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Our fur babies

Well, I am excited Debbie from http://debbie-debbiedoos.blogspot.com is hosting a Pet party. Of course I would like to show off our darling girls. We have 2 minature Schnauzers and 1 toy Schnauzer. All girls... Sasha. who is all black is our first darling...she is now 11 years old. We loved the breed so much, we decided to get another one. Lacy is our all white sweetie. We decided later to get yet another one. Chloe is our black and white Baby girl
Toy Schnauzer.  Here's Sasha as a puppy.

And here is Sasha now.  all grown and 11 years old.
She is the sweetest dog....my shadow.

Lacy...our white Schnauzer.  She is very sweet, but also a loner.
She is extremely smart and our sentry dog.
Lacy as a puppy.....

I love this picture.  My husband is holding a young Lacy.  She is an excellent swimmer.

The baby of the family Chloe. She is now 2 years old.

            Here's Chloe's latest picture

.They are so much fun and so cuddly.  They are always happy to see us.

Thanks for visiting.  We love our darlings.  I am very happy to share these sweeties.  Have a wonderful week!
I am linking up Debbie for her Pet Partay.

                                     Pet Parta @ Debbiedoos

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  1. Sasha, Lacy and Chloe are just precious. What a pretty breed! And they enjoy water? Tell that to my two pups!!


  2. Adorable! I've always like schnauzers:@)

  3. Sasha, Lacy and Chloe, I love their names too....they are the most adorable dogs. Looks like they keep your house fun and active Linda. Thanks so much for joining me today, and sharing special part of your family. Debbie

  4. I love their names and they are so darn cute. Always found their little groomed snouts so sweet. I love that little poof around their noses.

  5. They are all so adorable! I love the face on Chloe- too cute! They all look so loveable!

  6. Your schnauzers are just so adorable. My mom has a schnauzer, name Chloe, and she followers her everywhere. They have such loveable personalities.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. So cute family Linda. really feel so happy to see them... cutest family

  8. oh, they are adorable! and i think they look so different as puppies than their adult looks, which are so distinctly schnauzer! stopping by from debbie's party.

  9. Linda,
    Your Schnauzers are darling!
    Your house is glorious!

  10. I just love your schnauzers! Their puppy pictures are the cutest ever! My mom has a mini, they may be small, but they are full of personality!!

  11. Oh my gosh...they are adorable! The picture of the three of them is so fun! Hopped over from the Pet Party!

  12. All of your babies are cute. My schnauzer is silvery white. My sister had one that looked like your black and white one. My favorite photo was the one of all 3 peeking over the couch cushion.

  13. Linda, your little babies are so cute! Three dogs--they must keep you busy! I only have one! I never knew that schnauzers like to swim, My parents had German Shepherds who did not like the water, but our lab of course goes in and out of it without even thinking. Your dogs are adorable. Linda

  14. Oh my gosh I just saw your post on your dogs...they are adorable. We have a mini schnauzer and she is just the sweetest girl. She's made such a difference in our lives and cured my empty nest syndrome! Are 3 hard to manage?

  15. Your dogs are too, too cute! I am enjoying your blog! Thanks for following me! I am your newest follower.
    ~Ricki Jill

  16. oh my word - these are cuties! makes me want to get another puppy...if only I can talk the hub into getting another smaller dog! thanks for visiting me and following you back!


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