xxoo

  13. I feel like you gave my blog a new outfit! It was a great way to start the new year! I hope you will continue to alert us to any blog designs you do in the future. You do beautiful work Linda, and I love my new look! xo Debbie

  14. My, you have been busy! Thank you Linda for being so sweet while helping me with my blog. Great work!

  15. Dearest Linda,
    Wow, you have such a talent for designing blogs(^_^)彡☆

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  16. Linda, your blog work is stunning. You have great talent in terms of making these blogs interesting, compelling and drawing the reader in. GREAT work. Hugs, Karen

  17. I really need to go through them over the weekend. WOW! Wonderful Job, Linda.
    So nice of you to share your expertise with your friends.
    Going to join some of these blogs... looking forward to knoe the wonderful bloggers behing the good taste looks ahahahah
    Have a Nice Weekend,

    P.S. You should make amazing husband do a Guest Post for us. Please, pretty please. It can be about his errands around property... dogs are welcome too.

  18. Dearest Linda,

    I can see the happiest clients there ;).You are very talented.
    very wonderful job!
    wishing you a beautiful weekend

  19. Lovn' your designs wish you could do something with my plain little "LoblollyLane".
    It is boring after I see all these great looking blogs.
    ~Jo @ LoblollyLane

  20. You are a woman with many talents, Linda. Good job!..Christine

  21. These are some of my favorite blogs! What beautiful new looks you've given them! You are so talented my friend!

  22. Very impressive blog layouts - I must re-vamp mine one day.
    Glad you are Clogging again as well as blogging.

  23. Hi Linda! You are one talented lady!!!! Love all your designs. Jane

  24. good to know a lot is happening here..

  25. Hi Linda...thanks for your visit, and yes I am interested in a change on my blog...email me at ppultorak (at) g mail (dot) com Thanks!

  26. You do beautiful work Linda! Each blog is different and impressive.

  27. Your work is truly beautiful. You have such a gift. Each design is so unique, you sure know how to pick up on their style and personality.
    hugs ~lynne ~

  28. Nw this is weird: I thought I left a comment the other day on this post!!! I am assuming you are who changed my header and blog look????? XO, Pinky

  29. Hi...got your second comment, but never got your email (ppultorak AT gmail DOT com) and yes, I painted the teapots for Entertaining Women!!

  30. Hello,

    You do a fantastic work, well done!
    Mayby for my one blog...


  31. Beautiful work! I couldn't decide which was the best.. cause they are all so unique! Love them all!

  32. Beautiful work, Linda! I love Liz and enjoy her blog so much. I will have to visit the other gals, too. xo Diana

  33. Hi Linda.
    I was looking at some of the blogs you have put together, you did some fantastic work as always. I would like to THANK you so much for the one you did for me ! ""tablescapes by diane" I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  34. Linda...you are FAA buuulussss darling,, I am so glad I found you. My bog is gorgeous,, love love loveit,, a big thank you,,


  35. Just found you through Two Birds and a B, and found her through Claudia. Actually found you for he second time because I remember seeing you early on in my blogging when I didn't yet know how to save the blogs I wanted to look at in the future. Don't want to lose you again so am putting you on my blogroll where I won't miss new posts.

    I have 2 precious grand-Schnauzers who come visit me several times a year. They are the smartest things! And they love to be held up in your arms for a Schnauzer hug.

  36. Hi Linda I have written several emails to you regarding a revamp on my blog please get back to me so we can discuss changes I would love to make I really need help. Susie @ www,cakeplatesandothertreasures.com


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